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Written by

Stella Floras


4/Jun at 18:16



Azeri media reports

Azerbaijan: 1.6 million euro spent on Eurovision entry

A total of a little over 1.6 million euros was spent by AZTV on Azerbaijan's 2010 Eurovision Song Contest entry, Drip drop, reports quoting Mr Adil Kerimli who headed the Azerbaijani delegation again this year.

Following reports in the Russian media about 10 million having been spent on the entire process involved in this year's Azerbaijani entry in the Eurovision Song Contest Mr Adil Kerimli set the record straight explaining to local news portal that the entire budget for his country's Eurovision entry this year was AZN 1,560,000 (1,614,496,37 EUR). The amount covered the national preselection, promotion, video clip and Oslo expenses for the presentation of the song and delegations. The impressive amount did not cover Safura's album which was independently produced by Zaphire Records.

According to Mr Kerimli, three sponsors came to their assistance, one being SOCAR, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan and two more who wished to remain nameless.

Special thanks to Galandar Baghirov for his assistance.

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Whatever ... ORIGINAL ... [29486]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 19:14:35

Further to my MAIN comment on this specific topic ...
Look for it -------- you know you want to read it!!!!

Here are the Top 10 results:

1.Germany - 246 (ESC 2010 winner -- shared 2/3 with USA and DENMARK --
since "Satellite" was NOT even written by Germans (...still, 1/3 is for Lena :))

2.Turkey - 170 ( with a whopping -76 points difference from the ESC winning SONG)

3.Romania - 162 ( notable -12 points difference from No. 2)

and these were the Top 3

BUT the rest --each-- could have just as easily placed in
order NO. 4 (or higher) because there is a very SMALL difference in points
---------------------- AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE------------------

4.Denmark - 149 ( with a notable -13 points difference from No. 3)

5.Azerbaijan - 145 ... ( - 4 points ONLY from No. 4)
6.Belgium - 143 ....... ( - 6 points ONLY from No. 4)
7.Armenia - 141 ...... ( - 8 points ONLY from No. 4)

8.GREECE - 140 ... ( - 9 points ONLY from No. 4)
----- and this, only because there were absolutely NO votes from Baltic states
and NO votes from ex-Soviets ... whatsoever (!!?!!?!!) ;)
as in ... 0 point "received" from any one of those countries ...
and I do NOT think that nobody(?) there did not like the song OR, at least, the performance(!!!) ;);
I think it was just because "OPAAAAAAA" was a ... STRONG song !!!!!!!
... From Azerbaijan ... 8 points LAST YEAR and ... 0 point, this year!!

... And, as was somehow ;) expected, NO points came from our "neighbour" FYROM ...
You know, it is that country using a ...STOLEN ...historical ;) GREEK name!!!!!!!

So, NOW you can do the math where Greece (H) could have placed ...

9.Georgia - 136 ( notable - 13 points difference from No. 4)

10.Ukraine - 108 ( significant - 41 points difference from No. 4)

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 15:11:29

Manuel (Germany)

r u stupid. is it out of rules? we can pay what we want. its not ur problem. do we ask u how much money u paid? no. we havent right. because its ur pr & work. nobody can say anything about it

Dave Lennon [45201]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 14:03:58

I'm not going to accuse the Azeris of anything but the EBU needs to wake up and get tougher in their investigations - in the same way the IOC finally got drug testing sorted.

It is a fact that dicatorships, former soviet-bloc, etc were prepared to cheat in sport to maintain their image at home. Eurovision needs strict policing to remove any suspicions.

It seems almost forgotten that the ESC was meant to be a way of bringing countries together in the spirit of fair competition and sharing their music and culture.

Manuel (Germany) [34658]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 08:23:29

Azerbaijan accused of cheating!!!:

Chris W [60048]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 05:21:12

Throw them out together with Armenia until they have finally settled their childish conflict. There is no room for those cheaters in Eurovision. A 5 year ban might work wonders for that dictatorship only in Eurovision to polish it's image.

Roselil Denmark [61985]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 02:23:55

i didnt study music instruments history, and I dont know enough to write about this. And I really dont care about its origin. I just want to listen to good music with has this instrument used in a right way in it.
I hope you will enjoy the music as I do.

What do you mean by saying "sadece bu mu" ?

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 22:01:09

kenan lutfen msnimi ekle


Sana degil, Roselil'e demek istedim.

