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Angelfish. Angel Fish. Tropical Fish.Pond Equipment and Supplies.Pond Equipment and Supplies.Fish MedicationsBuy invertebrates for saltwater, marine, and reef aquariums. Buy pond bridges, covers, arbors, gazebos, trellis, tables, and furniture.Buy favorite aquarium equipment and supplies. Buy favorite aquarium equipment and supplies. Buy favorite aquarium equipment and supplies.

Tropical fish species, aquariums, goldfish, and betta fish for sale. Tropical fish tanks and tropical fish tank equipment.Betta Fish, Tropical Fish Species, and Goldfish for sale from stores, suppliers, and dealers.

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Aquariums, filters, lights, lighting, pumps, and aquarium equipment.

Aquarium fish, beta fish, tropical fish stores, and dealers.

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Buy the best Favorite Aquarium Equipment.

Buy Recommended Favorite Aquarium Equipment.


Buy The Bailey Brothers' Favorite Aquarium Products, Equipment, and Supplies.

    The Bailey Brothers
with Tom on the right and Nevin on the left are two of America's most trusted aquarium experts with a combined 80+ years of fish and aquarium experience. On this page they use all that experience to help you choose the best equipment for your aquarium.
Favorite aquarium - Recommended - buy an acrylic aquarium for sale.
1. Acrylic Aquariums
Stronger, lighter, and longer lasting than glass aquariums.
Click here to buy an Acrylic Aquarium.
2. Eclipse Aquarium Hoods
Best way to cover, light and filter an aquarium.
As shown on top of the aquarium, above.
Click here to buy an Eclipse System Hood.
Buy aquarium stands for sale at, where shopping for an aquarium stand is easy.
3. Aquarium Stands
Professionally constructed with the correct size.
Click here to buy Aquarium Stands.
Buy BIO-Wheel aquarium filters for sale at, where shopping for an aquarium filter is easy.
4. Aquarium Filters
Featuring a Rotating Bio-Wheel
Click here for more information about Bio-Wheel Filters.
5. DrTim's AquaCleanse
The tapwater from your faucets contains harsh chemicals that are toxic to your fish. These chemicals, such as chlorine, chloramines and ammonia, are put in tapwater to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites, and make the water safe for you to drink. But these same chemicals can also harm your fish.
neutralizes these chemicals and makes your tapwater safe for your fish. Add AquaCleanse to your tapwater when setting-up a new aquarium and when doing routine partial water changes. Highly recommended as the best water conditioner for both freshwater aquariums, saltwater aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Click here now to buy AquaCleanse.
6. DrTim's Waste-Away
Waste-Away sludge busting beneficial bacteria will naturally dissolve the sludge and dirt that accumulates in an aquarium and prevent the build-up of debris when used on a regular basis. Waste-Away is fast acting and specially formulated to remove aquarium gunk, unclog gravel/coral beds, and keep filter pads freely flowing longer. This results in better water flow, more oxygen and a healthier aquarium environment. Waste-Away should be used on a regular (weekly) basis to keep sludge from accumulating which can negatively affect fish and corals. Contains no phosphates.
Click here now to buy Waste-Away. .
7. Denitrifying Lava Rocks
These rocks are sold and intended for use in aquariums. Put them in an aquarium, and the beneficial bacteria will begin to reproduce and remove nitrate from the aquarium water. Right now we recommend an 8 oz. package for each 50-gallons of water. Then you should use the Aquarium Water Test Strips, shown below, to test for nitrate, and add or remove Lava Rocks, until the nitrate reads between 20 and 40 ppm.
Click here now to buy Denitrifying Lava Rocks.
Marineland Visi-Therm Aquarium Heaters for sale at, where shopping for an aquarium heater is easy.
7. Visi-Therm Heaters
Click here now for more information about these Aquarium Heaters.
Buy Cichlid Stones - Aquarium Ornamental Caves
8. Cichlid Stones
The Ideal Aquarium Caves for Pet Fish
Click here to learn more and to buy Cichlid Stones now.
Buy Python No Spill aquarium water siphon changer for sale at
9. Python No Spill
The best way to do partial water changes.
Click here to buy a Python No Spill now.
Buy magnetic aquarium scrubber for sale
10. Magnetic Scrubber
The best way to scrub an aquarium.
Click here to buy a Magnetic Scrubber.
Buy aquarium scrubber for sale
11. Aquarium Scrubbing Pads
Click here to buy an Aquarium Scrubbing Pad.
buy aquarium scrubber with handle for sale
12. Scrubber with Handle
Click here to buy a Scrubber with a Handle.
Buy aquarium bucket for sale.
13. Plastic Utility Bucket
