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It was an evolution during the post Cold War revolution that was the genesis of Mig Alley USA. During the
break-up of the Soviet Union and the stand down to the Cold War a surplus of Soviet Military aircraft began
to slowly be made available to the western market. Al Redick, Sr along with his sons Alby and Juan went to
Eastern Europe in search of Mig's to import into the United States. After months of searching and negotiations
they had loaded up a slew of shipping containers with aircraft and parts that were destined for Reno-Stead
Airfield and restoration. It wasn't long after that a fighter wing of Mig's filled the tarmac and Mig Alley USA was born.
It was 1986 that the first load of Mig's arrived from poland and the restoration
process was under way. Over the course of 20+ years Aviation Classics, Ltd imported
Mig 15's, 17's and 21's. A few were used for nothing more than spare parts while
the rest were updated and restored to flying condition.

Of course manuals were needed for the repair and maintenance of the planes. Only
one problem, they were all in Russian. Alby spent 3 months in a Polish hotel room
with a translator transcribing all of the Soviet documentation into english with a
manual typewriter!

It was not long after the first 2 seat Mig was flying that Aviation Classics began
giving flight training in the jets. Not only to civilians wanting to learn to fly and
own a Cold War Warbird but to the U.S. Dept. of Defense as well.

To this day, Mig's still line the tarmac of Reno-Stead Airfield. And Aviation Classics
is the leading Mig repair and maintenance facility in the United States. With
thousands of spare parts available and the best team of Mig mechanics bar none.
Mig Alley USA is a Registered Trademark of Aviation Classics, Ltd Reno, NV