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LED Streetlight Installation

LED3Scottsdale will be the first city in the valley to install energy-efficient LED streetlight fixtures on a wide scale.  Approximately 25 percent of the city’s streetlights will be converted to LED beginning in late April/early May.  The majority of the installations will be in neighborhoods and at major intersections with traffic signals.  (Jump to locations)

LED technology has been available to consumers for several years but has just recently become available for use in street lights.  LED technology uses significantly less energy than conventional lighting, is expected to reduce the city’s energy costs and last up to 15 years or longer without any needed maintenance.

Since 1997, Scottsdale has used LED technology in its red, yellow and green traffic signals and has substantially reduced energy, maintenance and repair costs.

Funding was recently made available through an ARRA grant for “green” or energy- efficient projects and is expected to take approximately six months to complete.  Stipulations in the grant state the old street lights cannot be reused and must be disposed of in accordance with EPA procedures.  LEDCU

The new streetlights will look different than a typical street light.  The LEDs will cast light out in a more uniform pattern that will be whiter and crisper than traditional street lights. Special optics in each LED allows the light to be cast out in a more uniform and focused pattern, so little or no light is wasted or misdirected.


Reducing Energy Costs

Once this wide-scale installation is complete, it is anticipated these new fixtures will reduce energy consumption by approximately 42%. That reduced energy usage equates to about 853 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions being removed from the environment, according to the EPA’s greenhouse gas conversion calculator.

LED_WSCurrently, these fixtures are being tested at the intersection of 92nd Street and Mountain View Road. The installation work will begin in the south part of Scottsdale at traffic signal intersections and will continue into neighborhoods throughout the city where the street lights are owned and maintained by the city.


During the first phase of the project LED fixtures will be installed on all intersections with red-yellow-green traffic signals between McKellips and Indian School roads.

In addition, the following neighborhood areas will receive new LED streetlights:

  • From McDowell Road to Continental Drive - from 66th to 71st streets
  • From Thomas Road to Wilshire Drive - from 60th to 62nd streets
  • From Wilshire Drive to Almeria Road - from 66th to 86th streets
  • From Osborn Road to Earll Drive - from Granite Reef Road to 86th Street
  • From Camelback to Indian School roads - from 86th Street to Pima Road