Williams, Lt. Antidar

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    Republic cruiser
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    Galactic Republic

From the Expanded Universe

A native of the tropical planet Barkhesh, Antidar Williams began his piloting career as a teenager, flying agricultural airspeeders on his homeworld. Desiring a more adventurous lifestyle, he eventually traveled off-world and entered the service of the Galactic Republic.

Antidar volunteered to join Senator Ranulph Tarkin's unsanctioned Republic task force during the Stark Hyperspace War. He was stationed aboard the flagship Invincible and was among the Republic forces which were forced to make groundfall on Troiken. During the subsequent fighting against Iaco Stark's troops Antidar acquitted himself well. His performance in the battle led Republic authorities to accept him as a sanctioned pilot of the Senate's diplomatic corps.

He was soon called on for another mission. Antidar piloted the Consular-class Cruiser Acceptance to Galidraan, transporting a Jedi task force led by Master Dooku to confront the Mandalorians. Whilst on this mission he befriended the captain of one of the other transports, the Radiant VII, Maoi Madakor. After Galidraan, Antidar rose slowly through the Judiciary ranks, achieving the rank of Lieutenant.

Antidar and Maoi served together again during the Republic's brief campaign in the Yinchorri system, where the Acceptance was destroyed. Having escaped the destruction of the Acceptance, Antidar found himself relegated to piloting Senatorial shuttles on short trips from Coruscant. However, his friend Maoi personally requested his assistance with a special mission to be undertaken by the Radiant VII; transporting Jedi Knights as they had done at Galidraan.

The Radiant VII's mission took it to Naboo where Antidar and Maoi delivered Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice to a Trade Federation battleship. Still possessing his spirit of adventure Antidar found it hard to simply sit aboard the Radiant VII and wait for the return of the Jedi. His wait was cut short, however, by the accuracy of battle droid gunners who blasted the Radiant VII while it rested in the hangar bay of the Trade Federation flagship.

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