Hackintosh Tutorial: Install a Mac Leopard OS X Retail DVD on a PC

September 4, 2008 · View Comments

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After building hackintosh machines using different modified OS X installers, the hackintosh community has come a long way and is within grasp of achieving the holy grail of running Mac OS X on PCs—installing the original, unmodified OS X DVDs created by Apple for Macs on ordinary IBM compatible personal computers. Well, almost.

While we can now use a retail Mac OS X DVD to turn our PC into a hackintosh, we still need a bootloader to get it to recognize and install OS X the first time. The good news is, after a successful installation, we can now install any updates from Apple without breaking our system or reinstall the operating system without having to add the same kexts (drivers) that we already have that makes our non-Mac standard hardware peripherals work.


  • A PC with Intel Core Processors and Chipset (AMD is not yet supported).
  • A Blank CD (for Boot-132).
  • A retail Mac OS X DVD Installer (not an Upgrade OS X DVD).
  • Download the Leopard 10.5.4 ComboUpdate here.
  • Download the Chameleon for Hard Disk here.
  • Download the Boot-132 Generic ISO here (generic.iso).
  • Download EFIStudio here.

Step 1. Before You Begin

Burn the Boot-132 Generic ISO on a CD. This BootCD should work fine for most hardware configurations; after which, it should be able to install the retail OS X DVD. If this doesn’t work for you, you may need to modify the contents and add the necessary kexts for your hardware. More info here.

Step 2. Install Leopard.

1. Insert your BootCD and boot/start your PC.
2. On the boot prompt, press Enter. You will be asked to enter a two-digit hexadecimal boot device (do not enter anything yet).
3. Remove the BootCD and replace it with the Mac OS X Retail DVD. Wait for the blinking light on your DVD drive to stop and then hit Enter (this will read your DVD drive and not your HD).

Hint: If you keep going back to the bootloader, it only means you don’t have the correct Retail Mac OS X DVD Installer. The best solution is to buy one.

4. Perform the Mac OS X Leopard installation. You may need to use Disk Utility (under the Utilities Menu) to partition and format your HD if you haven’t already. Make sure to select GUID (under Options).
5. Restart after the installation and replace the Retail Mac OS X DVD with the BootCD.
6. On the boot prompt, press Enter. This time, enter the two-digit hexadecimal of the drive where you installed OS X. Enter 80; if it doesn’t show the startup volume of your OS X, hit Esc. Try 81, and so on until you see your OS X volume. Select it and hit Enter.
7. You should now be in Leopard.

Step 3. Update Leopard to 10.5.4

1. Install the 10.5.4 ComboUpdate.
2. Reboot with the BootCD and enter the same two-digit hex you entered before. Select your startup volume and type -v -f (you don’t have to enter these the next time), and press Enter.
3. At this point, you still won’t be able to boot your hackintosh without the BootCD.

Step 4. Install Chameleon

The Chameleon for Hard Disk you downloaded above has the following files:

  • Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk.dmg
  • OSX86Tools
  • EFIStudio

1. Open Chameleon.
2. Copy the contents of the Extra directory from the Generic.iso CD by dragging it to the Extra Contents folder in Chameleon.

Hint: To do this, you need to perform the following:

  • Open the Generic.iso CD from your desktop.
  • Double-click on the INITRD.IMG file.
  • Double-click on the Extra folder.
  • Drag the Extensions folder to the Extra Contents folder in Chameleon

3. Double-click the Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk.pkg file and install to your hard disk.
4. Remove the BootCD and reboot.
5. You should now be able to boot into Leopard without the BootCD.

Step 5. Fix Your Hardware Peripherals

After upgrading to 10.5.4, some of your hardware peripherals (i.e. video, network card, audio, etc.) may no longer work. Even the kexts that worked for my previous modified OS X installations don’t work with the latest version so I had to scour the net for a fix. Depending on what you have installed on your PC, you may need different solutions. Below are the fixes I applied for my own peripherals.

Network Fix:

Taken from the IONetworkingFamily.kext included in the GA-965P-DS3_ISO bootcd.

Audio Fix:

Taken from the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext included in the Generic.iso BootCD.

Restart/Reboot Fix:

Replace your AppleACPIPlatform.kext with this.

Shutdown Fix:

Download and install this.

Hint: To easily install kexts, you may want to use the OSX86 Tools. Read more about the OSX86 Tool here. You can also use the EFI Studio to try adding EFI Strings to your Boot.plist in case you have problems with video or audio kexts. Read more about EFI here.

Video (Nvidia 7200GS) Fix (QE/CI):

This one gave me the biggest headache. The video kexts or injectors (Nvinject, NvInstaller) that worked for me in the past, no longer works after upgrading to 10.5.4. I tried many versions and none worked. I tried adding device strings to com.apple.Boot.plist using EFIStudio and deleting all video injectors in Extensions and still a no go. I tried to manually edit the kexts by entering my device ID, etc., and still no QE/CI support. Finally, I found out that the Generic.iso BootCD has Nvkush.kext in it and by installing Chameleon, it aslo installed it to my hard drive. So I just deleted it from the /Extra/Extensions folder and made sure I had my video device string in the com.apple.Boot.plist using EFIStudio, reboot and voila!

Now you have a Hackintosh that is as close to a real Mac in terms of the underlying software program. You can safely use Software Update to install updates directly from Apple to your PC.

Now, go ahead and make money with your “Mac” with the Mac Marketer’s Directory–the ultimate resource guide dedicated to Internet marketing using your “Mac”!


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  • aneesh
    i have problem with mac osx installing intel dp 45sg motherboard
    pls solve the problem
    my system configuration
    mb:intel dp45sg
    graphics card : sparkel -nvidia geforce gt9400
    80 sata hdd
    2gb ddr3 ram
  • LouisDvanNiekerk
    Like many others, thanks for a great tutorial.

    I am not sure whether your tut instruction of "Shutdown fix" actually will solve my problem - not so sure and don't want to mess up a working install.

    My motherboard is set to powerup after power interruptions but then the machine gets stuck waiting for me to press Enter to boot up (at the boot prompt where before step 4 you had to enter 80 and then enter).

    How do I get my machine to default to 80 and go past the prompt? Is there a startup script or something?
  • Hi waht if i use this tutorial and install this to my laptop which has a core duo processor, will ths work for my laptop? thanks! pls email me thanks
  • gymnast143
    hey all
    dear friends i have installed Mac iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6 on my Intel Dual Core Pc on installation setup i did't select any extra package or any other languages i format the partition with Mac Stranded Junraled i have done every thing perfact and Mac iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6 was installed successful
    Pc Spec are
    Intel Dual Core 2.66
    Intel DG 41RQ Motherboard
    1 GB Ram
    VGA Intel G41 Chpset
    250 Gb Sata Windows 7
    40 Gb IDE for Mac iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6
    320 GB Seagate USB Drive for Data
    Hp Dvd Writer
    After Successful Install Mac iDeneb_v1.4_10.5.6 on my Intel Based Pc i Reboot the system as setup completed so OS boot screen appear with Apple Logo and at this stage nothing happed with pc and Monitor Screen is stucked on Apple Logo i have tried with -v boot and i have found this error
    THESE are the errors which i notice when i boot with -v if any one knows about this please help me
  • shane
    hi i have installed mac my laptop a complete different way in the past week and trying 4 different pre patched instalation discs finally on the fourth pre patched dvd (ideneb) evrything worked fine on start up but only 1 problem the laptop i used was a asus with a smashed screen the only way i can use this is by plugging a computer moniter in to my laptop through the vga port. i could see the installation on the screen but wen the laptop restarts after installation it booted then the screen went off and the hot keys to i use to switch it back on didnt work ... is there a chance that this installation would start the vga port automatically ?? or is there any patches to make this work?? thankyou
  • billnightly
    Thank you for such an excellent guide, I have spent the last month looking for guides and this is by far the most simple. The guides seem intent on excluding anyone who isnt comprehensively familiar with the terms tec so thank you!

    For some reason i cant get past the white screen with the apple. I get a gray circle with a line through it.

    Using a toshiba tecra m3 laptop, could that be the prob?
  • janonee
    Hi Menoob

    I have Dell Vostro 1700 with Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7250 processor. I have tried 10.5.5 several time with no success. Installation work fine but after installation when I am botting to Mac, I get an error 'You must restart you computer' Can you please help?
  • zaczimmerman
    Help! So i got osx running on my Acer aspire one, but somehow it set an administrator name and password so now i cannot make any changes, when i try to start up from macosx it asks for my password again, any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you
  • anil777
    try going in add user in system configurations and change the user name and password also if that don't work
    try youtube.com

    also the os you installed on your acer aspire one is it the original dvd or a download pls inform

  • Osabir
    does this method works with snow leo?
  • jblunden
    The boot CD works and i insert the MAX OS X DVD and wait for the light to stop but when i press enter it says "loading darwin" Than the screen goes black. Help please?
  • having issues on my custom PC (so i'm not sure what the hardware is since I inherited the system). The modified kabyl-bumby ISO actually loaded for me when the generic.iso did not.

