Elmer101 Discussion of the SW40+ CW Transceiver

The Small Wonder Labs SW40+ radio is a simple kit designed and distributed by Dave Benson. The Elmer101 project uses this kit as a learning tool so that you can discover how radio receiving and transmitting circuits work. As you build the radio, and study the Elmer101 material, we hope that you can extend your electronic knowledge.
    Included with each kit is a 20-page construction manual. Although it does describe circuit function in a general way, its purpose is mostly to help you identify the parts, show how and where they mount to the printed circuit board. Alignment of the finished radio and troubleshooting ideas are also covered.
    This Elmer101 material delves more deeply into circuit function. Get a PDF schematic here, to accompany the circuit descriptions (below). Mike Maiorana is the keeper of the Elmer101 faq.
    The series of pages below describes circuit function, shows some oscilloscope waveforms and also some PSPICE simulations of various "blocks" of the SW40+ radio.
    You can e-mail me any questions you  have on the material below to: leinwebe@mcmaster.ca    Please include [ELMER101] in the subject line. OTHER STUFF: TEST & MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT DESIGNING CIRCUITS