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Article archive:
  •(Vol 4, Issue 1)  Market Research Reports Streamlined: [04/01/2009] Filetype: PDF

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STATNews Vol. 4, Issue 1

Market Research Reports Streamlined, April 2009

For nearly 20 years, STAT-USA® has offered International Market Insight (IMI) and Industry Sector Analysis (ISA) reports as a valued part of its products and services, most notably STAT-USA/Internet. These reports, created by the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service (US&FCS), provide profiles of specific foreign market conditions or specific international industry sub-sectors. Recently, US&FCS merged the two series into one. Due to this change, STAT-USA has removed separate references to IMI and ISA and renamed these reports Market Research Reports.

Current and Archives

The Market Research Reports have over 3,000 country-related industry profiles, finance and marketing trends, and trade regulation policy and import changes. There are only two calendar years worth of reports available, which allows for quicker searching through the most recent data. Reports can be viewed by date posted, country or industry. Older items are moved to the newly created Market Research Reports Archive. This archive carries over 42,500 historical Market Research Reports, dating back to October 1998.

What about the Country Commercial Guides?

Longstanding STAT-USA/Internet customers know that the Country Commercial Guides are the source for U.S. companies interested in doing business in foreign markets. Previously, these Guides have always been included in the same database as the IMI and ISA reports. However, with the separation of the Market Research Reports, STAT-USA has created a new Country Commercial Guides section.

Within this new option, the familiar country picker may be used to quickly locate the most recent Country Commercial Guide for a specific country. Individual chapters (when available) are located under the “Current by Country” option, while customers may also browse by dated posted or fiscal year. The Country Commercial Guide Archive houses over 11,700 historical reports dating back to 1998.

Should you have any questions about the new Market Research Reports or Country Commercial Guide options or require technical assistance, please contact STAT-USA at 1-800-STAT-USA (782-8872) or