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Biosecurity Tools

Biosecurity planning is an on-going process between you and your veterinarian or animal health expert. To guide you in this process we have developed some useful tools that will help you apply the principles of farm-level biosecurity to your farm.


You can use this poster to remind staff and visitors on your farm about the principles of biosecurity and why certain precautions are in effect on your property. Biosecurity is the shared responsibility of everyone who enters and exits your property.


Watch how these biosecurity measures apply when managing farm access, animal health and farm operations. Although many of the measures are common sense—and are likely already in place on your farm—it’s important to review them regularly.

Animal Health Starts on the Farm - Basic principles for protecting animal health on Canadian farms (in full)

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Section 1: Access Management

An effective biosecurity plan begins with measures to control access to your farm by everyone who visits, from staff and visitors to delivery and service personnel.

  • Designate distinct zones
  • Control movements in and between designated zones
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Section 2: Animal Health Management

When it comes to managing the movement of animals, there are basic biosecurity measures you can put into place to help protect your animals’ health.

  • Manage animal movements
  • Observe animals for signs of disease
  • Establish response plans for potential disease situations
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Section 3: Operations Management

The final seven biosecurity measures deal with the operational management of your farm.

  • Properly dispose of deadstock
  • Manage manure according to regulations
  • Keep the premises, buildings, equipment and vehicles clean
  • Maintain the facilities in a state of good repair
  • Obtain production inputs from a reliable source
  • Control pests
  • Plan and train
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