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A few words from the creators

Welcome to the home of Malakhim! We'd like to make you aware of a few things before you enter our world.

Malakhim is a story dealing with the war of angels, through the eyes of a child. It is not set in any particular religion, but attempts to draw elements from many aspects of human spirituality and filter them through our own mythology. Malakhim's story was begun in 2002, fully sketched out from beginning to end by 2004, and fully scripted for most of its arcs by 2007, though the final 25% of the story is still being polished and revised. It is an unique mix of humour, pain, and love left in the world in memory of someone important to us. Learn more about the story.

Malakhim is not for children. We require some level of maturity. We encourage parents to become involved in their kids' web browsing habits, and keep track of what's coming into their homes. Malakhim is a story that involves physical, spiritual, and emotional violence, and we ask that people not ready to deal with such themes not read this page.

Malakhim contains some very harsh images and language. We believe ugliness should be ugly. It is strange to see on cable and television in America... a man riddles another man with bullets, and yells, "Die, you freaking jerk!" It seems profane to put a word like 'fuck' at a higher price than an act like blowing someone's insides to pieces. It seems profane to depict the ending of a life but sanitize it, inure us to the act and shield us from the heart-sickening awfulness of it.

We find the idea of censoring the language and gore in our strip to be perverse in the extreme-- we deal in the destruction of mind, body and soul in parts of this story. Our characters live in the real world and have their own varying opinions on what language they should use. We as artists and writers won't temper that for the sensibilities of the readers. We ask instead that those who are offended by this language take it as a good cue to leave.

Maturity is not code for pornography. We rate ourselves very strictly with safesurf because we do not think kids should be reading us without the express trust of their guardians, so if parents use the safety filtering engines we know about and are tagged for, they will be able to lock us out easily. That said, we do NOT intend anything pornographic or any sort of exploitation for the site, and we don't want to inadvertantly attract that sort of element. If you're looking for that sort of content, look elsewhere.

It is not our intent to offend or spread hate against any group of people. Anyone we respect is capable of respecting the views of others, whether or not they disagree. People need excuses to pin their problems on and they use anything they can get. We respect all races, religions, and regions to the extent that they respect themselves and others. We honour a person's individual religious beliefs whether or not we agree with those beliefs, unless those beliefs are hurting those we care about, in which cases our objections are highly personal in nature, and expressed on a personal level. Various characters within the context of the story have their own biases. Opinions voiced by the characters do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Malakh Studios or its employees.

By the way, if you take the male language bias and the generally support-based view of the female role as some sort of misogyny or anti-female prejudice, you're totally in the dark about us. In fact the female characters are the most rare in our universe, and their protection is something that does not demean them, but pays tribute to the overwhelming load they often bear for others and their preciousness to those around them. Far from weak, they wield unfathomable access to their more combative counterparts and choose how limited or not they will make their role. We do not believe feminism should be about trying to make women act like men. We believe feminism means appreciating women for whatever they choose to be in the world... although any -ism tends to lose our interest, so we can't lay any personal claim on the term. Please keep in mind, this story is drawn by a woman, and driven by two strong women and one truly supportive guy.

Thanks for taking the time to read up. We hope you enjoy this story as much as we do.

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