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Category Archives: homebrewing

HPSDR – Atlas and Ozy


Last friday, I went to the market and found this nice shop called Melody Electronics which is right outside all the chaotic SP road. The shop keeper is nice and carries all kids of SMD parts and other stuff. I bought replacements for my damaged tip and afew jumpers.
The first thing I did was to [...]

PIC-A-STAR update


The IF board is nearing completion. Still a lot of work needs to be done before it can be declared complete. I will publish pictures once it is complete. It is ugly!
Time to fix up the LC meter and prepare the toroids.

Blackfin BF537 STAMP


Yesterday I got myself a serial cable with one side as plug and the other side as socket (which turned to be of very low quality, but neverthless useful at the moment) for connecting my new Blackfin BF537 STAMP board that my friend David Rowe sent me.
This morning, I hooked it up and applied power [...]

AF Amplifier is assembled


The AF amplifier for STAR is done. It is yet to be tested but I do not expect too much of problems.
I am looking for 9 Mhz or 8.83 Mhz Crystal Filters. If anyone know a source please let me know.

ngspice up and running


Finally got ngspice-rework-17 to run on my Debian system. There seem to be some issue with the autoconf scripts. A make clean does not really clean all the generated files. But I could get it to compile with readline, xspice and cider. Now back to work!

Life, Ham Radio and everything else


It has been a while since I wrote anything. It was a bit tough last few weeks with the new job and other household activities waiting to be finished. Things are slowly clearing and I hope to be back in action.
In the little time I was able to squeeze in, I was continueing my efforts [...]

Success at last with Iron-on PCBs


First of all a big thanks to my friend Sunil T. T, VU2SWX for all the help in teaching me this method and encouragement and papers. WIthout his help this wouldn’t have been possible at all.
After about 20 failed attempts, my persistance payed off today. The problem seemed to be inadequate heat and the [...]

Iron-On PCBs


The whole of yesterday was spent trying to make PCBs. I took 3 sheets of glossy thick paper and got printouts of the PCB layouts from a nearby Laser Printing shop (which costed Rs 20 per page).
I made a serious error in the first two attempts with a small layout and only realised and corrected [...]

PIC-A-STAR – some progress made


Today I completed the codec board (which was half complete for the past three months) and tested it and looks like programs are being downloaded and the codec is getting initialised successfully. The ezkit_unix.tar.gz found in came handy in downloading the test program.

First homebrew PCB


I made my first homebrew PCB last weekend. I used a modified Iron-On method. Why modified? Because, no press-n-peel films were used. Instead I used the Art Paper sent to me by a god friend Sunil T.T, VU2SWX. Infact, he has already made many PCBs using the Art Paper and suggested me to use it [...]