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Comments (2) Readers' Poll Winners - 2010

Bars and Clubs Best Dance Club
DNA Lounge

Best New Club
222 Hyde

Best DJ

Best Jazz Club
Yoshi's SF

Best Club Theme Night
Bootie SF

Best Bar

Best Bartender
Barclay Spring at 222 Hyde

Best Brewery

Best Cocktail Bar
Bourbon & Branch

Best Wine Bar

Best Sports Bar
Kezar Pub

Best Pickup Bar
The Cafe

Best Dyke Bar
The Lexington

Best Gay Bar
Tie: The Café and Truck

Best Karaoke Bar
The Mint

Best Hipster Bar

Best Irish Bar
The Irish Bank

Best Smoking Bar

Best Margarita
Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant

Best Well Drinks
Cafe Flore

Best Happy Hour

Best Juke Box
Lucky 13

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