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The Guggenheim Grotto album release + free download

The Universe Is Laughing is available now from their website.

Pristine Dublin pop duo The Guggenheim Grotto have announced details of their new album, The Universe Is Laughing, which can be ordered now from

As an appetite whetter, they’re making the title-track available as a free download.

The boys are about to kick off a gargantuan US tour, which goes right through until July 30 and includes residencies in both New York and Philadelphia.

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NEWS: 05 May 2009
The indie folk act play a set of live shows here over the coming week before embarking on a US tour at the end of May.

REVIEW: 09 Sep 2008
Combining pop, folk, haunting harmonies and emotionally intelligent lyrics, their lovingly crafted sound is both completely contemporary and yet somehow...

NEWS: 13 Aug 2008
Dublin band The Guggenheim Grotto have announced the September 5 release of new album Happy The Man .

NEWS: 08 Jan 2008
Dublin group Guggenheim Grotto feature on a new Starbucks CD sampler in the US.

NEWS: 07 Mar 2006
The world's most famous music showcase just keeps getting better, so we're sending our best men (and women) to fly the Irish flag.

NEWS: 12 Jan 2006
Bang Bangs and Bewley's Theatre have announced that Guggenheim Grotto are to take to the stage at Bewley's Theatre Grafton St.

NEWS: 15 Nov 2005
It's coming up to the time where the spirit of goodwill is in the air and accordingly, a benefit gig for the Dublin Simon Community is taking place with The...

INTERVIEW: 26 Oct 2005
They've hardly played any gigs and have only a handful of releasees to their name. Thanks in part, to the blessing of Damien Rice, however The Guggenheim...

REVIEW: 10 Oct 2005
In the great game of musical Monopoly, The Guggenheim Grotto have landed on the space “do not pass 1969”.

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