    The bootloader (kabyl-bumby) loads, i press enter. it asks to me type in the 2 digits. i put the OSX retail dvd in, press enter (still at the "enter 2 digits" screen), it then tells me to "press enter to start up Darwin/x86..." so I press enter, it then asks me to enter 2 digits, I press enter, it then says "using default 90, press any key to start up from the cd, so then if i had made sure to use the "-v" switch, then it runs through a short list of "loading xxxx..." and then it stops. it never goes anywhere else.

    any sort of suggestion?
  • hafaisy
    does it works in Motherboard Intel DG41TY ?
  • ralph93
    hi guys ... i installed the mac os on my hp pavilion dv6000 ... everything worked out with the installation but when the mac os start loading ... it freezes after 20 seconds ... could anyone help ?? plzzzz
  • Levanius
    please could you tell me how did you make installation? i have the same laptop. thx
  • anil777
    can u pls send me a link from where you download the operating system
  • Levanius
    hi all
    after bootCD i insert my mac os x dvd and then appears apple logo, after that i select language and then it says "max os x cannot be installed in this computer". PLEASE help i'm new on this so i don't know what to do.
    my latpot is HP dv6597 with intel core 2 duo 2.00ghz. and i have max os x 10.5.6 install dvd.
    thank you
  • bblue101
    Hi. I downloaded successfully the Boot-132 Generic ISO by following the link. On your instructions you mentioned "burn the Boot132", does this mean i have to burn all the files included on the it or simply the "generic.iso"? I've burned the generic.iso only (not including the other files) and followed your procedures but after inserting the original OS X Leopard DVD nothing happened with no activity at all. Not even booting. Please advise. Thank a lot.
  • stevecal
    If I understand it right, the iso file is an image of a disc. Using a utility like Nero, you can burn that image onto a disc. Since the disc that was originally imaged into an iso file was a bootable disc, the the disc you create from this iso file will be a bootable disc.
  • Juju4000
    Yes, this is the same problem I'm having.
  • I'm sorry for the bad english, I'm from colombia.
    I want to know, if I can do this with the snow leopard dvd retail or just I can do it with leopard.

    or I have to Install leopard for first and then udgrape to snow.
  • Juju4000
    When I'm trying to install it just says Loading Darwin/x86 and stays there. The DVD drive isn't doing anything
  • timothychew
    I am using Asus nvidia 7300gs 256

    I try many ways but it will not give me the QE

    what should i Do now
    and where is the extra enxtion folder
  • what is # A retail Mac OS X DVD Installer (not an Upgrade OS X DVD).

    Is it Snow Leoperd
  • hi
  • ultimo
    Is it kinda same for a Snow leopard menoob ?
  • fullmetal99012
    Nevermind, i used the Lenovo Thinkpad kextst iso and it started up. im going to install now and ill post again if i have probs.
  • fullmetal99012
    I need Help. I have a Lenovo with a Dual Core. and when i boot, it does the Grey screen, and then goes to the spinning wheel and sits there. My HP desktop just freezes at the apple logo, what should I do. I'm using 10.5.6 and the generic iso
  • fierypianist
    Hi, I downloaded the .ISO thingy and burned it to a disk, and then i re-booted my Dell Dimension 2350. I then pressed "f12" and selected to boot from the disk. All that happens is the screen goes black and then it starts to boot windows normally. this is not what i want. can i have some help with this? much obliged
  • Hi,
    I have a Dell 1520 laptop, that I am trying to dual boot with windows 7, and I have followed the instructions above to install the Mac OS.
    I get stuck after I have swapped the Boot 132 disc with the Mac OSx disc. I get a white screen with the rotating circle, then a blue screen, then it goes black and stops working. I have tried using -v and I still get the same problem....
    Can you help?

    My computer spec is:
    Dell Inspiron 1520
    Intel Celeron 540 1.86 GHz
    1Gb RAM
    Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller
    Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

  • kernelpanic
    my realtek hd audio 3.5 mm jack is not recognized please help!!! it says no output devices found in sound preferences. I tried installing all audio kexts available but i couldn't find a realtek hd.
  • traylor1
    I followed the directions here, After the grey Apple screen I get to the starry sky, but the I just sit with the spinning wheel. This is similar to the same thing Abhijeet was experiencing about a year ago, but never saw any real suggestions.

    Someone on another board recommended using a different Distro than 10.5, but not sure where I get it. Can anyone help?
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  • theboo
    Actually the boot process goes pretty fine, then i see a the setup background but the rainbow wheel keeps spinning and spinning forever with no activity either from CPU or Hard disk, what should I do? help!
    I use iATKOS 10.5.5 on an Intel Chipset.
    By the way, MAC OS runs ok as a native installation... but with vmware i couldn't do it yet!
  • leonarddavinci
    hello there.....MY KEYS AND MOUSE PAD WORKS.
    SO NOW.....
    The only i see dont working propely is my graphic card. (GEFORCE GO 7600 - 128 ram) The image on my desktop looks great but when I have some windows open and move it around then lots of "following windows is open too". Then i need to minimaze and reopen and the windows is back normal again. the only thing i cannot do is move it around.....
    I just checked in a safe boot and there is no problem with with my graphic card.....which is very weird! Safe boot is ok, but with normal boot freak windows.
    any help will be welcome
    SONY VAIO - VGN FE31M - 1.8 Intel processor Duo core, 2GG memory, Sigmatel audio card (and Fast Track Pro), Intel WirelessPro, Nvidia Gforce Go 7600 (128 dedicated memory)
  • akg7
    I have got an acer aspire 8930g and i booted upwith BOOT123 iso and then Mac OSX Retail DVD and it get to the apple logo screen and then freezes with the 'banned' symbol on top, how do i fix it and get it working?

    I really need to get mac working on my laptop, please help asap

  • dipakbhtt
    dear menoob please give me 10.6 snow leopard retail dvd installation guide your 10.5 installation guide help me lot and thanks for that
  • topspin2000
    Great Tutorial & Forum - just wanted to put this hardware profile out there - Vostro 220s - 2.8 GHz Core 2 with Intel G45 chipset and asus ati 3450 pcie w/ hdmi - The generic Boot 123 worked fine but you must turn off in advanced bios all the settings first. The OSX install & update to 10.5.4 went smoothly and Chameleon worked as advertised. Since I'm using this hackintosh mainly for downloading and video file conversions, I see no gain in trying 10.5.8.

    Wired ethernet works from the start, no sound but I don't need it, and I have to type "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32" at the boot prompt, otherwise I get a fuzzy 1024x768. I tried adding the line to the boot plist but that doesn't do anything. Also Toast 8 installs but won't launch...also 5 minute boot time is annoying

    Any Tips ?

    Voodoo HDA restored sound, toast 10 works for making disk images. Tried all kinds of things in the com.apple.Boot.plist header but still have to enter at boot : "graphics mode"="1280x1024x32"
  • farizaerra
    My Mobo is ASUS P5Q Pro, Mac Retail 10.5.6 installed, update to 10.5.7 but quartz extreme not supported. Any suggestion?
  • joey
    is this procedure applicable if i use 10.5.6 DVD?
  • Ezzat Chamudi
    Do you have any video or screenshot step by step
  • matthews1193
    menoob, what type of motherboard did you have when doing this install????
  • My experience with asus motherboard, in spanish.


  • williamg

    I have a HP Media center Pc 2008 - Inter core 2 Quad cpu q6600 2.40 Ghz memory 3.00 GB 32 bit operating system Total size of hard disk(s) 615 GB
    Disk partition (C:) 307 GB Free (456 GB Total)
    Disk partition (D:) 1 GB Free (10 GB Total)
    Media drive (E:) CD/DVD
    Disk partition (F:) 89 GB Free (149 GB Total)
    Media drive (J:) CD/DVDCD/DVD
    Media drive (N:) CD/DVDCD/DVDCD/DVD


    Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS
    Total available graphics memory 1535 MB
    Dedicated graphics memory 256 MB
    Dedicated system memory 0 MB
    Shared system memory 1279 MB
    Display adapter driver version
    Primary monitor resolution 1152x864
    DirectX version DirectX 10


    Network Adapter Realtek RTL8168C/8111C Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0)
    Network Adapter Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter

    Please let me know if this will work for my computer. Thank you very much :)
  • yes!!!
  • Alex
    Remember that the MacMinis are equiped with Core Duos. I happen to have one of the lastest issues of the Mac Mini, 2Ghz.. fine little sucker, but pricey....

