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A Star Wars Miniadventure

It's hard enough to capture a rogue Jedi out to end the Galactic Civil War single-handedly. But when the heroes wind up on Dathomir, a world in the grip of an Imperial plot, things really hit the fan. This Star Wars Roleplaying Game miniadventure can be played on its own or as a sequel to last month's "Rebel Jedi."

"Nightsaber" is intended for four player characters of 15th level, set about 12 years after the Battle of Yavin. The heroes should be at least sympathetic to the New Republic, but they don't need to be actual Rebels. The adventure assumes that the heroes would be concerned about an escaped rogue Jedi -- concerned enough to visit the world of Dathomir to apprehend him.

In "Rebel Jedi," a free miniadventure posted in October 2003 on the Star Wars Roleplaying Game website, Lieutenant Dal Konur of New Republic Special Forces had been identified as having Force potential. Though he dutifully reported to Master Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 for Jedi training, he soon formed his own notion of the potential of the Force. Konur -- possibly under the influence of the dark side -- hatched a plan to infiltrate Imperial space and assassinate the ruling council of Moffs, thus ending the war between the Empire and the New Republic forever. But because Luke Skywalker wouldn't approve that plan, Dal Konur set off on his own to make it happen, armed with a few weeks' worth of Jedi training and nearly a lifetime of special forces experience. His plot took him to the Bilbringi shipyards.

Konur had journeyed to the shipyards with the apparent intent of acquiring a small freighter. With such a ship, Dal could slip easily into Imperial space, there to carry out his plan of assassinating the members of the Moff Council and thus bring the Empire to its knees. Assuming everything went relatively well as "Rebel Jedi" unfolded, the heroes caught up to Dal Konur in a hangar bay, where he was prepping his ship to depart.

Now, the action continues . . .

Download "Nightsaber" now! (243k .zip file)

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