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Annual wardmotes

What are Annual Wardmotes?

City wide elections of Common Councilmen take place every four years, with the next ones being held in March 2013.

Annual Wardmotes, that is to say, annual ward meetings, take place on an annual basis, outside election years, to allow constituents to meet their elected representatives. The main purpose of the meeting is an opportunity to raise any concerns and ask questions of the Alderman and the Common Councilmen.

There are, in addition, a couple of brief formal items to attend to which are concerned with appointing Ward officers and an element of City tradition to observe in the way that the meeting is ceremonially opened and closed.

March 2010

The latest Annual Wardmotes were held in the second week of March 2010. 

You can view details of the proceedings below. 

Annual wardmote minutes (1.7mb)

When are the next Annual Wardmotes?

The exact dates and times will be finalised by the end of 2010, but most Wards will hold them on Friday 11 March 2011.

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