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Anti Valentine e cards

If you hate Valentines day e cards for their cheerful, smary optimism about the holiday that leaves all singles cold, then Doozy's Anti Valentine's day ecards are for you! Have a laugh with other single friends and family members at the expense of those "Painted blind" by love.

All in good fun, feel free to take out your aggressions about the saccharine sweetness of the holiday meant to drive the staunchly single to distraction. Doozycards has animated greetings that send up couples, poke fun at the state of those of us who remain encumbered by long term relations, and chuckle at the saccharine sentiments of most Valentine cards out there. Have a peek at the Cupid who wrecks the floral greeting, the single sour puss, or Miss Jane Butternuts's Holiday of Horror as she is surrounded on a park bench by smooching paramours. If you know any one who gets blue on this pink and red day, send them an Anti V-day card and watch them light up. They will truly appreciate their current state being appreciated by their friend.