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Merry Christmas Ecards and Greeting Cards

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wish everyone a Seasons Greetings with free Christmas ecards and free Seasons Greetings cards. Sending a Doozy Christmas e card will fill your friends' mail box full of musical mirth. There's a Doozy Christmas card for whatever tone you wish; funny, beautiful, elegant, and religious. Read our brief history of Christmas ecards. 


A Short History of How Christmas Ecards Came To Be

First appearing from a commission by British gentleman, Sir Henry Cole in 1843, cards were sent via the penny post. Sold for a shilling each, this first run of cards, numbering only 2050, featured a family sipping wine together, including the children (we’ll have none of that here at Doozy, I assure you… though all bets are off on the egg nog).

These early paper cards were rarely religious. Instead they displayed themes depicting the anticipation of Spring, birds, flowers, and pet animals. Many relied upon pure decorative elements using line and shape alone.
Originally appearing in the United States of America in 1873, thirty years after their invention in England, Christmas cards became popular very quickly. However, their popularity was not to last and a gap appeared in their use. Postcards, a new invention at the time, supplanted the use of the paper cards in their decorative envelopes. This fad for postcards lasted until the older style Christmas greetings reappeared in the 1920s. They have continued as tradition ever since.
In recent years, the sending of the traditional decorative paper card has been challenged by the shift in culture to paperless forms of communication. The invention of the internet by former vice president Al Gore (hee hee, couldn’t resist) has birthed a flood of the newest form of reaching out to loved ones during the holiday times: Animated Christmas egreetings!
The breadth and variety of ecards is as great as their paper siblings. However, the experience of watching a fully animated story unfold with a click from your own hand increases the charm, the warmth, and the sentiment right in the heart so desired by card senders at this highly emotional time of the year.
This is also our own favorite time to create our original cards. We at Doozy design a range of types from deeply sentimental, to very religious, to side splitting funny, to good natured charming. When you poke around in our Christmas selection, you will see the diversity available to you. With a Free Trial or with a Premier Membership you can send as many of each type and sentiment card that you please. Christmas is all about giving in abundance.