Get to know how to repair frozen water pipes and eliminate various malfunctions connected with them. Study the key precautionary tips how to deter the water lines congealing and preserve your water system in safety during a cold spell.

How to Repair Frozen Water Pipes

How to Repair Frozen Water Pipes

Have you ever had experience of turning a tap in your apartment on and having nothing to run out? If you have, then you remember an unpleasant feeling you had inside. At that very moment you realize that somewhere in the long labyrinth of water lines running through your home, one of them has congealed.
Congealed water lines are terrible news. It is not only a challenge, but in some cases the ducts may even burst. Burst lines may cause water damage, a submerged foundation and probably great expenses on your apartment repairs.
There is no difference whether your water lines are made of plastic or copper, either material congeals equally. Both kinds of material should be thawed in a short time.

First of all you should test other taps in your apartment. Get to know whether the problem embraces only one tap or it is an extensive trouble. If just one tap is out of use, that means the problem is located between the tap and the pipe leading to it.

The most evident place where the line congeals is where it is not isolated. Besides, the lines located along an outward wall, like in a foundation or cellarage, are inclined to congeal in cold winter weather. In rare cases lines placed under a kitchen or bathroom cabinet may congeal as well. The self-contained cabinets preserve the warm air in the room preventing it to get to the ducts.
Sometimes, you may just feel the line to aid to define precisely where the congealed water is found. There is no doubt, the frozen area will feel colder than other lines.

Open the tap, which corresponds to the pipe being congealed. If the hot water pipe is congealed, then open that part of the tap. Do the same with cold water part. If the cold water does not come out, turn that tap on. In such a way you may tell when you have the problem determined. In fact, turning the tap on may aid to lessen the pressure in the pipe.

Take a hair-dryer, preferentially an old one, and set the heat and ventilator to “high”. Shift the hair-dryer along the line supposed to be congealed. You should be very patient doing this, particularly if the line is congealed solid. Work form the tap down the extent of supply pipe.
In case the congealed line is located in the kitchen or bathroom cabinet, a heater situated opposite to the open cabinet may aid to thaw the line quickly.

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