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    GAP Final Reports

    All completed projects include a peer-reviewed final report that describes the methods, results, and limitations of each state product as well as the results of the gap analyses conducted by that state, graphic images of each GIS coverage, and the predicted species distribution maps for states species. To understand how to use and interpret the data, it is necessary that you read the appropriate sections of the report.

    The report is provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format zipped up in a .ZIP file.  Viewing the PDF file requires a Acrobat Reader which you can download (for free) by clicking on this link.

    GAP Final Project CDs

    GAP project CDs contain all of the landcover, stewardship, vertebrate distribution and analysis results for a state project, along with metadata, ancillary data and other supporting data.

    GAP Products Available on CD-ROM

    Contact these state distribution centers for CD products for your state. You may also be able to obtain additional non-GAP products for the state.

    Before downloading, please read this disclaimer: Apppropriate and Inappropriate Use of GAP Data.

    Regional products

    State products



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