Titan Tech Tip for Tuesday, February 23, 2010

techtiplogoAre you a Facebook addict, attention deficient, or simply can’t pay attention to ANYTHING?!?! Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is your lucky day, because I have a solution to your endless procrastination. No, it doesn’t cost 3 easy payments of $14.95 and you won’t get a second one free if you call within the next thirty seconds, either. What is it, then? It’s called CinemaDrape, and it’s free. What it does, basically, is allows you to black out everything on your computer screen so you can concentrate on what it is you need to do. There’s a few other programs out there which allow you to accomplish a similar task, such as Ghoster, Dropcloth, and for Mac users, Isolator. I know, it’s a lot of information at once, but I have a solution for that too: Visit tech.maxkelley.com in order to get download links for all of these programs.

Also, not mentioned in my on-the-air tech tip are the following:

[Q10 screenshot]Q10: is a free word processor which is very minimalistic, simply text-only, no formatting, meant for those who just need to concentrate, not worry about the pretty stuff, and get a story out. This program was designed by a writer for use by writers. It has a¬†built-in spell checker, and other stuff… Check it out! (a screenshot of it is on your right)

CreaWriter: is a very cool, relaxing sort of word processor. It allows you to have rain noise, raindrops, or other pretty, relaxing stuff in a full-screen writing environment, again, removing distractions. Try it out!

OmmWriter: is for you artsy Mac users, who also feel the need to relax (get it, Ommmmmm!) and write. Get your creative juices flowing, download OmmWriter!

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