    I also have installed the 10.5.4 (and upgraded to 10.5.7) using my Lenovo T60 Thinkpad. Yes, it's a Core Duo, 2CPU, T5600 Running @ 1.83 Ghz. I feel no difference in performance at all.

    I use my hack-intosh mainly for development in Xcode as the other one i have it also used by my partner for development and when one is using the simulator, the other cannot use it, so I decided to give a try on the Thinkpad I use for "other" work. No regrets here.

    One of the key points in getting things started is to have the right set of "drivers" built into the boot132 cd. I was fortunate enough to find the right set at ( http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?show... ) where MACinized made a collection of boot132 custom for certain systems. Scroll through the limited list.. you may be lucky enough to find what you need there.

    For folks who are having reboots, that is a clear sign that one (or some of ) the kexts are wrong for your hardware. kexts (kernel extensions) are like device drivers. If the install tries to load one of them and it's wrong for your hardware, things will go bad, being reboots, the most common symptom. This is a though situation for a novice on the realm of hackintoshes, but it's not impossible to solve. Read the link above which has links to other posts.

    Sorry but I cannot help for specific kexts for your hardware. If you have nothing to start with, the best thing to do is to fetch the hardware that matches one of thost boot132.

  • mostafa179
    I am considering to build my own Hackintosh. But before I jump into this project, I was wondering if the newer Core 2 Duo and motherboards are compatible with this tutorial. I noticed that the processor and mobo you used is no longer sold by Newegg. Any help would be great, thanks!

    P.S.: What do you mainly use your Hackintosh for? How's the performance comapred to your MacBook Pro?
  • I have followed the instructions, but when I insert my generic.iso disc, I get the error "ISOLINUX 3.63. 2008-04-10 isolinux: Image checksum error, sorry... Boot failed: press a key to retry..."

    I'm not sure what to do...
  • wiggyboard
    Ok, I'm stuck on the end of step 3. I do what it says and then I get stuck on the boot screen with the grey apple logo and a "no entry" symbol right above it. I'm at a loss, I've tried some of the things people have posted about hitting F8 and then entering "rd=disk0" or something similar, but nothing even happens when I hit F8. I'm doing this on a Compaq Presario C500 laptop. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • dipakbhtt
    hello sir thanks for your guide but i got one problem with graphics i cannot change my resolution it is fix at 1024 x 768 i got GMA950.pkg but it only work with 10.5.4 after update with 10.5.6 or 10.5.7 i got this problem please help me
  • Name
    I was wondering how come everytime i boot up the Boot132 CD it boots up fine and everything then i put in my retial 10.5.4 and 10.5.6 discs and then it gets to finishing loading with the spinning circle under the apple logo and just reboots the computer. then when i put it in verbose mode the last line i get is fixEnetFlowControl. then Mach Reboot. Please Help Me
  • charitha_pdn
    Alex please give me more details of it, I'm also gonna build a hackintosh using my HP 6530s notebook, I tried with MAC OS 10.5.7, but I couldn't. please tell me how you made it success ??????
  • Alex
    Thanks for this startup I was able to totally install the 10.5.4 family pack on a Lenovo Thinkpad T60. The whole thing went without the slightest hiccup ! Wonderful.
    Took about 1 hour to full install. I immediatelly upgraded to 10.5.7.
    Finally, I have installed the Xcode 3.0 SDK, which also went wonderful !
    I am in business.
    No, I am just to happy :-)
    I just need to work on the "2 partitions" setup so it can boot straight from the hard drive without having to keep the boot132 on the CD rom, but other that, very good !!!
  • mjptango
  • mjptango
    for those that have the spining wheel after the LAc os X DVD starts to load

    It maybe that mac install cannot find the hard disk.
    Do try F8 -v for more info as suggested
  • charitha_pdn
    thanks dude....

    is there any way to proceed with Mac OS X 10.5.7
    because i want to work with iPhone SDK 3.0. it only support with 10.5.7.
    So is there any way to proceed.
    thanks again Shaka....

    [Please help me,
    I tried to install Leopard on my HP 6530s notebook. I used generic.iso also. First I boot with generic.iso & used mentioned proper way. Then I put Original Mac Liopard (Mac OS X Version 10.5.7). After that it came to gray screen with apple logo and rotating circle. After One or two min one that screen small white circle with cross bar appeared. Then system freeze at there. Plsese tell me what I have to do. Please............]
  • Shaka
    same problem here though i found out on some threads that you may need to backtrack to 10.5.2 since your motherboard has been overtasked and refused to proceed, it worked for me sometime ago bursting my newer version dream
    good luck
  • charitha_pdn
    Please help me,
    I tried to install Leopard on my HP 6530s notebook. I used generic.iso also. First I boot with generic.iso & used mentioned proper way. Then I put Original Mac Liopard (Mac OS X Version 10.5.7). After that it came to gray screen with apple logo and rotating circle. After One or two min one that screen small white circle with cross bar appeared. Then system freeze at there. Plsese tell me what I have to do. Please............
  • Charles
    I had my first attempt today but it failed.

    Here are my specs:

    Asus P5N-E SLI - (NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI chipset)
    Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz
    Asus EN7600GT 256MB GDDR3
    1GB Cosair Value RAM (x2)

    I had 2 DVD ROMs actually. One of the is Asus and the other one is Samsung. For booting with Asus DVD drive, I can only go as far as I need to restart the even when the white screen appears. As for booting up with Samsung DVD Drive, I keep getting timeout errors. I'm not very sure why both DVD drive respond differently but I'll keep trying again. It may be also that it's a nForce chipset that cause the problem.

    Please advice on what could go wrong.
    Many Thanks.
  • Jonas
    When i boot the dvd in verbose mode it loads for a long time and then goes to a blank screen and nothing responds. I have tried everything possible. Dell Dimension 3000 2.8GHZ p4.
  • Testing
    Hi, thanks for tutorial man. Now for the not so fun part. Can anyone tell me what could be going wrong on my install. I have original retail DVD of OSX and use BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso with it. I can boot up, get the white apple screen and when I get to the screen with like purple light and stars (I guess it's desktop picture of OSX) it just shows the mouse cursor as a colorfull circle, and it keeps spining for hours withouth going further into install(I let it run for hour and a half, just keeps spining). So I don't come to all the install optios of OSX, I'm just stuck on that screen.

    I have Zepto nox a15 machine with
    Intel® PM45 + ICH9-M
    Intel® Core 2 Duo 2, 1066MHz FSB
    NVIDIA® 9650M GT 512MB GDDR3
    4 GB

    Can anyone help me please with what could be going wrong and how to get further with the install?
  • u cannot install from retail dvd directly.
    check the comments here http://www.taranfx.com/blog/?p=1204
  • After struggling with MAC installation for several days, I finally found a blog. I believe to help all of u guys who are stuck somewhere or the other.
    Kalyway, iPC, iAtKos
    I bet this is the easiest way to do it. Install Mac OS X Leopard OSx86 on PC & Dual Boot with Windows 7, Vista / XP
  • Justo
    Hi great tutorial, may i ask if you need to adjust BIOS settings like kalyway tutorial or does the boot 132 adjust them automaticaly
  • nice post dude,
    i never try this before,
    but will try it someday
  • alex
    Menoob, great work, I have been looking for a noob guide like this for a while, the simple step of changing the disk when you said got me to the grey apple logo screen.

    However, know i get there, and the gear spins, but after a while i get a small circle with a line through it, overlayed on he main screen. its sort of highlighted, while the grey apple logo screen is in the background faded...

    any help?

    oh i have the original 10.5 retail and i tried your generic.iso and also the boot BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso also.

  • Michel
    Dude, I'm using your how-to as a basis for my supermicro X7DAL-E board with dual 5345 cpu's, 8GB and dual monitors on a 7300gt. Except for the ALC650 sound on the board, it all works like a charm.
    Using an edirol usb ua1x with optical outs instead of the onboard sound.
    No problems whatsoever. Great work!
  • BigDongle
    Hey I love the guide,

    However, In Vista I have shrunk a partition on the vista disk (tried no format and NTFS and without drive letters). I have installed EasyBCD to select in Vista what OS to choose.
    I use Grub to boot and insert retail disk and all loads fine I select disk utility to reformat partition, click erase but when I quit Disk Utility the install then says you cannot install on this disk.
    What am I doing wrong, is this the right format? or do I have to reformat the whole hard disk drive to install OS X. I want to keep Vista as main system (its preinstalled and don't have a copy). I used GParted to reselect the boot volume.

    What is the partition preparation required to dual boot?

