Center for Technology in Learning

CTL's mission is to improve learning and teaching through innovation and inquiry. CTL research and development activities contribute to the knowledge base on effective learning and teaching, and embody research insights in the innovative design, use, and assessment of interactive learning environments.

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Preschool Use of Educational Video and Games Prepares Low-Income Children for Kindergarten

SRI Studying the Effectiveness of Online Learning for K-12 Students

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About CTL

Much of our work is conducted in educational settings such as classrooms, after-school programs, and teacher education programs. In our development, research, and evaluation work, we:

In addition, our Strategic Learning Consulting practice enables educational technology firms to improve their products by harvesting research insights, strengthening educational designs, and framing evaluations for impact.

CTL has a unique mix of staff talent in the areas of assessment, evaluation, math and science education, learning environments, and technology development that combines to form multidisciplinary teams to advance the effective use of technology to improve teaching and learning.