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Buy Piranhas, Discus Fish, Rare Plecostomus Catfish, and Freshwater Stingrays living in Amazon River Aquariums.

Amazon River Aquariums with tropical fish, including Piranhas, Discus Fish, and Freshwater Stingrays for sale at


Amazon River Aquariums with tropical fish, including Piranhas, Discus Fish, and Freshwater Stingrays.   Amazon River Aquariums with tropical fish, including Piranhas, Discus Fish, and Freshwater Stingrays.


This video shows a group of Cardinal Tetras living in an aquarium decorated with live plants. Cardinal Tetras are natives of the Amazon River Rain Forest.

Buy Discus fish for sale from breeder. Discus are tropical fish that live best in an Amazon River Aquarium. To see the Discus Video click on this image.

Seachem Aquarium Products for a Variety of Aquatic Environments. Click on this image to learn more.

If you can't see the video, shown just above, try clicking here.
Amazon River Aquariums
Fish and other aquatic life from the Amazon River offer an opportunity to create some of the most unique and beautiful aquariums that hobbyists can enjoy. Below you can see an Amazon River Aquarium that is home to a group of Discus Fish.
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Why the Amazon River?
The Amazon has been described as is the “greatest river in the world”. Rich in history and surrounded by a wealth of mystery. Scientists, even today, have discovered only a small percentage of the millions of species of plants and animals that live in the rain forests in the Amazon River basin.
Located in South America right at the equator, the Amazon River drains the entire northern half of the South American continent. All the tropical rains that deluge the great rainforests of “Amazonia” are carried to the ocean through the thousands of tributaries which feed the Amazon.
More water flows into the ocean from the Amazon River than the combined output of the Mississippi, the Nile, and the Yangtze rivers. Of all the river waters flowing into the world’s oceans, one fifth of that water comes from the Amazon.
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Aqua Scape Online sells Piranhas. Click on this ad to buy Piranhas now.
An Amazing Discovery
Seven years after the Spanish Explorer, Vincente Pinzon, had sailed with Christopher Columbus, Pinzon put together his own expedition to explore the east coast of South America. His ship was 200 miles off the coast, when a strange phenomenon occurred.
In what seemed to be “the middle of the ocean”, the sailors dropped a bucket overboard and were greatly surprised that they were floating in fresh water. They were 200 miles from the Gulf of the Amazon and could see no land. They turned west and sailed toward the coast of South America to discover the huge mouth of the Amazon River.
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Amazon River Rocks
The Amazon River drains a massive area of land – 40% of the South American continent. Over eons of time, massive quantities of silt particles built up around the River basin. The shale and clay that line the river are generally shades of gray or brown and become textured as a result of the cutting action of the river’s currents.
These single colored rock structures provide a dramatic contrast to the spectacularly colored fish which occur in the Amazon. Aquarium backgrounds which recreate the actual rock structures seen in the Amazon River have become popular with many Amazon Aquarium owners.
These backgrounds recreate with great accuracy the natural environments in which the fish live. It is essential to obtain aquarium ornaments and decorations specifically made of materials that will never dissolve or affect the purity of the aquarium water. 
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Aqua Scape Online sell Stingrays. Click on this ad to buy a Stingray now.
Discus Fish
Rainbows of the Rainforest

Because of their unique shape, temperament, and wide variety of beautiful colors, Discus Fish are considered to be the most desirable aquarium fish by many aquarists. Click here to buy discus now.

Discus will often grow to be over 5" in diameter in an aquarium. Some scientists believe all Discus are the same species, other scientists believe there are three species, and still other scientists believe there may be many species and subspecies.


  Here is a beautiful wild Discus that was swimming in the Amazon Rainforest a few days before this video was taken.
Discus naturally live in water at a temperature of about 78 to 84 degrees F. with a pH of about 4.2 to 6 containing very little dissolved salt and minerals. Sometimes the pH is higher, but Discus prefer the warm rainwater of the rainforest.
African Cichlids - Keeping and Breeding them.
Click here to buy books with more information about keeping and breeding Discus.

Discus eat small worms, crustaceans, insects, and some bits of plant matter. In aquariums it is best to feed them frozen or live brine shrimp, some frozen or live blood worms, and live Black Worms. Sometimes Discus will eat floating flake food, which is very beneficial. 

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Unique Amazon River Water
Because of the massive amounts of rainwater that flow through the Amazon, the water contains very few minerals. The tap water coming from the faucets in most aquarists homes contains too many dissolved minerals for the fish that naturally live in Amazon River water. 
Many fish from the Amazon River basin do better and are much more likely to breed in aquariums with water that is a mixture of tap water and water that has passed through a Reverse Osmosis (R/O) filter. Why an R/O filter? Because an R/O filter is the most economical way to remove almost all of the minerals from tap water. 
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Aquatic Plants
Of the Amazon River Basin

The Amazon River Basin is also the home to many fabulous aquatic plants that will greatly enhance any aquarium, and these plants are uniquely suited to the special water and special fish in an Amazon River Aquarium.

Many aquarists with Amazon River Aquariums add CO2 to accelerate the growth of the plants in their aquariums. Click here for more information about CO2 Systems for aquariums.

A beautiful male Serpae Tetra
Shown above, a beautiful young male Serpae Tetra, who was raised on a fish farm and whose ancestors lived in the Amazon Basin. Click here to buy Serpae Tetras for your aquarium.
More Fishes of the Amazon Basin
Click here for information about Piranhas. Click here for more about Angelfish. Click here for Sucker Mouth Catfish, and here for Corydoras Catfish. Click here for Small Tetras, and here for Bigger Tetras. Click here for more about Freshwater Stingrays. Click here to buy Wild Fish from South America.
Cardinal Tetras form a huge school in a large aquarium at   This picture
shows a large school of Cardinal Tetras in excellent condition. I carefully took this picture looking up toward the surface of the water that was beautifully covered with patches of duck weed.
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5 highly recommended products for aquariums with tropical fish.
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