    Any suggestions would be grateful!
  • hirsty
    Hi Menoob, thanks very much for this. For those that get Kernel Panics using Boot-132 on booting the Leopard DVD try grub-dfe.iso (google it). Follow the instructions above exactly but replace anything relating to Boot-132 with your grub-dfe disk. Mine works great Asus p5kpl-cm, for audio use voodooHDA.kext, first delete >System>Library>AppleHDA.kext> then install using kext helper b7.

    Everything else works great, thank you!
  • thesportsgeek
    Hey menoob great information and site. I got a question about the retail install. Can you install Leo as a RAID setup using the retail install method.
  • Prock
    menoob can i use this guide if i buy the 10.5.6 dvd from apple http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC094

    then do the software update to get 10.5.7, oh an i have an IBM Thinkpad T42p, can u tell me what kext i need or stuff like that
  • Nick
    Hey, thanks for the info. However when it comes to boot from the Appe OSX CD I get the Apple Logo with the spinning indicator that its loading. Then 15secs later I get the no entry symbol and nothing happens. I tried a different retail disk and got a restart your computer message instead. Any ideas? Im using an intel based dell with ATI graphics card.

  • wiggyboard
    I'm having the same problem... Either one of you figure it out?
  • Todd
    Hey nick did you ever figure your issue out. I am frozen at the great apple screen.
  • Putmeon
    (i've got a very bad englisch so sorry for this)
    What i do:
    Start PC
    CD at first
    Boot 132 startet
    hit Enter
    I put the Retail DVD in
    wait for the blinking light ends
    hit Enter
    and then there was the mac apple under it a load animation
    after 5 minutes waiting i reboot and start windows to wrote this...
    pls help!
    icq: 260622689
    or here...
  • nexenta
    Hello and thank you for this guides!
    I recently installed leo4all v4.1 with success. Everything works fine and is not my first time successful installation using leo4all or iDeneb distributions. However now I face the following issue and I don't seem to find the root of the problem or any help on internet. When I boot to the OSX, the my screen goes black for @2-3 minutes (goes in sleep mode) and after that the desktop appears in his glory and everything seem to work well. Now this is so frustrating because I am so close to have an 100% fully working hackintosh.. Can you please help me in this?!
    Thank you very much!
  • metabesk
    boot*132 let me boot the macosx retail dvd but before dtarting the installation it wanted a reboot and i reboot with boot132 then the macosx dvd it says me the same thing . I'm on a dead end. How can i overcome this?
  • Putmeon
    EFIStudio and Boot132 aren't work to download (EFI doesn't starts and Boot132 isn't on server)
    pls reupp and sorry for my bad englisch :-)
  • funmacos
    I was following your tutorial trying to install Mac OS X Leopard on my Sony Vaio laptop VGN-S270B.
    ONCE I LOAD THE MAC OS X I get the apple grey screen and the computer just stays there no spinning circle etc.

    Any solutions? Any help will be appreciated.
  • theNodge
    I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find Boot-132 Generic ISO. Both the links at the top dont work.
  • ron
    menoob, i was able to install osx following your instructions but i can only boot into osx with safe mode (-x) is there something i can do to fix this. Thanks for all your work,
  • Cacho_from_GDL
    Hello there i wanna make my own Boot 132 via Slimboot, but i dont have a clue about wich kexts to add...

    any one can give some advice....pretty pleasee!
  • dipak bhatt
    I am havinf Intel Atom 1.6 GHz with D945GCLF board it is boot with Boot 132 CD but IT stuck apple screen nothing goes on will help me
  • Mak
    Dell Inspiron 1520
    Computer Type ACPI Multiprocessor PC (Mobile)
    CPU Type Mobile Intel Core 2 Duo T7250, 2000 MHz (10 x 200)
    Motherboard Chipset Intel Crestline-GM GM965
    System Memory 2549 MB (DDR2-667 DDR2 SDRAM)
    Video Adapter Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family (384 MB)
    Audio Adapter SigmaTel STAC9205X @ Intel 82801HBM ICH8M - High Definition Audio Controller [B-0]
    Network Adapter Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller
    Network Adapter Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
    BIOS Version A09

    I want to install Mac OS iATKOS_v4.1i(Leopard) Please help me.I always stuck with the first loading screen.My e-mail address is Narototalker@yahoo.com
    Is there any preparation i must consider? please help
  • Cacho_from_GDL
    Hi everybody there!!
    i'm having troubles installing MacOs X Retail DVD on a brand new machine, these are the specs:

    MOBO:Intel DP45SG
    CPU-INTEL C2Q Q9400
    2x 320 GB HDD S-ATA2( one for MAc, one for Windows) the Macos one on Sata0 on board.

    I already have tried with grub-dfe.iso and generic Iso whit -v -f rd=disk0
    and nothing works, all i get is a "Still waiting for root device" warning....

    Any one, any idea? can help me to get this working? any suggest?

    Thanks in advance!!
    Have a nice day.
  • Cacho_from_GDL
    I don't have a clue...
  • Louis
    AppleACPIPlatform.kext cant find this file any update would be great. Also is there a way to get it boot right into OS X? I still need to select my HD. Lastly great guide.
  • Thanks for the guide. Helped me a lot in my own setup.
  • Ed
    Thanks for the guide. Clear step-by-step noob guides are unfortunately rare in the hackintosh community.
  • borj
    hey ive seen your page and it really took the shit outta my head and gave me the itch to convert my pc to mac ( as if im not itching with this stuff few months ago) anyway.. are you from the philippines? coz ive seen your other post and i saw CUBAO on one of the pics of some stuffs about that iphone messages on comp.. any way if you are .. pls send me a holler at my email at muller45@yahoo.com.. and if not ill still wait for one.. really need to get that hackintosh, but the problem is im not that familiar with this cyberwords and other stuffs that you guys are talking about,, i hope that did not offend you.. anyway ill wait.. when you have time just send me a message where i can contact you.. THANX in ADVANCE
  • Nycguy2369
    I am up and running OS X 10.5.6 Leopard on my Dell Inspiron 530. If someone could help me out that would be great. These are my only two problems other wise it works great.

    1. Restart/Reboot Fix: Replace your AppleACPIPlatform.kext with this.

    Were can I find the missing parts for this ??????

    2. Shutdown Fix: Download and install this.

    Were can I find the missing parts for this ??????

    3. Also in the BIOS setting how can get the prompt to boot into either hard drive for XP or MAC ?

    Info on how to set this up ??????????????

    Bios : 1.0.2 3/1/2008
    Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 at 2.40Ghz
    Processor: L2 Cache 8192KB
    Memory Speed: 800Mhz
    Memory Channel Mode: Dual
    Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
  • Alexis M
    I know that I'm kind of late here but I have a couple of questions,
    1- is this still the best way to do it?
    2- i tried kalyway and it didn't really work out, do i have a better success rate with this?
    3- Does this method support more peripherals right of the bat, unlike the other ways?
  • briant92570
    Hello menoob,

    I was wondering if you assist me a little bit with installation. I have a p4 dual core 2.25 ghz intel on an Intel mobo. 712 Ram and a Rdeon 9200 Graphics card. When I use the generic.iso bootloader it seems to work fine, then when it asks for the binary code I eject the generic.iso and put in the retail 10.5.4 OSX DVD and hit enter. Then it starts reading the disk and says ebios read error 16432736 and says pausing for 5 seconds. It goes to the white screen with the apple logo on it and just freezes there.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  • Casey Alexander
    hey guys
    I've been trying to get this work for a few days now. . .
    I successfully get the Mac OS X Leopard disc to boot but my computer freezes up at the apple logo
    I don't know what's causing this. . .
    My drive stops grinding after about 3 minutes and it just stays frozen on the apple logo
    I'd appreciate any help you guys have

    - Casey
  • varun
    hi i am varun, mainly the problem is mac leopard 10.5 is not installing in my 160GB SATA HDD(segate) in my pc. it's showing the error is "Root device is not found". so, pls help me.
  • ashu
    hey, hi menoob i want to install leopard on my pc but i dont know,does it work on my pc or not? i write my pc confugration as below
    Mainbord-Foxconn 45CMX/45GMX/45CMX-K
    Processer-intel pentium D 2.8GHZ
    160 GB harddisk
    plz reply me.
  • jho4evah
    Hi, when i use the Boot132 DVD it boots my Leopard CD (10.5.0) but half way through booting it comes up grey telling me i have to restart the computer (i believe its having a kernel panic). Any way to fix this?? I am using a HP Pavilion DV2840TX.
  • i was also having a similar problem but sorted out nw..
    jst try selecting different kernel while installing... voodoo wud bst suit you as far as i knw.
  • Jeff
    how do i install Mac OS X 10.5.0? I cant find it anywhere...
  • Can i install it on aspire 2920 and Desktop with spesifications is; Asus Mobo P5GC-MX GBL, VGA GMA 950, Lan Realtek 8111C PCIe Gigabit LAN controller, Audio HDA Azalia; ??????
  • chachie
    I keep trying the boot disk and when its loading it gets 6 errors saying the same things about a ebios read error. Is there something I am missing here I am installing OSX 10.5.4 from retail dvd. Please help
  • w3dig
    I do not have the D9 dual layer DVD but have the image of the retail 10.5.6. Is there any way to install with/o DVD? I mean can use like the external USB 2.0 HDD or USB flash driver? Thanks!
  • whoneedsname
    hi there,, I have this non-retail dvd installer of mac os x, I tried your procedures but sadly, it won't work. I can't bye the original one due to insufficient money,, hmm,, please help me... Thanks:D
  • Andy
    i'm getting the mac os x 10.5.6 to boot up but then after the grey apple screen all i see is a light blue screen and nothing happens after that. Any ideas on what i'm doing wrong? Thanks
  • KruX
    How to install Mac OS X 10.5.6 on these brand new pocketables?

