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Stevenage chairman Phil Wallace has announced that the club will start its new life in the Football League as Stevenage Football Club, dropping the word ‘Borough’ from its name from 1st June. He also said that the club had officially adopted the nickname of ‘The Boro’ after discussions with the Supporters Association.
“The club was originally founded in 1894 as Stevenage Football Club and it seems fitting that we should start our new life in the Football League with the original name that started a football club in Stevenage so long ago,” Wallace said. “I wonder if those ‘gentlemen’ that the records show first formed the club in the 19th century could have possibly envisaged that. Strangely enough, when the present club was reformed in 1976 it was as Stevenage Football Club and it was six months later that the word Borough was added to reflect the support given to the club by the local council at the time.
“Looking to the future, the directors do not believe the connotation of the word Borough in the name should be carried into the Football League. It’s served us well as a non-league club in the climb up the non-league pyramid and we shall always be ‘The Boro’ in recognition of our roots, but now it’s time to look to the future.

“The club has to change, the stadium has to change and we have to do things better in every department so that we can prosper in the League, not just try to survive.
“Getting out of the Blue Square Premier and into the Football League is the hardest step of all, now we have to make sure we kick on from here. Dropping the word Borough and rebranding, by taking the name of the town, just as Barnet, Watford, Fulham, Chelsea and many others have is the right thing for the future. The alternatives of ‘Town’, ‘Athletic’ and ‘United’ all have their problems so, bearing in mind our roots, simply being Stevenage Football Club that started it all off just seems right.
“Recently our Supporters Association asked fans to suggest a nickname for the club. That doesn’t need thinking about really - the obvious choice is ‘The Boro’. It has a place in our history so let’s use it in our songs, our match programme and our conversations, just as we’ve done for the last 34 years.”
The change of name has been approved by the FA and the Football League.  Stevenage Football Club will take its place in the Football League at the AGM in early June 2010.
Come on The Boro!
Posted by: msvenables
Posted on: 17/05/2010
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