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The Boeing Logbook: 1988 - 1992
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1988 McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems commits to produce two helicopters with the company's NOTAR system -- the MD 520N and the MD Explorer.
Jan. 11: McDonnell Douglas announces that it and the U.S. Navy are studying concepts for an advanced version of the F/A-18 Hornet, called "Hornet 2000." This concept would become the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.
Jan. 20: The last Rockwell (North American) B-1B rolls out of final assembly at Palmdale, Calif.
Jan. 26: Dual ceremonies celebrate the simultaneous rollout of the Boeing 737-400 and the 747-400.
Feb. 19: The first Boeing 767-300ER (extended range) is delivered to American Airlines.
April 16: The McDonnell Douglas T-45A Goshawk jet trainer makes its first flight.
Aug. 24: Assembly of the first McDonnell Douglas C-17 begins at Douglas Aircraft facilities in Long Beach, Calif.
Sept. 7: The McDonnell Douglas F-15 S/MTD (short takeoff and landing/maneuvering technology demonstrator) flies for the first time.
Sept. 8: A fifth Hughes Space & Communications Systems SBS satellite is launched on an Ariane rocket.
Sept. 29: After modification, the Rockwell-built Space Shuttle Discovery flies the first mission of the post-Challenger era.
Oct. 9: The Boeing-built Condor unmanned aerial vehicle makes its first flight.
Nov. 1: The first delivery of the Boeing-built Avenger air defense system to the U.S. Army.
Nov. 3: The first McDonnell Douglas Standoff Land Attack Missile (SLAM) is delivered to the Navy for testing.
Dec. 2: The 5,000th McDonnell Douglas Harpoon missile is delivered.
Dec. 29: McDonnell Douglas F-15E dual-role fighters go into operational service at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C.
1989 January: McDonnell Douglas Helicopters launches the Explorer as the MDX.
Feb. 14: The first McDonnell Douglas Delta II rocket launches the Navstar II-1 global positioning satellite, designed by Rockwell.
March 19: The Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft makes its first flight.
May 4: The Rockwell-built Space Shuttle Atlantis launches the spacecraft Magellan to Venus. The Hughes-built radar mapper, aboard Magellan, will map 98 percent of Venus' surface from 1989 until 1993.
June 25: The McDonnell Douglas SLAM missile makes its first flight.
July 17: The B-2 stealth bomber, built by Boeing and Northrop, makes its first flight.
August: McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems, after receiving a $200 million contract for the production of four prototype AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters from the U.S. Army, is authorized by the Defense Acquisition Board to begin a full-scale development program, which will last 51 months.
Oct. 18: The Rockwell-built Space Shuttle Atlantis carries the Hughes-built Galileo probe into orbit. The probe will study Jupiter and its moons in more detail than any previous spacecraft.
Dec. 6: The prototype of the Boeing MH-47E Chinook special operations helicopter rolls out.
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1990 Jan. 10: The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 makes its first flight.
March 28: The Boeing 737 becomes the world's best-selling jetliner when United Airlines accepts delivery of the 1,832nd 737.
April 10: The 6,000th Boeing jetliner, a 767, is delivered to Britannia Airways.
Aug. 23: A new Air Force One, a modified Boeing 747-200B, is delivered to the Air Force and President George H.W. Bush.
Sept. 28: A memorandum signed by the United States, Spain and Italy formalizes a plan to jointly develop the McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II Plus aircraft.
Oct. 6: The Boeing IUS booster launches the European Space Agency's scientific probe Ulysses to study the sun.
Oct. 29: The formal go-ahead is given for the Boeing 777 jet transport, with an initial order of 34 airplanes and 34 options by United Airlines.
Oct. 30: The 200th McDonnell Douglas Delta rocket is launched.
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1991 Jan. 7: The U.S. Secretary of Defense orders the cancellation of the McDonnell Douglas-General Dynamics A-12 advanced tactical aircraft program.
Jan: 12: U.S. Army/McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems AH-64A Apache combat helicopters fire first shots of Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf War. McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagles and F/A-18 Hornets claim the first aerial victories of the conflict with ten enemy aircraft downed in the first day.
Jan. 19: The second Rockwell X-31 enhanced fighter makes its first flight.
Jan. 31: Rockwell national contractor team sets out to develop the National Aero-Space Plane (NASP).
March 28: Korea announces it has switched its selection of the F/A-18 Hornet to General Dynamics' for its Korean New Fighter Program.
April 5: The Boeing-Sikorsky team wins the contract to build the U.S. Army's RAH-66 Comanche, a new-generation light helicopter. The program would be cancelled by the Army in 2004.
April 18: The 1,000th F/A-18 Hornet is delivered.
April 23: The YF-22 tactical fighter developed by Lockheed, Boeing and General Dynamics wins an Air Force competition over the Northrop-McDonnell Douglas YF-23 for the next-generation air-superiority fighter.
April 30: The 1,010th Boeing 707 rolls out of the Renton, Wash., plant, ending a 35-year-old production line.
June 7: McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics file a lawsuit over terms of the A-12 cancellation.
Aug. 19: McDonnell Douglas announces the sale of McDonnell Douglas Systems Integration Co. (formerly McAuto) to Electronic Data Systems (EDS) of Dallas, Texas.
Sept. 15: The McDonnell Douglas C-17 Globemaster III makes its first flight.
October: The McDonnell Douglas MD 520N, the world's quietest helicopter, is delivered to the Phoenix, Ariz., Police Department.
Oct. 8: First Kuwait Air Force F/A-18 Hornet is delivered.
Dec. 16: First flight of first St. Louis-built T-45A Goshawk.
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1992 The U.S. Army/Boeing AH-64A Apache Team receives the Daedalian Weapon System Award. The team is recognized for the Apache's outstanding performance during Operation Desert Storm. The award is the third Daedalian honor for the Apache.
Jan 20: Both Rockwell X-31s are flown to Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., for testing.
March 13: Two B-52 bombers fly to Ryanzan Air Base near Moscow in exchange for a visit to the United States by three TU-95 Bear bombers and a TU Blackjack bomber from the Commonwealth of Independent States.
June 3: U.S. Navy authorizes production of the McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II Plus.
June 25: The first flight hardware scheduled for use aboard the International Space Station is flown and tested aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.
Aug. 31: Phil Condit is appointed president of The Boeing Company.
Sept. 11: In a visit to St. Louis, President George H.W. Bush tells McDonnell Douglas employees of his intent to sell 72 F-15 dual-role fighters to Saudi Arabia.
Sept. 22: The McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II Plus makes its first flight, one month ahead of schedule.
Nov. 25: Boeing Integrated Systems Laboratory is formally opened, allowing new systems for the 777 to be integrated before they are installed in the airplane.
Dec. 18: The eight-place, twin-engine McDonnell Douglas Explorer helicopter makes its first flight.
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