    OQO model 2+
    Intel Atom inside

    Sony Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC
    Intel Atom inside

  • Abhi
    I have an existing iDeneb install. Can i install this over that? Will it replace all the necessary files? Thanks
  • j
    Here is a methos that worked for me on my dell xps m140. Tried yours on my tower and worked easily just thought i would add a link for others that are having probs. you can delete this is I am not suppose to link to things.

  • s
    Re: video & Nvkush: after you discovered nvkush hiding in your extras/extensions, did you have to do a full OSX re-install? or just re-install Chameleon and then add your video EFI string?

  • Noobimayyetbecalled
    Can i use this method for dual booting?? I made a partition already... I dont really want to install d Jas os x leopard... I want d original os x installed in my laptop... I am currently running on XP...
  • Sure.

    What I have:

    Disk 1: Windows Vista
    Disk 2, Partition 1: Leopard 10.5.6 (Main)
    Disk 2, Partition 2: Leopard 10.5.6 (Test)
    Disk 3: iATKOS Leopard 10.5.3
  • leonarddavinci
    hello there.....anybody can help me please.
    finally i did a installation on my sony vaio VGN FE31M, but my keyboard and mousepad doesnt work.....im using USB mouse and keys.
    I'd like my input keyboard and mouse work......how i woul do it?
    Thank you again
  • HC@JKT

    God bless you, dude !! I am still stuck on 10.4.7 because of my hardware and has been checking out so many configurations (compatibility challenge) before I make my next purchase. But this article came through a local Hackintosh group (in Jakarta) only recently and I am so hopeful to get on Leopard !!

    I am so book marking your site !! Thanks for sharing so much !!
  • Jack
    I have an Intel mobo D945GCLF with an SATA drive. First off I need to use BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso to even get my system to boot others return a checksum error and won't boot.

    I'm able to get the retail OSX installed but can't seem to locate the correct drivers to make the onboard network and audio to work.

    Also, when I install Chameleon it seems to go through ok but when I try to reboot it never boots from the hard drive.

    Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.
  • Aimeedia
    can i download mac dvd , plz give provide me the link
  • Nitish
    Hi...I am new to MAC world. I want to install it within Vmware workstation. Is it possible?? Any suggetions??
  • jeramiah1945
    I have 10.5.2 up and running via a Kalyway Distro but I wanted to use your technique. When I take the BootCD out and put the retail Apple DVD in, it starts to boot, and I get the grey screen with the apple on it and then the DVD stops reading and after a minute or so I get the small circle with the line through it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  • gardner
    ok say now it will go to the apple logo but after a short time the dvd will stop spinning what am i doing wrong
  • gardner
    i am using the generic iso and i am get an error like "Ebios read error: controller or device error block 0 sector 64" what is wrong
  • Sean
    Forgot to add the processor: q6600 2.4 ghz
  • Sean
    Help me Menoobie-Wan, you're my only hope!
    I really appreciate any help you can give me.
    I have an ASUS p5w dh deluxe
    4 gigs Ballistix 800mhz ram
    Diamond Ati radeon 2600xt 512
    500 gb SATA HD
    Sony SATA DVD

    I've tried Kalyway 10.5.2 / boot 132 generic iso / several boot 132 iso from Macita with 10.5.4 retail.

    Kalyway doesn't do anything when I try to boot off the DVD.

    With the boot 132, I start the computer, insert the cd, and press enter when the boot prompt shows up.
    I then insert the retail DVD. I get "Ebios read error: controller or device error
    block 16432736 sectors 64" repeated 5 times.
    It then says "Errors encountered while starting up computer"
    It then goes to the gray Apple startup screen with the scrolling thing.
    After about 5 minutes, the screen goes to a bunch of pixelated distortion, and the computer freezes.
    All of the searching I've done describes errors after install, but EVERYONE seems to be able to get it to install initially. I can't even get that far! Its driving me crazy. I'm a total and complete noob to this kind of thing.
    I'm a lifelong Mac user, and don't even own a PC (except the one I've built for this Hackintosh). I consider myself a really smart guy, but I read all these posts about adding kexts to DVDs and its all over my head.
    I know you don't know me, and you don't owe me anything, but I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks!
  • Adrian
    My motherboard is Asus P5K-E Wifi AP
    I installed retail leopard dvd with the boot132 generic CD sucessfully. leopard can bootup smoothly.

    Next I installed Chameleon for hard disk with success!!!!! leopard still able to bootup

    Then I follow the guide to add GFX-EFI Strings for my 8800GT 512 display card

    During bootup ,the system loading a shile and it will go in standby mode automatically ( The LCD monitor led is in standby mode)

    Any thing wrong with my steps ? or some missing steps I was missed ?
  • Adrian
    My motherboard is Asus P5K-E Wifi AP
    I installed retail leopard dvd with the boot132 generic CD sucessfully. leopard can bootup smoothly.

    Next I installed Chameleon for hard disk with success!!!!! leopard still able to bootup

    Then I follow the guide to add GFX-EFI Strings for my 8800GT 512 display card

    During bootup ,the system loading a shile and it will go in standby mode automatically ( The LCD monitor led is in standby mode)

    Any thing wrong with my steps ? or some missing steps I was missed ?
  • wbatie
    Bought a new motherboard, GA-945G-GCM-S2C, and finally got 10.5.4 to boot. I make a MAC OS Extended (Journaled) called “Leopard OS”. Run Verify Disk and Repair Disk and everything OK with Volume. The problem is when I try to install that Volume has an explanation mark on it and thus will not allow the software to install. Leo4All v3 installed find. The one thing to point out is the motherboard does not support AHCI, but again Leo4All installs find and sees the Volume “Leopard OS” as well as making and installing on a volume “Leo4All”
    I posted earlier about trying to install on a Foxconn P45 motherboard which supports AHCI and the retail version just freezes. Eliminated the ebios error with –f, but never gets to install screen. Still working on this
    I would appreciate any suggestion on the gigabyte board. Thanks again.
  • wbatie
    Fixed the problem. Had to reparation the whole disk drive to GUID. Network work right off. Audio had to install kert, now works. Upgraded to 10.5.5 almost effortlessly. Can not ReStart, added fix provide this article with no effect. Other little quirk is “More Information” button on “About My MAC” works for about 5 seconds and then termination error. Even selecting ignore works for about 5 seconds.
  • I have tried a few different ISOs -- generic, grub, etc. When I run them, right after the initial screen of the grey apple, the apple goes away and then i see a screen that is grey with black rectangles. that can't be working right?
  • I couldn't never get it with the retail DVD, but a gone some suped of version of Kalyway 10.5.2 and things are running great --- except sound and network!
  • snowmusicman
    Hello menoob , nice guide, thank you. I'm having trouble with my gpu. It's an Inno3d 7200GS 256MB and if I use EFIStudio to install it I just get a blue screen. If I reboot into safe mode it starts blue, then I get to see the login window with full resolution but when I log in it turns blue again. I've tried all the other installers but none seem to work. Maybe you can point to where the problem is, thx!!
  • DALS
    Hi so i installed that way on my hp dv6000 everything works besides the touchpad .... can you tell me what i need to do ?? thanks alot
  • AB
    hey menoob i install mac os leopard on my PC its works Very good
    but no sound man i try AppleAzaliaAudio.kext but not working.
    and i still use Boot CD for Boot Mac OS tell me another way to boot mac os without Boot CD
    i use grub-dfe.iso
  • You need to find out what your audio device is and then search for the right kext.

    I haven't tried another way of booting directly except what I have described in the tutorial which should work well.
  • drummerdb
    everything works so well :) dual boot is a dream.

    Petty question, feel free not to answer. With EasyBCD, I can't seem to get it to boot to the Mac OS. It only lists the C Drive. When I add a mac osx86 and then choose it after a reboot, i just get an error message.
  • drummerdb
    Any guess as to why this happens:

    I put in the generic boot CD, get to the point where I put in the leopard CD, starts to load up, get the background with the apple logo and then I get a gray screen telling me I need to boot in 3 different languages. Can't get past it.

