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Funny Valentine's ecards, Humorous e cards

Looking for funny Valentine Ecards to send out your friends who are single this holiday? Doozy has the funniest anti Valentine’s day cards, the funniest online Valentine Ecards in addition to the most romantic animated greeting cards around! Choose your favorite animated greeting cards of any kind and make this holiday memorable.


Not everyone on your sending list will be a lover, or a husband, or even a date. What do you send all the rest? You can avoid the awkwardness that comes when a chummy friend receives a sacarine, sentimental card by making them laugh. Friends always appreciate being made to giggle. Doozycards provides the utmost in silliness and Valentine's buffoonery. We searched the world for irony and we are now proud to offer a selection of unique hilarious greetings cards for your V-day delight.