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If you haven’t installed any version of Installous on your iDevice yet, please check my previous article, “Still having problems with Installous? Install Installous v3.1!”
Installous 3.1.2 has a built-in feature that allows you to sync apps you’ve installed on your iPhone via Installous to iTunes. If you have AppSync installed before, you don’t need to [...]


After upgrading my MacBook Pro to Mac OS X Snow Leopard, I immediately noticed many of my applications keep crashing a few minutes after using them. Some of these apps are Adobe Photoshop CS4, Firefox, SnapNDrag and even Apple’s own Mail and Disk Utility. I haven’t tested all my apps yet but there could be [...]


After upgrading to Snow Leopard, the system may ask you for the location of System You can’t find this file using the Spotlight.
Here is where it is located:

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