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Written by

Russell Davies


5/Jun at 11:55



Aysel Teymourzadeh , Azerbaijan - © Aysel Teymourzadeh
© Aysel Teymourzadeh

Always on your mind

Azerbaijan: esctoday interview with AySel

A few hours before last week's Eurovision Song Contest final, caught up with 2009 Azerbaijan representative AySel in Oslo. In this interview AySel spoke about working with her co-singer Arash on her new album and her thought on this year's Azerbaijan entry by Safura,.

Aysek discussed the possibility of entering the contest again for Azerbaijan, her joy at achieving 3rd position in last year's contest and the wonderful reception she received when she returned to Baku. She spoke about the fun she was having in Oslo and how happy she felt about meeting her Eurovision fans again.  AySel also sings her Eurovision entry Always especially for

The AySel interview:

AySel & Arash - Always - Official video:

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Filipe de Campos [16250]
Mon 7 Jun 2010 01:10:05


They canput even a dog barking and they'll have lots of points from their neighbours!

See that fireworks and just legs are no needed to win!!!


rost [62997]
Mon 7 Jun 2010 00:48:24

too much Nowegian Sara everywhere

Bora Kivanc [61981]
Mon 7 Jun 2010 00:39:39

Armenians, please. New Mexico and surrounding states was once a part of Mexico. Do you hear Mexico claiming there territory back? Do you hear the natives claiming Ohio back? Do you hear eskimo's claiming Canada back? The sami's Finland and the aboriginals Australia? Why do you insist on 'taking back' Eastern Anatolia? With all due respect, but if the Armenians are so superior in everything (according to you) then why is the economy of Armenia comparable to those of African countries while Armenia get's backed by the West and Russia? Why are annualy 70.000 Armenians fleeing to Turkey for a better life, they can go to the States or Russia, but they prefer Turkey. Why? You only have a population of 3 million which will be likely 1 million after a few decades. Getting one inch of land from Turkey is the same as expecting the USA will give Alaska away to Sarah Palin. Come to Turkey and see how Turkish Armenians and Turks are living together peacefully, maybe that will heal your hatred. I can assure you that they even have more rights then immigrants in the West ;)

Come, come again, whoever you are, come!
Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come!
Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times,
Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are;
Come, come, come... Whatever you are, it doesn't matter.
Whether you are an infidel, an idolater or a fire-workshipper
Come, our convent is not a place of despair.
Come, even if you violated your vows a hundred times, come again.
~Mevlana (Konya, Turkey)

Roselil Denmark [61985]
Mon 7 Jun 2010 00:09:23

Hahahah great way to break in :D

Keep all that shit in your ass or mouth!!! You are the worst racist ever!!!

Tohoshinki ★ [59455]
Mon 7 Jun 2010 00:05:13

Hmm...this must be lol, are you doing free lessons in history here? I want to join too..

Alexander Rybak (Belarusian: Аляксандр Ігаравіч Рыбак, Russian: Александр Игоревич Рыбак, born 13 May 1986 in Minsk, Belarus) is a Norwegian[1] singer-composer, violinist, pianist, writer, and actor of Belarusian descent. Representing Norway in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Russia, Rybak won the contest with 387 points — the highest tally any country has achieved in the history of Eurovision — with "Fairytale", a song he wrote and composed. His debut album, Fairytales, charted within the top 20 in 9 European countries, including a #1 position in Norway and Russia.

haydook ... [56346]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 23:58:31

@mak ut
yep!i know! :S
denier is denier!
plz,when you see them,shit on them,and say it is from haydook! :)))
i really hate Panturkists,Nazis,Sudan's government,...

mak ut [61317]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 23:35:54

I am not an expert of armenian-turkish history and i dont know what rly happend in the past. But as a german i can say that even in Germany today there are some hardcore right Nazis who still deny the Holocaust. They are a small group, probabely less than 1 % of the population, but they say the Holocaust never happend. Even with all these official documents, pictures, videos etc.

haydook ... [56346]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 23:14:34

i forgot to say sorry about my english!its bad!

haydook ... [56346]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 23:12:33

