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Juggling Family Life: A Step-By-Step Guide to Stress-Free Parenting

Doesn’t it seem like parenting today is harder than it’s ever been? All you have to do is look on the television programs and movies to see the message that parenting is stressful, chaotic, and to hear, “Things are so different now than when I was a kid!”
But finally, there’s one clear voice in the sea of parenting experts that’s making sense. Finally, someone is saying, “It doesn’t have to be that way. And I’m here to show you how to make it different.”

You need answers. You need simplicity. And now it’s here.

Juggling Family Life: AStep-By-Step Guide to Stress-Free Parenting,by Erin A.Kurt, B.Ed., the creator of ErinParenting, is the perfect solution for parents who want healthy, happy children and a peaceful, stress-free home life.

You’ll love the specific tools in Juggling Family Life, because this system really isn’t a theory, it’s tried and true, basic strategies that you really are going to love, things that are going to be so easy for you to implement.

Erin’s “Life Circle” technique gives mothers a specific way to reduce overwhelm and get more “you time” so you can get back to things you enjoy, without feeling guilty. This technique will also help you reduce your stress and put a little spice back into your marriage.

Erin’s four-step discipline technique will help you set healthy limits and boundaries for your children, and allow them to practice making choices about their own behavior and experience the consequences of their choices, so they acquire a sense of self-discipline. You’ll learn how to create routines and structures so you’ll never feel guilty about saying “no.”

Erin’s chapter on Family Time is all about creating close emotional bonds with your child, which is truly one of the best ways you can help your children become generous, contributing family members and successful, happy adults.

Juggling Family Life: A Step-By-Step Guide to Stress-Free Parenting provides the one thing all parents want: easy and simplicity, and most importantly, a parenting system that works. In a sea of overly-complicated, hard-to-implement solutions, Juggling Family Life and the Erin Parenting method itself is the most simple, loving method to creating a loving, harmonious, and balanced family life.