Ana Silva [63234]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 21:37:59

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 21:31:56

avatarmenia for u ;)

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 21:29:33

Lina !!!

i didnt say all countries ;)

Lina !!! [56410]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 21:18:36

" there a a lot of christian countries that dont give high points to us albania bosnia and turkey " ..... yes thats why Turkey got 2 place and Azerbaijan 4 th place :D You took that places beacuse Christian countries give you low or nil points ! give me a brake !

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 20:44:56


it doesnt prove that this instrument is armenian ;)

i say again russian famous writer Aleksandr Sergeyvich Pushkin's word...


thanks to pushkin because he was geniuses!!! because he knew armenian real face!!!

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 20:40:23

KeNaN the noble Prince ♥'es his AnGeLiC

anlamadim :S ne demek istedin?

Roselil Denmark

i didnt say all of them

and roselil bak senden hic beklemezdim. kusura bakma ama senin gibiler iste basimizi yakiyor. sende o aletin ismini ermenice yazip da onu ermenilesdirirsen baska sozum yok !!!

Sadece bu mu? :(

AvatArmenia 85 [62289]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 19:05:53

Fanatics enjoy :) :D

Link of NElson Mandela's aniversary consert!! LONDON MILIONS of watchers:

Jivan Gasparyan co-composer of "GLADIATOR" theme:

Links from "WORLD AGAINST HUNGER" consert LONDON MILLIONS of audians-whole over the world:
Jivan Gasparyan and Peter Gabriel /pay attention on Gabriel's speach/:

ESC 2010 /no comment/

etc etc etc :D :D

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 18:05:05


and everybodu saw that balaban is azerbaijani instrument in our national final

watch this because everybody saw it and they saw that balaban is azerbaijani instrument

its opening cereminy:

Maryam Shabanova - I've had enough (with balanan)

Milk & Kisses - I am on fire (with zurna-yalli)

Elli - Up, Up (with zurna, ud)

azad shabanov - smile (with balaban, zurna)

Ulviyye Rahimova - In Love (NAGARA)

if u r not deaf and blind u can see and hear balaban and zurna alla of our songs

dont try to say a lie


ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 17:47:17


Aleksandr seygeyvich pushkin said true

ti vor ti trus ti armenin

u r coward, u r thief, u r armenian

even u say that sari gelin begong to u but sari gelin - both of this word r turkis

u say that sen gelmez oldun belongs to u - but there r facts that its azerbaijani song

because its composer and writer r azerbaijani

so u r successful to say a lie to all world


ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 17:43:15

Roselil Denmark

senin duduk demegin zaten bu aletin onlarin oldugunu soyluyor. yani oyle gosteriyorsun ama degil. o alet azerbaycana mahsus ve onun da gercek adi var balaban

duduk sozu de turkce ama yine de ismi balaban

Richard M [19278]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 15:52:08

Sickening that such a poor and desolate country spends so much of it's hard-earned money on ESC

I can't believe some people on this site use "mouldy propaganda" to encourage people to tap into old prejudices.

Absolutely Pathetic!!! :D

For how long are you planning to play this game on a ESC site?? :P I am afraid the curtain fell a very long time ago. ;)

You just dance to your own music without even realising that the whole world is not even watching you do that. :D

AvatArmenia 85 [62289]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 14:54:21

Oh !! so sweet :D

Little fanatic didn't like the real name of the instrument :D :D On armenian that is TSIRANAPOGH /apricot fleyta/!! I'm so glad that whole the europe once more time heard our wonderful instrument :)
Goodbi guys :)

Roselil Denmark [61985]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 13:25:10


dont get disturbed by this. This instruments has many names and it differs from country to country. In this case it was duduk.. I wouldnt use the same word if it was in Turkish music

Basimizi yakacak tek sey sazlar olsa keske :D

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 13:04:09

Roselil Denmark

i didnt say all of them

and roselil bak senden hic beklemezdim. kusura bakma ama senin gibiler iste basimizi yakiyor. sende o aletin ismini ermenice yazip da onu ermenilesdirirsen baska sozum yok !!!

Roselil Denmark [61985]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 12:57:41

3 of my friends voted for the Armenians song too, and they were not Armenians living Turkey!!! As they said they loved the duduk part which is so wellknown instrument in turkish music too.
I think the reason why Turkish jurors didnt give any pts to Armenian song was the rumors about the song lyrics.

ORKI APUS [63316]
Sat 5 Jun 2010 12:30:56

Lina !!! [56410]Sat 5 Jun 2010 00:02:57
Congratulation to Turkish jury who give the 3 high points only to Muslim countries ! I m sure muslim people around world are proud for you ! You show that relegion is up from anything in that world for you !

what about some christiaan countries?

there a a lot of christian countries that dont give high points to us albania bosnia and turkey

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