Enver had Armenian roots???OMG! :O
now 100% im sure that all of turks without exception are RACISTS!!
do you know why your hisotorians are saying that enver pashas roots are armenian/greek/kurdish (3 big dangerous national problems of turkey) ???because in panturkism,all bad things were for armenians greeks assyrians,...and thats why you say he had armenian roots!because he was one of the biggest murderer of 20th century! ;)
and dont make me laugh!nothing is suddenly appear!after14th century ,as we had kingdom of cilicia and other kingdoms under control of ottomans,we had more better social level than yours in that time! ;)and thats why we were in all palaces,we were best architectures,merchants,musici ans,...and we improved our country which was yours too! ;)
but after centuries,the religion war started between none-muslim people specially armenians and muslim turks!this situation was the same until sultan abdolhamid!but after that,the situation changed from religion to NATIOAN! ;)
panturkism appeared!anti-armenian propagandas started to appear in all of country!(after 30 years,the same was about jews in Nazi government)!
and another funny thing you said!
do you think that a murderer who killed a person and is always denying about that act,will show any sings about his murder????lol! :D
so we no what will be the result of that historian groups from two countries! ;)all documents had been lost in turkey's archives! ;)
as you said about being many churches in your country!it approves that those territories were ours! ;)and thats why turkey and azerbaijan are destroying any sings about armenians!because they are making paradox with your history!!!!! ;)
when azerbaijan is saying that there were no armenian in region before 19th century,for example those khachkars of jougha cemetery was a BIG paradox agaisnt their history! ;)thats why they destroyed it,for making the FUTURE more easier that today's!more easier to remove sings of armenians!
your government even does not allow to put cross on top of Akhtamar church! ;)so what you are talking about??? ;)

mak ut [61317]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 23:04:23

"your reactions prove my words"

lol is that your answer to my question? People like you got no arguments and thats your problem. But i will ask you again. Why do you use the picture of an terrorist as your avatar? Simple question and even you should be able to answer that easy question. WHY?


As I said, he was here just rarely and he saw the flag, but he didn't even said smth. about it! :/

If you see my little bro (patte) send him a BIG hug

I will! :)

Have a good night! Sweet dreams

You, too! :)

Sara ♥ shares the moment© [61796]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 22:18:53

I used this flag shortly after Sweden's failure in the 2nd Semifinal! :D We must be fair, right?

Then I remembered right about the bet :) You did as you promised, thats good (even though patte isn't here to see it..hehe). ;) If you see my little bro (patte) send him a BIG hug :) Have a good night! Sweet dreams :)

istanbul istanbul [60594]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 22:08:57

@haydook, it is hard for me to understand your english so i can't get what u mean but what can i say is wake up , almost all history books except the ones which r subjective accept ottoman was so respecful to other religions and nations otherwise tell me how come it had such a long life about 700 years and still all these ex ottoman nations r christians and alive lol according to your comment all balkans , part of middle east,caucasus area and even some western europe should be turk and muslim if we didn't respect nations of countries that we invaded or forced them to change their religions lol please don't be funny it sounds so uncultured . a note enver pasha is not a respected person in our history, he caused us to loose many grounds also he wasn't turkish almost , his origions r so confussed including armenian-turkish-greek-kurdish roots ;) since u weren't alive in 1915 or before just use your brain instead of believing everything u heard, why u were living in peace here for 600 years, and having good, respected jobs even in palaces? what made us to change our minds and we started to kill u after all these years suddenly, couldn't we do it before, we had many chances and enough time to do it but we gave u good jobs instead of killing , but u started a war against us and started to burn villages so we changed our attitude towards u normally and during it many many turks were also killed and still there r many armenians and many churches in turkey i wonder if there r turks in armenia or mosques in christian countries as much as we have churches here , i think no. mosques or churches don't make a difference to me, in my religion we respect all 3 holy religions and their prophets so i respect your religion and prophet alot, in my whole time i visited 15 mosques and 8 churches i think it shows u i am not a brainless pathetic hater , what i can't accept is saying lies and trying to change history to get some advantage of it . we invite armenian and all other historians to make a research about 1915 events, we r ready to put our proofs on the table and to see yours moreover we say we r ready to say sorry if u r right but u don't accept it, u say u don't want any searchs and u won't respect even if all historians of world say armenians aren't right at the end of the search. cause u know u want the eastern part of turkey and u use these events to get it, if it is proved that u r wrong u will loose all your hopes about it, that is why since years u never accept leaving this subject to professional historians from all world , u just say we know it happened accept it with no meaningful proofs except words, words and words . u still have agru dagı, mount ararat for u as a symbol of your nation and claim it is yours ,this mountain is in east turkey since ages and belongs to us , but we respect all countries borders and lands we don't say it was ours give it back to us... no need to talk about karabag or what happened to many azeris there i think ;) so before talking about what others did please take a look to yourself, u will see u r not clean and all others r dirty


I used this flag shortly after Sweden's failure in the 2nd Semifinal! :D We must be fair, right? :P

I wonder were patte has been for the last month..haven't seen him around.

He WAS here, but just rarely! :( I think he's still sad about Sweden's not reaching the Final! :/

Sara ♥ shares the moment© [61796]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 21:56:44

Yes you did. Ahh..the bet about Sweden getting/not getting to the final? Well, at least it could have been worse (it was a kind bet I must say..hehe). How long do you have to have that flag?
I wonder were patte has been for the last month..haven't seen him around.
It's Swedens national day today btw...


Then I misunderstood the comments after yours about 'Drip Drop', maybe you don't liked that entry, but the other Norwegians? :)

And I'm using the Swedish flag as my avatar because I lost a bet vs. Patte! :D :P :/

Sara ♥ shares the moment© [61796]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 21:42:49

Why do you have the Swedish flag in your Avatar? ..

