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This page is no longer updated, it represents the status on 31st March 2008
Current and Past AHDS Projects

Current and past projects involving the AHDS and its Centres

Current Projects

Evaluation of a Digital Transcription of English Parochial Registers

East London Theatre Archive
Creating an invaluable database, helping to address the lack of digital resources available in the performing arts sector East London Theatre Archive project

Support Project for the Common Repository Interfaces Working Group (CRIG) WoCRIG project

Sherpa DP2
Extending the collaborative, shared preservation environment developed by the Sherpa DP project

Investigating Metadata Generation Tools

Service-Oriented Architecture for Preservation and Ingest of digital objects

Understanding the concept of 'significant properties' in relation to preserving digital objects

Metadata Generation for Resource Discovery
Creation and maintenance of high quality resource discovery metadata

Development of a Supplier Training Scheme
Developing a course and set of training materials for potential digitisers of cultural heritage in the north east

Shibboleth Early Adopter Programme
The project is concerned with the implementation of a Shibboleth-based registration system

Submarines in Classical Art
The project is concerned with the use, within the visual arts, of advanced imaging ICT developed in certain medical and military arenas

Sherpa DP
Creating a collaborative, shared preservation environment for the SHERPA project

DAAT: Digital Asset Assessment Tool
Devloping a digital preservation assessment tool

OASIS: Online AccesS to the Index of archaeological investigationS, (link to ADS site)
Providing an online index to archaeological grey literature

Big Data: Preservation and Management Strategies for Exceptionally Large Data Formats (link to ADS site)
Investigating issues in managing large data files in archaeology

Making the LEAP: linking electronic archives and publications (link to ADS site)
Investigating ways that electronic publication can provide broader access to research findings

Past Projects - Completed 2007
Online Historical Population Reports Project
A complete collection of British Historical Population Reports

Past Projects - Completed 2006
Stormont Papers
Digitising Northern Irish Parliamentary Papers, from 1921 to 1972

'Digital Images Archiving Study' and 'Moving Pictures and Sound Archiving Study'
How moving images and sound, and digital images are being preserved

E-science scoping study
Reviewing current uses of e-science in the arts and humanities

AHDS Projects and Method Database (extension)
Creating online resource of humanities computing projects and methods

Past Projects - Completed 2005

The Digital Picture (external link)
Survey of the effect of digital images in arts education

JISC Repositories Review
A broad review of the state of digital repositories

Sherpa / E-Prints
A feasibility study on the preservation of e-prints.

JISC Collection Exemplars
How digital resource collections might be embedded in teaching or research.

ARENA: Archaeological Records of Europe Network Access Project
Making selected European archaeological archives available online

The National Fine Art Education Digital Collection (external link)
Digitising work from UK art schools

Online tools and teaching and learning collections for images

Past Projects - Completed 2004

AHDS Subject Extension Feasibility Study
AHDS extentsion into Classics, Ancient History, Religious Studies, Theology, Philosophy and Law

NOF Technical Advisory Service (external link)
Advice service for 152 digitisation projects funded under the New Opportunities Fund.

An Investigation into Free E-Books
Investigation into the possible uses, users, and usability of free e-books

QA Focus (external link)
Briefing papers in Quality Assessment for JISC's Information Environment programme.

AHDS Projects and Method Database (prototype)
Prototype database listing methodooogies used by digitisation projects

Past Projects - Completed 2003

POSSE: Preserve Our Student Shows for Eternity
Preserving art school student degree shows.

Developing the CHCC
Developing the Collection of Historical and Contemporary Census Data into a major learning and teaching resource.

Reformatting the Parish Register Aggregate Analyses, 1662-1811; 404 Data
Improving the quality of parts the Population History of England and Wales, 1538-1838 dataset.

PATOIS: Publications and Archives in Teaching: Online Information Sources
Online teaching and learning materials for archaeology.

Making IT happen: Proving the Common Information Environment (external link)
Developing a geospatial demonstrator for the JISC Common Information Environment group

FAIR / Hybrid Archives
Sharing delivering and preservation of resources amongst different institutions

PIXUS: The Image Portal
Delivering image collections from different sources

Development of gazetteer to support on-line geographic searching and assist in the geographic indexing of information resources.

Allowing for the discovery of geographic data and related resources


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