    Q6600 quad core

    strange....other people with my same config haven't had this issue. I have already installed vista on this computer but I've unplugged that SATA hard drive and just have a new untouched 500GB SATA harddrive plugged in.

    Any ideas?
  • drummerdb
    for clarifcation, I've tried disabling all USB devices in BIOS....If I load in -v i just get stuck at: "root filesystem is read-only; skipping kernel link data generation" Then two more lines after that and its just stuck :S
  • Try the grub-dfe.iso instead of generic.iso.


    In BIOS, select AHCI for SATA interface. DVD drive should also be SATA. Use an IDE to SATA converter if you don't have one.
  • drummerdb
    grub-def.iso worked great! I'm working on peripherals right now. You've been a tremendous help and I wouldn't have gotten here without you.
  • topher
    I've had no luck getting sleep to work and am thinking of tossing it out and picking up the same mobo that you used. I want to make sure that the features I need work for you though, as they weren't mentioned in your post...

    DVD player...

    Thanks much!
  • It's only now that I tried the sleep mode as I do not use my hackintosh often. Anyway, sleeping works but waking up is a problem ;-) I'll look for a solution when I have more free time. Same thing for the DVD player, I have not tried that yet.
  • Tex
    Hi there!
    I've installed a Mac OS X 10.5.2 on my Acer Aspire 5570Z notebook, but I'm having a trouble with the display.
    When I have only the notebook monitor on, the display starts flickering, A LOT!!! Like it's swapping two screens in and out.
    When I turn the second monitor on, I get some vertical bars and a black mouse pointer.
    The OS works, I can run applications and everything, but it's completely unusable, because of these problems.
    Anyone has had this kind of problems?
    Is there a way to disable the screen mirror mode without having the second monitor on?
  • What osx86 installation did you use? Looks like you need to find the correct video injector for your machine. Search for your notebook model in insanelymac forums and maybe you can find similar problems to yours and their solution.
  • Tex
    I used this installation:
    Leo4Allv2 Universal 10.5.2 AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    I managed to fix the problem by unplugging the external display and reinstalling MacOS without removing the previous installation.
    It's working fine now, thanks for your help, the only problems now are that my PS/2 mouse and keyboard and my AR5007EG wifi network card don't work.
    So, I'm using a USB mouse and keyboard and I'm pluged to the Ethernet. :(
  • Try this to fix your PS/2 problem:


    Unzip to show kext files. Backup your original kext files and use OSX86 Tools to change the original kexts to those you just downloaded. Perform a disk permission repair.

    I think Atheros cards have problems with Leopard. You can try a cheap USB wifi.
  • Tex
    Thanks again for your help, but I tried what you sugested and it did not work.
    I downloaded the kext files and used the OSX86 Tools to install it.
    It asked for a reboot, and when it restarted, it gave me the same error.
    Do you have any other suggestion?
    I've tried a few things that I found on the forums, but nothing worked so far.
  • Sorry for not being able to reply immediately. I've been busy with work lately.

    First, you need to make sure you are using the retail OS X Leopard DVD (try 10.5.0) and not an "upgrade" version. You may also need to try other boot ISOs (other than Generic.iso). Try looking here:


    Just keep on looking and trying them out and try to read on the forums as it will help you better understand about hackintoshes.
  • Abhiojeet
    ya man thanks i am not sure its Upgrade or Install DVD.
    how to cheack its upgrade or install dvd.
    and last Quastion how to find Perfact Generic .iso for my hardware
    on this link http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopi...
    plzz tell me

    My PC
    Intel Core 2 Duo E400 2.0 GHz
    Intel D945GCCR Motherboard intel i945G Chipset
    160 GB Hard disk
    2GB DDR2 Ram
    DVD-RW Drive

  • You have to check these things and try it yourself man.
  • Abhiojeet
  • SLAD
    so today i went to the computer store and bought a 8800gt, because i was looking at apple store and saw that they have that as a supported video card. but i did a fresh install like you did , everything working greatly thanks for that by the way. but the QE and the other option is not working?

    i did add the string with the efistudio and after rebooting nothing worked.

    ps i never installed camalleion thing or did anything after the step to upgrade to 10.5.4

    so i sitll use the disc to boot. i want to keep it that way till i get everything working. thanks alot in a adv.
  • Try doing the Chameleon thing (it shouldn't cause problems with your machine), then perform the EFIStudio again to install your device string. Make sure to delete all other video injectors present that are not part of the original Leopard install.
  • Abhijeet
    and soory for my BAD english i wish you understand my problemes
  • Abhijeet
    hi menoob
    i tell u what is my problem
    first i insert boot132 cd then bootloader promote then in remove boot132 cd and
    insert retail mac os install dvd the hit enter two times then DVD bootup then i hit F8
    then -v then its load with digostic massges when digostic massges complete
    then i see only gray screen and mac os busy mouse point the install is freeze here.
    i try lots off time but not work.

    NOTE i try lots off commandes enter,-v -y -x, cpus=1 -x -y but not works.
    also i try iAtkos v2.0 and ToH both are install sucssesfully and works good
    then why retail mac os install dvd not work on my PC.

    Plz help me with good ideas i really want to USE Orignal mac os x

    My PC
    Intel Core 2 Duo E400 2.0 GHz
    Intel D945GCCR Motherboard intel i945G Chipset
    160 GB Hard disk
    2GB DDR2 Ram
    DVD-RW Drive

  • dipakbhtt
    just use usb k/b mouse and use D945GCLF boot 132 .iso
  • bball4life
    I have a very similar problem. I believe i have the retail leopard. When i use the generic boot disk...i get the grey apple screen that freezes. the mouse cursor freezes and i have to restart. then i tried another boot disk, which seemed to work better. i believe it was the modified boot disk. when i used this modified boot disk (its one of the boot disks that you said to give a try) it just loaded like normal and then went to a blue screen...kind of like the leopard blue screen of death? i really dont know what to do and i really need some help here! please can you guide me..with what boot i need or what the problem could be ....my computer specs are below

    hp dv6624ca (laptop)
    4 gb of memory (1 gb used for shared video card)
    1.50 GHz Intel Centrino Duo processor technology featuring Intel Core 2 Duo processor T5250
    the motherboard is read as a quanta 30CC and the chipset is a intel GM965
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
    also running vista premium. i would like to dual boot with leopard. PLEASE HELP ME!!
  • I'm not sure what boot ISO will work for your rig cause I haven't tried them all. There are so many out there. You just need to keep on looking and trying from the forums I mentioned. I'm pretty sure something will work for you. It will also help you better understand about hackintoshes.
  • bball4life
    alright well thanks...if you find anything please email me...i have loiterally looked all day...thats why i have a fast reply...haha. i tried what i could but like i said i either got a frozen grey screen or blue screen...lol but thanks..
  • Topher
    Hey! Great site, and great article. I completed everything with the following issues that I'm still trying to sort out..

    About mac... Goes to a blue screen then goes back to the desktop. OSx86 doesn't fix...

    Sleep... Goes to sleep then wakes back up immediately but doesn't fully wake up requiring a restart

    Restart... Same as Sleep in the sense that it shuts down but doesn't turn back on without fully turning off...

    Shut Down DOES work though...

    Anyhow, the link on your page regarding replacing the restart .kext doesn't seem to work, so I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for that one...

    Thanks much!

    Also, on a side note... Using a bluetooth dongle, I was able to get the mighty mouse to work with no tweeking..! Uber happy :)

    Again, thanks for all of this... Very happy!
  • I just check the link on the Restart fix and it's working. Clicking on it should download the "Latest_11_JUN_AppleACPIPlatform.kext.zip" file.

    I'm glad you got the most important things working! :-)
  • Abhijeet
    Menoob plaz Help yaar
    i tired man
  • Hmm, not really sure what could be your problem, but it may be the Generic.iso doesn't work on your hardware. Try and check out the different Boot-132 ISOs here:

  • Abhijeet
    Hi Menoob
    Plzzz help me i try to install Mac Os from last 2 weeks.
    I have all Pre-requisites
    but its stucks on install screen just apple Pinksky wallpaper and loading mouse
    i wait 1 hour but no change
    i have only one HD 160GB on windows Xp
    but i want to format windows xp And install mac OS On It .
    i try it but no answer its still stuck on install screen.
    plz Help me

    My PC
    Intel Core 2 Duo E400 2.0 GHz
    Intel D945GCCR Motherboard intel i945G Chipset
    160 GB Hard disk
    2GB DDR2 Ram
    DVD-RW Drive

  • ali
    did u get the solution for the problem you had
    of installing mac os x on pc (pinkish screen loading)

  • janik29

    I used 10.5.0 Version OS X which came on DVD with my MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz.


