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Kosovo: Need to support minority communities to prevent further displacement and allow durable solutions

Construction of buildings for Serb IDPs returning from Serbia and within Kosovo to the new decentralised municipality of Gracanica. (Photo: Barbara McCallin/IDMC, May 2009)
  • Country Statistics
  • Latest IDP figure:
  • 19,700 (in Kosovo)
    225,200 (in Serbia)
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  • Number of refugees:
  • (Originating from the country)
    185,432 (Serbia incl. Kosovo)
  • Total Population:
  • 2,1 million
Note: In February 2008 Kosovo declared independence from Serbia. The UN General Assembly subsequently voted to refer the independence declaration to the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion. As of December 2009, 64 countries had recognised Kosovo. For the purpose of this overview, references to the situation in “Serbia” since 2008 do not include Kosovo.

Kosovo’s declaration of independence in 2008 created new uncertainty for 230,000 IDPs from Kosovo residing in Serbia and the 19,700 displaced within Kosovo; this overview focuses on the latter group. Despite initial fears of the contrary, there have been no major incidents targeting minority communities and no further displacement since 2008. Serbia has not recognised the independence of Kosovo, continuing to regard it as a UN-governed entity within its sovereign territory. (...)

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22 January 2010

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Internal Displacement Profile

"Causes and Background","Background","Causes of displacement","The ethnic minorities in Kosovo"
"Population Figures and Profile","Overview","Population Figures and Profile"
"Patterns of Displacement","Current displacement processes","Multiple displacement","Other factors"
"Physical Security & Freedom of Movement","Physical Security & Freedom of Movement "
"Subsistence Needs","Subsistence Needs "
"Access to Education","Access to Education"
"Issues of Self-Reliance and Public Participation","Issues of Self-Reliance and Public Participation"
"Documentation Needs and Citizenship","Documentation Needs and Citizenship"
"Issues of Family Unity, Identity and Culture","General"
"Property Issues","Property Issues"
"Patterns of Return and Resettlement","Return Movements","Return prospects","Return policy"
"National and International Responses","Overview"

Already applying new approach to problems in Kosovo and Metohija, Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija, 29 November 2009
Kosovars vote first time since independence declaration, Agence France-Presse (AFP), 15 November 2009
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