Find out how to prepare your water pipes for winter and avoid problems with congealed water lines. Consider some pieces of advice how to deter troubles with frozen pipes and what to do if you have not managed to take measures in proper time.

Preparing Your Water Pipes for Winter

Preparing Your Water Pipes for Winter
Each winter, a lot of homeowners confront with the problem of congealed water lines that brings not only inconveniences, but also great expenses. Would you like to avoid such a situation? Consider these pieces of advice to deter troubles with frozen pipes.

Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses
Separating the hose let water drain from the line so a night chill will not burst the tap or the line it is linked to.
Isolate ducts or taps in unheated areas
It is recommended to enfold water lines in unheated spots, such as carport or cellarage, prior to the temperature decrease. Materials for pipe wrapping are available at any local home supply center.

Think over setting up “heat tape” or “heat cable”
Set up “heat tape” or similar materials on all outward pipes or lines placed where the temperature can plummet below congealing. It is comparatively simple to set up and is available at any local home supply center. Make certain your products are UL-listed and follow the producer’s instructions properly.

Close off all doors, air vent-holes and chinks
Piercing winter winds blowing through unnoticed apertures may congeal exposed water lines very fast. You should not block air vent-holes used by your heater or boiler.

Find the master gate valve
As a rule, the master gate valve is located where the water pipe gets into your house or next to the boiler or washing machine and shuts off the water to the entire house. Color it bright and be sure everybody is aware of its location.

Consult your water supply center
Depending on current circumstances you may need to take some preventive measures, for instance, let a small drip of water run from the tap or wrap the outward pipes. Make contact with your water supply company to get some additional information.

What to do if it’s too late
Despite all preventive measures you take, your lines may congeal during a long cold period. If this has happened, do not panic! You may try to thaw the pipes out yourself or, what is much better, call your local water supply center and get some consultations from the expert. Then, if necessary, hire a plumber to eliminate all fault conditions.