    Thanks for the suggestion, I did knew that forum and spent days for Installation on P45 chip m/b P5Q pro. I tried various modified bios and actually was able to successfully install with Kalyway 10.5.1 few times. But I still felt that system was not stable and I still had quite a few hardware issues.

    To make long story short, I returned P5Q Pro and purchased DG31PR Intel m/b. This motherboard supports Quad Core cpu's + have 1333 FSB and it is INSANELY compatible with OSX. Nework + Audio chip works out of box or minimal effort and NO ISSUES at all :-)

    Only drawback I found is, this m/b only supports up to 4gb memory, I could have use up to 8 or 12gb for OS X like in P5Q Pro but we can't have it all, can we? I am really happy with stable system I built on this.

  • Sophie
    Do you recall what you did to get audio working? I got the same MB, and network out of the box, but audio does not. Did you have to do some kext magic?


  • janik29
    Sorry Sophie for late reply. Please send me email and I can explain what I did to get audio working.

  • wbatie
    Retail OS X Leopard DVD runs of 10 Sec then ERROR: EBOIS Device error 0x01 block 16432726 sectior 64. Any ideas whould be appreciated.
  • If you are burning your OS X Leopard DVD, try burning it at 1x speed. It will also help if you have a good DVD such as those from Sony, Verbatim, HP, etc. Not the cheap ones.
  • WBatie
    Using orginal retail Leopard 10.5.4 DVD with cpus=1,-v. Before boot: screen and after img is loaded the message System config file ‘com.apple.boot.S/Library/Preferences/System Configuration/com.apple.boot.plist’ not found is flashed. Loads for 10 sec. then EBOIS error. Continues to boot for some time continues until "Errors occurred while starting computer Pausing 5 sec ". Then final stop at "framework installed". Tried without -v and with -f. No errors but top at apple circle of death sceen. Waited over 60 minutes. Any ideas? Thanks
  • Hmm, an EBIOS error usually has to do with a problem reading the DVD. Try using another one or try it with 10.5.0.
  • WBatie
    Thanks, I wonder if it is because the manual for the retail DVD says "to upgrade". Did you use a retail DVD or an orginal Install DVD? As I remember when I bought a MAC twenty years ago you had to install the software.
  • You cannot use an "upgrade" DVD. You need the retail DVD that you can install from scratch.
  • WBatie
    The package says MB576Z/A MAC OS X v10.5.4 RETAIL, but the enclosed manual on page 3
    To upgrade to MAC OS X Loepard, insert your installation disc...
    To restore....
    Then goes on with installation instructions
    I see on Ebay intallation disc for sale from new MAC's, that was tthe reason for pervious question.
    I have installed Kalyway 10.5.1 and Leo4All 10.5.2 but can not get them to boot.
    Thank you again for you time
  • Noel
    Ok ignore that I was able to get the dvd to boot by typing -v -f, but I am getting stuck at the installation. It boots up fine lets me choose a language but then I get a message saying that it cannot be installed on my system. in the log the phrase "unable to determin UUID for host. Error 35." pops up a few times, and then it says installation checks failed. unable to install. Any suggestions on this?
  • Noel
    Hi there, first off, thanks for the guide, much appreciated. I am trying this method with a dell inspiron 1520 laptop.

    I am getting stuck at the point where you put in the dvd and wait for it to read before hitting enter, nothing is happening. The disks I have are the original Mac OS X Install Disc 1 and 2 that came with my 24" iMac. The first one is about 8gb. I have tried both and nothing happens... Even tried some of the other hex values just in case... Any suggestions?
  • Rohit
    Please tell me what version of Mac OS X Retail did you use for the above installation?
  • Yup, just like what janik29 said below, I'm also using OS X 10.5.
  • janik29
    Which components you having issues? Sound and NIC does not work! Video/NIC and Sound I added separately...

    Here is my system config:

    Dell XPS 420
    4GB Memory
    Nvidia GeForce 7200GS (use Menoob's suggestion)
    WD VelociRaptor 300GB SATA (make sure to put on drive 0)
    Compaq Sound Blaster PCI CT5805 (very cheap and works out of box)
    Realtek Gigabit 10/100/1000 Mbps PCI NIC MAC (very cheap on Ebay and works out of box)

    Install method:

    Original OS X came with my MacBook Pro + Menoob's Generic ISO dual boot with XP Pro

    Very stable system and no issues so far.
  • janik29

    I too would like to know your actual hardware profile which help you determine success of this procedure.

    I installed OS X without issue on XPS 420 but I have hard time installing OS X with newer M/B (Asus P5Q PRO + Q9450 + WD VelociRaptor + XFX 8500 GT).

    I was able to flash the M/B bios and install Kalyway 10.5.2 but I am again at same stage where I have to be really really careful doing any auto upgrades.

    Would it be reason this process did not work because it has newer version (Intel P45) chipsets?


  • Wow, isn't that the quad core? Drools...

    Well, I can't help you but you are in luck as some people had success with a P45! Check here:

  • Cannon
    Hey Kal, I have an XPS 420 as well. Can you let me know (or send me) the Kext files you used to get everything running????

    I'm having some difficulties!!
  • Bob Underwood
    Would you mind posting the details of the actual hardware combination that you used, or that you would choose for the most trouble-free install? A newegg wish-list would be super, but any other specifics welcome.

    Many thanks --- Bob.
  • Sorry, I had my hardware specs on my other posts. Anyway, I have a more than a year old hardware that I used to build my first hackintosh, a 10.4.9 Tiger. Since it works well for me, there's no need to change it---for now.

    Here it is:

    Foxconn G9657MA Motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz Processor
    Jmicron 361 Controller
    2 GB RAM
    NVidia 7200GS (same ID as 7300 SE) - replaced the integrated Intel GMA X3000
    Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet
    250 GB Hitachi SATA (Vista)
    160 GB Seagate SATA (Tiger)
    160 GB Samsung SATA (Leopard)
    DVD-RW Drive (with IDE to SATA Converter)

    You can also check out the insanelymac.com forum where there are several threads that list working hardware for Leopard. Just do a search.
  • Pete
    hey menoob,
    ive tried a bunch of times to get this thing up and running
    i can install and run osx until the point where its patched to 10.5.4, and then ive installed chameleon

    once i reboot i get hit with "still waiting for root device" error ..
    however if i force load all the drivers ( -f -v) then it boots into leopard and most things work fine . . which leads me to think that chameleon isnt loading an IO driver somewhere?

    any ideas ?
  • drummerdb
    Any reason this shouldn't work if I use a separate hard drive instead of a partition? I'll be doing vista/OSx86 on an EP45 board :)
  • It should be no problem at all. I have my Vista on a separate hard drive too!
  • drummerdb
    Excellent to hear! What method do you use for dual booting out of curiosity.
  • If I will be using Vista more often than OS X, I will place my Vista Drive as priority in my BIOS settings. I use EasyBCD to give me the boot options where Vista is the default and OS X as second option.

    But if I want to use OS X more often, I will place my OS X Drive as priority in BIOS. When it boots, pressing F8 on Darwin boot loader will provide me with my MainOSX Partition (main) as default and TestOSX Partition as second option. Now, if I want to boot to Vista, just pressing Esc will provide me with a prompt where I can enter a two-digit hex, and typing 81 will display my Vista partitions.

    Simple. No need to mess around with complicated boot configurations!
  • Johnny
    I have installed Vista ans OSX Leopard on separate HDD's just like you. You said above that you are using EasyBCD to modify your Vista Bootloader. I would like to do the same thing. When I add the entry in EasyBCD, I need to select the drive I have installed Leopard on and it does not show up (the Mac drive format is not supported in Vista). How did you manage to get the Vista bootloader to find your MacOSX install on another drive? I am currently using the BIOS to select which drive I boot to, but the Wife thinks this is too hard :)

  • janik29
    Hmmm I am out of words!!!

    IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks you very much.....................

    I was working on this Video Card fix for 4 str8 days and nothing would work, even all kext used to work in pre 10.5.5 version didn't do job. I even tried using different Video cards but most of them worked showing high resolution but without QE/CI.

    I had my hackintosh for almost 4 months when I installed it using Kalyway and suddenly it broke cause when I upgrade iTune I forgot to check out OS X upgrade and I was very upset. I used your steps to install OS X and it was up and running within 15 min on my Dell XPS 420 using second drive.

    At least I saved all my doc/pics/songs/movies of my Hackintosh to my McBook Pro but it almost filled up small drive of laptop.

    Appreciate your effort and help!!!! Two Thumbs UP :-)

    Thanks again
  • More than glad to help. :-)
  • janik29
    Menoob , I have same video card Nvidia 7200GS XFX and I am having hard time to QE/CI to get work. Would you please post steps you did to fix your card? Thanks in advance
  • Use EFIStudio to build your device string.

