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Installous 3.1.2 Released and what to do with the “Failed to download (null)” error

May 13, 2010 · View Comments

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If you haven’t installed any version of Installous on your iDevice yet, please check my previous article, “Still having problems with Installous? Install Installous v3.1!”

Installous 3.1.2 has a built-in feature that allows you to sync apps you’ve installed on your iPhone via Installous to iTunes. If you have AppSync installed before, you don’t need to remove it. However, the built-in sync feature isn’t perfect yet and you need to try adjusting the settings to see what works for your iDevice.

In some iDevices, particularly on older iPhones, iTunes Sync works by turning the Native Installation off.

Failed to download (null) Error

Okay, so I finally experienced the “Failed to download (null)” error after upgrading to Installous 3.1.2.

This error message pops up when the iPhone connection failed to receive the requested data, so it has something to do with your connection to the repository you’re connecting to. Also make sure you have installed an official app from the AppStore and have synced it to your iTunes library before using Installous.

What I do is just to keep on downloading the app until it works. I managed to download one app after four tries! If there are multiple download repos, try the others.

Btw, I find it faster downloading the apps from AppTrackr and copying the .ipa files to iTunes before syncing to my iPhone. Use this method if you can’t download directly to your iPhone.

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  • Niels_DR
    thx for the post. i unistalled my Installous, dl'ed an official app from the AppStore, synced that app to my itunes and installed Installous again from Cydia, but the app i was trying to dl (and failed) with Installous before, still was failing to download. after that i tried the link u posted to AppTrackr and i tried dling the app from there with my laptop and that worked, so thx! :D
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