Sara ♥ shares the moment© [61796]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 21:39:19

Btw. Glad you liked the jokes and the show :) (I just saw your comment now)...

Sara ♥ shares the moment© [61796]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 21:37:35

I said that last year me and a lot of Norwegians liked "Always" and thats why they got 10 points from us..whats strange about that? I have allready explain the other thing I said..

Sara ♥ shares the moment© [61796]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 21:35:31

'rost' is right, just because you don't liked 'Drip Drop' doesn't mean, that the 7 points from Norway to Azerbaijan weren't deserved!

Oh please. Are you serious? Do you really think that's why he wrote what he did? Read all the other post he has written about Norway and you would understand. ...and I didn't say it the way you claim either. I said "I can't believe they got 7 points". ..


haydook ... [56346]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 21:22:46

yes kartsam ira grats verchin toghnes asoom! :Ddra hamar sksam!


'rost' is right, just because you don't liked 'Drip Drop' doesn't mean, that the 7 points from Norway to Azerbaijan weren't deserved!

AvatArmenia 85 [62289]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 21:13:05

Well I see I just waste my time!

Have nice day! /night/!

haydook ... [56346]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 21:10:33

armenians burnt villages????????????oh and its the truth!but when we say that you BURNT MILLIONS PEOPLE alive!then its lie????heh! ;)
i said before and im saying now,you should know too,that MY GRANMDA"S MOTHER ESCAPED FROM BAKU TO IRANmbecause of MASSACRES OF ARMENIANS by caucasian tartars and ottoman soldiers,leadering by Enver Pasha! ;)one of the big murderer and responsible of millions dead bodies! ;)
i dont need that you or other turk or azeri try to prove a history,which the whole basis of it is on LIE!
as i said,my grandma's family was victims of 1918 massacres of baku! ;)they returned there,but their house was BURNT ;)
so Genocide fact is still FACT!it does not matter what you will say,what your historians will say,what USA will say,...because the fact is fact and everybody knows about that EXCEPT the regions of TURKEY and AZERBAIJAN!but the rest regions of the EARTH planet know about that!but because of political games,they dont show anything!and remember,no one denies this fact,all of them who are not accepted officially are saying that "its not the good time...,turkey is economical big country,..."it means "we are hiding the truth just because of strategic importance of Turkey!"thats all! ;)
sooner or later ou and your extremely nationalistic society MUST accept the truth!it will be hard after 95 years denial situation,but but but....
and now about christian churches,...
do you ever heard about City f Ani??ancient armenian capital whit more than 1000 churches????of course NO! ;)its normal for me! ;)
do you heard about destroying of many many many armenin churches after 1915 until now???of course no!its normal for me again! ;)and what about churches which changed to mosques???
and who did say to you that you always were the owners of those lands???huh???maybe after 14th century!but before that,NEVER!! ;)i dont know what ataturk forced you to learn,but somethings are obvious!
the language,culture,music,archite cture,literature,art,physical features,...all of this features are showing the History of any nation!so it does not matter for us that hw azerbaijan and turkey are trying to remove any armenian signs in their history,how they are trying to create new histories,...
like destroying our Cemetery in Jougha(joulfa)! ;)
and remember,turks never had mercy on any minorities in whole history of Ottomasn!i will say again that i dont know what atatutk and his historians forced you to learn!
its the forbidden facts for you and your society!because all of these have paradox with identity of Holy turkishness! ;)

AvatArmenia 85 [62289]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 20:59:28

istanbul istanbul

Some corrections: Today's Armenia is situated on the part which was that 500 years controlled by Persian later by Russian Empire! Armenia was devided into two parts western part was controlled by othonans easter part by two above mentioned empires! It can seems to you strang but in western Armenia there is no Armenians who earlier composed majority many armenian churches are remade to mosques and the rest are being ruined and government don't care abot that. They are being ruined by earthequakes tc, but also Kurds are building their houses thanks to cheap material. Lately by a very pathetic way Government repaired a church on Van to imitate it's respect to other nation's culture living in today's Turkey befor /don't care about the goals of Erdoghan, atleast I'm happy that one churche has chances to survive/! And on the Eastern Armenia /mostly controlled by Russian Empyre/ now rebuild it's new History Republic of Armenia. :D
In addition that was said, Geogia in general was under control Russian Empire, but Otoman's influance is sencible in the east-south of Georgia in Ajaria's Authonom Republic where majority of the population are MUSLIM GEORGIANS : AJARS!!





rost [62997]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 20:44:24

@ Kanan Abdullayev [52697]
Ca you please disclose your sources or is it just blah blah blah?

rost [62997]
Sun 6 Jun 2010 20:41:02

@ Sara ♥ shares the moment© [61796]
you have to many opinions per population
You alone overdo that by a margin!!!
speaking for the Whole of Norway including deers

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