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Why do we need this airport development?

The airport plays an integral role in our regions tourism and economic development. We recognise that to deliver growth and leading standards of service, our existing airport facilities need a major upgrade. In 2007 the airport achieved 5.9 million passengers. Our forecasts show that passenger movements will be over 8 million by 2014. We are focused on providing a future proofed facility that delivers that best services to travellers and airlines while keeping the cost of travel low.

What happens now?

Christchurch Airport's new terminal development has now commenced, and will be largely complete before the 2011 Rugby World Cup.  

CIAL has appointed construction company Hawkins Construction Ltd as the main building contractor.  Hawkins will commence on site in late June, and will bring substantial airport experience to the project.  Hawkins is currently also constructing the Airways Air Traffic Control tower.

The proposed timeline is as follows:

Late June 2009

  • Hawkins commence construction of terminal

January 2011

  • New check-in hall opens

June 2012

  • Opening of new terminal
  • Some airside works will contiinue on the apron

When does work start and when will the project be finished?

Work on the project commenced with the multi storey car park which was commissioned in late 2006, and the construction will continue in stages.   

The current timeline has the check in hall component of the project being completed in January 2011, with the majority of the rest of the project completed in mid 2012.  There will still be works towards the end of 2012, the majority of which are the demolition of the existing pier and apron works.

Why did you choose the architects you did?

Sydney based Hassell are the most experienced airport terminal architects in Australasia. This experience will be well complemented by eminent local architects Warren & Mahoney who have designed a number of civil buildings.

Exactly how will the development "set new standards for efficient hub airports in New Zealand and advance the South Island's position in tourism and air travel"?

  • An integrated terminal which combines international and domestic areas such as the check-in areas, food and beverage and retails areas as well as a combined baggage reclaim area.
  • Convenient walking distances.
  • Proximity of carpark building to the terminal with covered connection.
  • Use of swing gates to allow airlines to service both international and domestic passengers without the aircraft having to change gate.
  • Easy transfers for transit passengers.
  • Simplified leisure traveller facilities, ie arrivals hall has food and beverage and other convenience facilities, rental vehicles etc, all in one location.
  • Fully automated baggage handling system and improved bag reclaim facilities.

How many more carparks?

Multi-level Carpark Building

The carpark now offers greater options for the travelling public since the opening of the multi-storey car park building – providing undercover parking and improving the airport experience.  This facility provides 520 new premium carparks in addition to 1,300 uncovered carparks already available.

How much more choice of retail and food and beverage?

The development will provide greater choice of facilities for users of the terminal. There will be a large landside retail and food and beverage precinct to cater for domestic and international passengers, friends and family, and visitors. We’ll also have a combined domestic passenger pre- departure lounge, which will offer a variety of specialty retail offers.  

We will be commencing the tender process during 2009. Once this is completed we will have more information on the type of retail and food and beverage.

Will there be a viewing deck?

Unfortunately there will not be an exterior observation deck in the new terminal building.  It is certainly a feature that has been enjoyed by many people of the years and it is sad to be seeing it go.

You will have noticed that security has gradually increased in Airports, over New Zealand and the world and one of the things that impacts on is exterior public viewing decks.  The fact that the decks are open and could provide direct access to aircraft on the ground by any mischief maker means that they are no longer promoted.

We will keep our existing viewing deck open as long as possible, it won't close until the old terminal is taken down for construction of the new terminal or if changes to security dictate. 

Who is paying for the development?

CIAL is the developer/owner.

How is the development being financed?

CIAL has built up a strong balance sheet and the development will be financed from debt markets.

Will this development affect future dividends?

This development involves significant capital expenditure. It may affect dividends over the short-medium term until the development is completed and we return to strong cash flows. The development itself will enable profitability to grow with improved service and retail offering.

With the changes globally regarding terrorism, what improvements will be made in terms of security?

In planning for the new integrated terminal, we have allowed for best practice in security procedures, including hold baggage screening for domestic flights and the screening of all passengers on domestic flights.  We have protected some space in the plans to allow for any future requirements to screen domestic passengers, and in accordance with international ICAO guidelines there will not be a terminal frontage road.

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