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We are the international online trade platform providing world class standards of China wholesale product sourcing, payment, tracking and delivery services to over 20000 small businesses worldwide every week.

Our comprehensive product range, provided by our extensive China wholesale network of more than 400,000 manufacturers and wholesalers offer a unique and advantageous opportunity to our buyer community of over 230 countries who depend on us to manage their growing international product sourcing program and tap into new markets backed by our escrow buyer protection, English speaking customer care team and our understanding of today's wholesale business needs.

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  • My competitors search for a fast, secure and reliable e-commerce platform that understands the needs of small online retailers and offline resellers.

  • My competitors visit dozens of exhibitions, tradeshows and suppliers to gain insight into current products, news, support and B2B service.

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  • Online retailers can use DHgate dropshipping to deliver items directly to customers improving efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

  • DHgate companies lower costs, increase profits and build long lasting relationship with their suppliers when using DHgate Business Services.

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