Year in Review

Here for the fourth (and last) time, I present Bluegrass Mama’s Year in Review, featuring the first sentence from the first post of each month.  I even provide a link, so you can re-read the post in its entirety, and relive the joy you felt the first time you shared that exciting occasion with me.

Or whatever.

January:  Once again, I try my hand at prophesy.

February: After a week of disruption from the ice/snowstorm, I have to admit that it was nice to get back into a routine today.

March:  I was 9.

April:  I’m obviously not blogging enough, because my blog has apparently been down for several days and I wasn’t even aware of it till a friend pointed it out to me. (Ed. note: the first post from April was actually written by my brother as administrator of BGM, but I pulled rank on him and used MY first post.)

May:  The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow.

June:  Two part-time jobs

July:  Your coffee will be ready a whole lot sooner if you plug in the pot when you turn it on.  (Ed. note: you can save yourself a click; that was the entire post.)

August:  I am now a mother-in-law.

September:  I couldn’t help it.

October:  Every once in awhile, I have a great idea for a post.

November:  (No posts)

December:  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I think my blogging career is about over.

Given that four of these posts are about the fact that I wasn’t blogging much, I think I’ve made the right decision.  However, I reserve the right to start blogging again if the mood strikes.  At least if it strikes before the domain name rights run out.

Meanwhile,  happy New Year to both of all my readers!


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I think my blogging career is about over. I had planned to go out with my traditional “Year in Review” post where I show the first sentence from the first post of each month.

But somehow I missed posting in November, so the review would seem somehow incomplete.

Then again, it might be that much more appropriate.

Caving In

I swore I wouldn’t turn on the heat yet. After all, when the sun comes out and pours in through the back of the house in the morning, we warm right up! However, today is not as sunny as they promised, and my fingers were getting numb, so the heat is now on. Why do I feel as I’m seeing dollar signs flying out of the air vents?

It’s Nice to Be Missed

Every once in awhile, I have a great idea for a post.  And then I forget about it and move on with other things.

So you haven’t heard any details about HS’s wedding. It was lovely.  LDIL’s grandfather, who is in failing health, was able to perform the ceremony.  The torrential rains held off until just AFTER the (outdoor) reception.  BD did not trip on the stairs of the church in her oh-so-high heels.  And HS did a lovely job of escorting his mother down the aisle before the ceremony.  I managed to only cry once.  That was when LDIL came down the aisel on her father’s arm.  I assume everyone realized they were tears of joy and not despair!

You haven’t heard about BD starting high school.  She started out great guns and is now into her typical “gee, school’s been in session awhile now, so why should I bother to turn in all these homework assignments?” mentality.  Loss of texts for C grades may have an impact on that.  Let us hope so, anyway.

You haven’t heard about our latest church consignment sale, which went very well, thank you.  Sellers, buyers, and recipients of both the money raised and the extra items donated thank you as well.

You haven’t heard about the cats, who have more or less been behaving themselves lately.  Except for the occasionall nibble on the fingers (Bootsies) and the occasional hairball (culprit unknown, as they never do it with a witness in the room).

But a final shout out to Ranger, who checked in to make sure I am okay.  I am.  Just very busy!

It remains to be seen if this will be a rebirth of my blogging or the death knell.  Life keeps getting in the way, but it’s nice to know I’m missed!

Wordless Wednesday: Comfy yet?

September 2009 021

Site Upgraded

This is your friendly neighborhood system administrator letting you know that the site has been upgraded to Wordpress 2.8.4 per this advisory.

Please let the Bluegrass Mama know if you experience any issues with the blog.

Name Calling

I couldn’t help it. Even with BD in the car, I called another driver a bad name.

As her soda can went flying by my windshield, I just had to shout out, “Pig!”

Good News, Bad News

Good news: I was on the treadmill getting a good workout in at 8 AM this morning.

Bad news: I completely forgot my 8 AM chiropractor appointment.

Good news: I found the file that my boss spent a good part of the weekend searching for.

Bad news: It was at my house and I had assured him (twice) that I couldn’t possibly have it.

Good news: tomorrow will not be Monday.

Bad news: today is.

Thanks, But No Thanks

Our next door neighbor (or more likely his Realtor, as the house has been for sale for months) finally hired someone to remove the large tree limb that’s been on his roof since Hurricane Ike came through last September. The crew saw Mr B working outside and came by to see if he had a ladder they could borrow.

You’ve got it–a tree crew without a ladder. They left a business card with Mr. B.

It’s in the recycling bin as I write.

Cross Training

I was appalled recently to realize that Mr. B still doesn’t know how to use the new washer we got back in January.

Then again, I still don’t know how to use the riding mower we got back in 2001.