    Select "Display" and then select your video card from the drop down list (i.e. nVidia GeForce 7200 GS - 128MB).

    Click Add Device. This will create your device Hex String.

    Click "write to com.apple.Boot.plist".

    You can also do it manually by copying the Hex String to Clipboard and pasting it in the Boot.plist Editor.

    Make sure you delete any video kexts not part of the original OS X install (ex. natit.kext, NVinjext.kext, Nvkush.kext, etc.) in both the /System/Library/Extensions folder and the /Extra/Extensions folder.
  • Sukhbir
    Thank you. Your help has been most invaluable :)
  • Sukhbir

    I just am about to get the retail DVD, wanted to ask you something. Using this method, can I safely install the combo updates from the Apple site?
  • Yes. That's what this method is for... so you can install updates directly from Apple. No more patches needed.

    Check out my post:
  • colonelpanic
    Sorry if I come across harsh. I'm just being devil's advocate.

    You will never get a message across by being vague.
  • No problem man. :-)
  • colonelpanic
    No, sorry man. That was exactly the problem. The folder Extra/Extensions is empty after installing the Chameleon version from the link on this page. Dragging the files from the boot CD before installing chameleon didn't have any effect. It came out empty.

    The real problem though is that the importance of the Extra folder and its content is not emphasised enough anywhere. It is absolutely CRUCIAL that the Extra folder contains IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext and dsmos.kext - at least those two, I'm not sure about the others. Anyhow, without this folder and these files OSX will not reboot and get stuck in a kernel panic. Also you won't be able to do the vanilla software update. It's not only about having the EFI emulater do the boot correctly but ESPECIALLY about these kext files.

    I think most tutorials are way too vague about this point.
  • I don't know why your folder came out empty but I'm just telling it the way I did it, and I did the procedure twice on different partitions of my hard disk before publishing the tut.

    There is no way I can anticipate all problems that may happen to suggest different ways of doing it in case one method fails, that is why I have added outside links for further info. You can't come out with a comprehensive hackintosh tutorial in a blog that will have all the answers. That will require a very thick book. Still, there are those who benefit from short and simple tutorials.

    Anyway, thanks for your comments and I hope you are able to build your ideal hackintosh.
  • colonelpanic
    I think the problem I had is with the chameleon install. Perhaps it's just buggy. It does let you boot off the HD but then everything becomes just like a 'usual' hackintosh, ie. you HAVE to install dsmos.kext, get rid of the famous 'Don't steal...' line in some hidden file, remove CPU power mgmt etc. Things you wouldn't need to do with a hacked distro since direct software update is a no-no anyway. The 10.5.5 straight off software update hosed my install although I followed your instructions to the T.

    I can still boot with the boot CD in but that's not really the goal of this, is it? It's really not easy, even for an advanced osx86-er. I'm trying to imagine a noob now...
  • If you followed Step 4 to the T, you don't need to reinstall dsmos.kext after running Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_disk.pkg. It should already be in the Extra-->Extensions folder. There is also no need to remove "Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext..." and "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext". The aim is to have something as close to a stock install as much as possible. The fewer you add or remove from what the Retail Mac OS X Leopard DVD has installed, the better; that means compatibility with Software Updates. No need for new patches.

    People, including noobs have different ways of understanding things, and finding solutions to problems. Some may take years, others in a few weeks or days.
  • chubbs
    Hi, i tried the above with pretty good success, - i have the same motherboard, the only issue i have is time machine does not work. the error i get is 'the backup volume could not be found'

    it sees my external usb drive and this drive works fine with TM on my other h-tosh kalyway build. the best info i could come up with is the problem is with the IOnetworkingfamily.kext.. i tried a few different ones. and no change, any ideas? almost perfect, but not quite!

    a menoob fan
  • Hi, I haven't tried TM as I only use my hackintosh as a hobby for testing new installs and updates, hence no need to backup data. However, I did try it just now and true enough I got the same error as yours. So I tried adding to my EFI string. Here's what I did:

    If you followed my tutorial, you know I used EFI strings on my graphics device (7200 GS). So what I did was to use EFIStudio and again added my Display device and this time also added the Ethernet device. Then just write the resulting Hex strings to the com.apple.Boot.plist file. Reboot and setup your Time Machine. Mine is now performing the backup! :-)
  • colonelpanic
    Good tutorial. I'd like to point out a couple of things though.

    Under "step 2" # 3.
    Simply hitting Enter didn't work for me with a purchased retail DVD. I had to type 90 and Enter to make it start.

    To be fair, I think it would be better to mention, as easy as it may look, that this is not a walk in the park and that it could become a major project for a noob. To get through step 1-4 is in fact relatively easy, unless you get already stuck by picking a Boot 132 image that doesn't even boot. The only one that worked for me and that I finally stumbled across more or less accidentally after 2 days of searching is the BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.iso. "Accidentally" because it's next to impossible to guess from the name that it has anything to do with an EFI boot CD. (The generic one didn't work on my badaxe2, neither did all the others. Why are there so many different ones in a first place?)

    BUT concerning basically everything under "step 5" :
    This is where it gets REALLY hairy for noobs and people with a non-IT background, or let's say a non-OSX background.

    My first attempt booted exactly once which was the OSX welcome where you enter your basic info etc. After that It wouldn't let me reboot ever again. Neither in safe mode nor by hacking all sorts of kexts from another working Leo install. I'm going to reformat and go for a second try. If that doesn't work I'll stick to my hacked iAtkos install on a MBR disk, something I would definitely recommend for noobs. BTW I'm into this OSX86 stuff for over 2 years....
  • "Simply hitting Enter didn't work... had to type 90..."

    Hmm, that's strange. Since you booted from the DVD drive, it should give you the same drive by default (also displays the 2-digit hex you need in parenthesis).

    I'm sorry if this tutorial didn't work for you right off the bat. If there is one perfect hackintosh installation, I wouldn't have written all these different tutorials (see "Related Posts" below article). Readers can choose to use iATKOS, Kalyway, etc. but they can still run into problems because of different hardware. For me, if anyone wants to build a hackintosh, this method (Boot-132/Retail OS X DVD) is the best so far as I explained above.
  • Sukhbir
    Thank you for your help! I will post my experience here as soon as I have one.
  • Sukhbir
    Did you try this method yourself? Does this work on a Dell XPS 1530? I mean, do you think it will work?
  • crwchf
    First off I am very new to this and have no idea how to create / modify kexts I have been able to get ipc osx86 on my system but have not found anything that fixes isues with my scrolling just folds over on itself instead of the screen scrolling. So I thought I would give the retail install a try and all i get is as soon as it reads original OSX to start install the screen flashes to white and reboots. any help would be great.
    Intel Q6700
    EVGA 680i SLI
  • Elbert
    do you have a tutorial for tiger os?

  • Yes I have. Except for those who have tried it on a PC exactly as yours, nobody can guarantee though that it will work in your machine the way I described above. The only way to find out is to try, and if it doesn't work at first, then you have to try other stuff. You can read my other hackintosh posts or you can also head to InsanelyMac.com and do some research. There's a whole bunch of info out there and sometimes it just takes patience. It took me 2 weeks to get my first hackintosh and then I have tried different methods. Some work perfectly, others have minor problems. But with this Boot-132 method, everything works perfect just like my Mac!
  • Jan
    I´ve tried to install iPC OSX86 on eepc 1000HE (http://eeemeetsmac.webs.com/1000series.htm) on an external usb 2.0 drive. Installing and booting works, but then the system freezes.
    But I dont think, that it´s because of the external drive.
  • matthews1193
    hey i read your post, what kind of motherboard do you have?
  • briant92570
    Hello menoob,

    I was wondering if you assist me a little bit with installation. I have a p4 dual core 2.25 ghz intel on an Intel mobo. 712 Ram and a Rdeon 9200 Graphics card. When I use the generic.iso bootloader it seems to work fine, then when it asks for the binary code I eject the generic.iso and put in the retail 10.5.4 OSX DVD and hit enter. Then it starts reading the disk and says ebios read error 16432736 and says pausing for 5 seconds. It goes to the white screen with the apple logo on it and just freezes there.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  • malcolm
    have you let it run . if you leave it about 10-15 minit see what happens it still could be loading
  • Sukhbir
    That is nice to know! One question, I have: It is possible to install Hackintosh to a portable USB 2.0 hard drive? I don't want to mess up my Windows installation!
  • I haven't tried that, so I'm not sure. Try searching it in the forums and maybe someone has done it.
  • hbp112358
    yes,I have it installed on a usb drive I use to boot the college computers ;)
  • Name
    thats awesome. lol. But won't you get in trouble or something?
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