Apokalypse Software Acquires Temporis, XTabulator; Extends Plugin-based Lineup


Bartas Technologies LLC and Apokalypse Software Corp. announced today the sale of two products from Bartas’ line, Temporis and XTabulator, to Apokalypse Software for undisclosed terms. The timeline compositor Temporis offers point-and-click simplicity for crafting date-based and sequential data into sophisticated graphs for use in presentations, publishing for print or web, reports, etc. XTabulator provides a no-nonesense workflow for dealing with one of the most pervasive formats for sharing info today, tabulated data in the form of CSV and tabbed fields (TSV).

“These two gems each provide a lot of power for their particular niches, yet focus on that niche so well and are so easy to understand that they’ll provide immediate results for any workflow they’re part of,” said Alfonso Guerra, president and founder of Apokalypse. “They’re a perfect complement to the Blocks plug-in architecture at the heart of our products, so the SOHO users we cater to will be able to integrate the tools or develop the workflow necessary to manage their workloads and get better results from their time.”

Alfonso said the two apps had just completed porting to the Blocks framework before the announcement was made, and that plug-in support is the primary new feature of their release by Apokalypse. “It was very straightforward to make the apps function under the framework. A combination of the original Blocks implementation by Jesse Grosjean, Blocks’ originator, judicious design by Bartas Technologies, and the Cocoa framework and development toolset by Apple made it possible in under a week.”

“I have a great deal of respect for Alfonso’s work and have no doubt that his plans for these products will result in even greater value for their users,” said Joshua Nozzi, president and founder of Bartas Technologies. Josh added, “Most importantly, I am completely at ease with Apokalypse Software’s ability to care for our mutual customers. Although it’s always hard to let go of a labor of love, I believe Temporis and XTabulator are going to a great new home.”

With price tags of $24.95 and $9.95 respectively, Temporis and XTabulator’s newfound expression as plug-in based apps offers a great deal of potential for those looking to tailor their Mac experience to the greatest functionality at the lowest cost, and is part of Apokalypse’s master plan for its products. “By basing our entire product line on Blocks, our partners are assured of the leanest workflow for their processes without the bloat of unnecessary functionality and content often associated with other products. Pay for what you need without digging deeper into your pockets for useless bells and whistles or bigger hardware just to get your job done.”

If these newly-acquired apps are supposed to be lean-and-mean, will any new work be done on them? “Absolutely, there’s still work to be done to get them meeting my goals. The next release will provide AppleScript support. Then they can be integrated with Mori, my digital notebook & outliner; Clockwork, the personal timer; and TrackTimer, the time accounting app, along with other components as the Mori Pro package I promised last fall. After that, they’ll still be available individually and have improved integration with Leopard and future MOX releases.”

About Bartas Technologies, LLC.

Bartas Technologies, LLC was founded in 2003 by Joshua Nozzi, an award-winning software developer and usability analyst. Bartas provides desktop productivity applications and utilities for the Mac. In addition to the conception and launch of Temporis and XTabulator, Bartas Technologies’ portfolio includes CopyWrite, Transcriva, Ziplight. Bartas Technologies is privately owned.

About Apokalypse Software, Inc.

Apokalypse Software Corp. was founded in 2001 by Alfonso Guerra, who has over thirty years of experience in the computer industry, and has developed software for such companies as IBM, Apple and HP. Apokalypse serves the SOHO market with its point-of-sales application Simply Elegant Sales; and its productivity applications Mori, a digital notebook package; and Clockwork, a personal alarm application. Apokalypsee is a privately held concern.

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