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Earth Day Statement
Larry released this statement
on the 40th anniversary of
Earth Day

When Earth Day started in 1970, our country was mired in a war in Vietnam, and our environment was in desperate need of care. On this 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we find ourselves once again mired in wars and facing the most critical environmental challenge ever – global climate change.

The good news is that since 1970, our natural environment, of which we are a part, is in the consciousness of a lot more Americans.

In the last year, our government has made a move toward addressing the challenges of decreasing oil and increasing global warming. But we must take that a lot further.

Sustainability means balancing our economy, environment and the health and well-being of all Americans.

In our district, we have tremendous potential to create good-paying jobs in not only solar and wind energy, but in retrofitting our homes and businesses so that they are much more energy-efficient. What an exciting prospect – one that creates jobs, stabilizes our climate and saves us money!

The Pacific Northwest has a national reputation for being green, and we can expand on that here in the 2nd Congressional District!

I was impressed last week at the annual “State of the Station” event at Naval Station Everett, to learn about the base’s focus on energy efficiency and ending its reliance on oil.

Americans want the energy transition in our country to happen. And our district can lead the way.

This is a high priority of mine.

Our lives, manufacturing and building can all be more green, and I will work very hard to move Congress in that direction.

There has been some progress, but it has been very slow in coming, and it is not enough. We must move faster and make more progress.

In China and Japan, energy efficiency and renewable energy are the basis for their economies now. It should be the same here in the U.S. if we are to be competitive in the world market now and in the future.

I see that this is where our country needs to go and I want to push that forward in a big way.

One thing we’ve learned since the first Earth Day is how everything is connected – our air, land and water, and our health, are all connected. Too many people in our country have lost their health in order to hold onto their jobs. I envision and will work toward an end to that trade-off, which really isn’t a trade-off at all. We need good jobs and good health. With a healthy environment comes good health.

And that is what I wish for you all on this special Earth Day anniversary.


Campaign Activities
Kalb Receives Endorsements

May 6, 2010 – Larry has received two endorsements in the last two days: one from the Washington State Progressive Caucus and the other from Laura Bonham, Deputy Director and Communications Coordinator of Progressive Democrats of America.

Candidates seeking the endorsement of the Progressive Caucus must have shown their support for health care reform, publicly-funded elections, and civil rights for all.

Whatcom Dems Cheer Kalb

On April 10, 2010, Whatcom County Democrats held their County Convention and Legislative District Caucus. Larry gave a rousing speech to enthusiastic applause.

Check out the video:

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Many of us are displeased with what the US House of Representatives has been doing in recent years (or maybe better, what they have not done, even though a majority of the voters believe they should).

How to change that? There are two ways
  • The people make requests of their elected Representatives.
  • If that has not worked, replace them with new Representatives who truly represent the will of the people.
Rick Larsen has been there ten years and has not made much significant change in the ways most of the voters want. He had his chance; it is time for him to be replaced.

Please support the challenger, a Real Democrat, Larry Kalb of Bellingham.
Kalb held his Whatcom County Campaign Kickoff event on April 9th, 2010 at the Blue Horse Gallery in downtown Bellingham. A large crowd came and chatted with Larry, heard his presentation, and contributed to his campaign.

See some video-clips on YouTube, of Larry speaking at the kickoff.
This website has lots of information about Larry and his positions. You may also "Friend" his candidacy at the campaign Facebook page

Larry's most significant issues are:
  • Jobs: The number one priority right now is to get people back to work.
  • Troops Home: The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is wrong and must end, now.
  • Health Care: Equal Access � Equal Care. We must put you and your doctor back in control of your medical decisions. The legislation passed March 22nd was a "mixed bag."
  • Clean Air, Water, and Land: Climate change is the most serious challenge facing humanity.
  • Fair Elections: Campaign Finance Reform & Paper Ballots. Require publicly financed campaigns, to limit the power that corporations exercise over campaigns.
  • Fix the Immigration System: We must put an end to indiscriminate raids, detention without due process, worker exploitation and shattered families.
Kalb for Congress
A Real Democrat for a Change

The Following Organizations and People Endorse Kalb for Congress:
  • Washington State Progressive Caucus
  • Gene Knutson - City Council, Bellingham
  • Stan Snapp - City Council, Bellingham
  • Jack Weiss - City Council, Bellingham
  • Laura Bonham - Deputy Director and Communications Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America
  • Sharon Abreu - Singer, educator
  • Richard Austin - Labor leader
  • Alfred Dale - Retired preacher, peace activist
  • Dorothy Dale - Peace activist
  • Joseph Faulkner - Professor, Western Washington University, retired
  • Caroline Louise Cole - Writer and progressive activist
  • Martha Koester - Single payer health care activist
  • Robert Burr - Retired, activist
  • James Loucky - Professor, Western Washington University
  • Frank Morrow - Retired Justice
  • Mary (Liz) Morrow - Community Activist
  • Meredith Murray - Reverend, realtor
  • George Jartos - Cartoonist
  • Elizabeth Pernotto - Labor Justice Leader
  • George Rofkar - University Professor
  • Michael Hurwicz - Writer
  • Ramona Abbott
  • Faye Bartlett
  • Janis Carr
  • Terry Garrett
  • Jacqueline Goodsir
  • Myra Harmer
  • Thomas Hussey
  • Kerry Johnson
  • Donald Knutzen
  • Bruce Kraig
  • Charles Law
  • Marcia Leister
  • John Neighbor
  • M Lynne Pendleton
  • Bruce Radtke
  • Alexander Reid
  • Aileen Satushek
  • Alyce Werkema
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