These buckets have many uses around aquariums. You can move fish in them from one aquarium to another. You might use this bucket to move water to and from a small aquarium, but for a larger aquarium you should have a Python No Spill, as shown above. A utility bucket is nice to use to scrub items from an aquarium. Just put a few inches of water from the aquarium into the bucket, then remove a dirty item from the aquarium, scrub it in the bucket without using soap or any other cleaners, then return the item to the aquarium. A bucket like this is a good place to store you scrubbing pad, siphon, and other aquarium maintenance items. Do not use the bucket for anything else like scrubbing your floor or your car. It's a good idea to mark the bucket with a black marker pen, "AQUARIUM ONLY!!". These buckets are sold in home improvement centers and lots of other places. Every aquarist should have one.
Buy aquarium bottle brush for sale.
14. Bottle Brush
Use this brush to clean the inside of the tube that carries the water to the filter. This tube must be scrubbed out once in a while as part of your regular aquarium maintenance. Brushes for use in kitchens, around food, and for scrubbing a baby bottle are available from many mass merchandisers, and you should own one that you only use in your aquarium. Store it inside your utility bucket.
Buy Dirt Magnet aquarium sponge filter
15. Dirt Magnet Sponge Filters
These filters are very good with small fish that might get sucked into a filter with a pump like the BIO-Wheel Filters, shown far above. We use sponge filters in aquariums with baby fish.
Click here to buy a Dirt Magnet Sponge Filter.
TDS Meter for Aquariums
16. Pocket Size TDS Meter
TDS means Total Dissolved Solids. This small pocket size TDS meter reads the amount of solids dissolved in the water, and gives a good idea of how much mineral matter is dissolved in your aquarium water, which is not too important if you want to keep fish, but can be very important if you want to breed fish.
Click here to buy this TDS meter now.
Aquarium Net Breeder
17. Net Breeder
You assemble the 12 stiff plastic edges, then put the netting over the four sides and the bottom. Making a box shaped container that goes inside your aquarium and attaches to the rim of your aquarium. You can put fish that need to be isolated in this contraption.
Click here to buy a Net Breeder.
Aquarium Salt for Freshwater Aquariums.
18. Aquarium Salt
This is Aquarium Salt for freshwater aquariums. It is not suitable for a saltwater aquarium, which require marine salts that contain a wide variety of salts. Aquarium Salt contains almost all sodium chloride. Do not use table salt, which may contain iodine and other additives.
Click here to buy Aquarium Salt.
Quick Cure for Freshwater Aquariums
19. Quick Cure
Quick Cure is an essential part of the Recommended Treatment.
Click here to learn more about the Recommended Treatment.
Click here to buy Quick Cure.
Click here to see all of the Recommended Medications.
20. Magnifying Glass
It's amazing how much more you can see with a magnifying glass, and when you can see more, it will make your fish all the more fun to watch! See more details of your fish. Watch tiny baby fish eat. A magnifying glass can also help you to see and recognize a disease like ich. Highly recommended.
Click here to buy a Magnifying Glass.
Buy Jungle Quick Dip 5-in-1 Aquarium Water Test Strips.
21. Aquarium Water Test Strips
You can learn a lot about the quality of the water in your aquarium by using your nose, eyes, and finger tips!! Click here to read more about that. But you probably can't determine the level of nitrate with a test kit. We have used the Jungle Quick Dip, and checked its accuracy with a very high quality test kit. These strips are pretty good and accurate enough for most of what we want to know. They give results for several water parameters. They are very convenient to use and give the test results in a minute or two. We recommend this product.
Click  here and here and here to buy Jungle Quick Dip test strips.
22. Activated Carbon
Hydrocarbon 2 is a granular activated carbon designed specifically for the purification of aquarium water. It has an extremely porous texture which makes it ideal for both fresh and saltwater aquariums and does not leach phosphates into the water, which can cause outbreaks of algae. This activated carbon absorbs both large and small molecular pollutants such as the defense substances released into the water by both soft and stony corals and will also pull out the water-yellowing tannic and humic compounds. After months of use it also becomes a very active biological filtration community full of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. It can thus be used as a biological nitrification and denitrification media, or to seed new aquariums with active bacteria cultures.
Click here to buy Activated Carbon now.
  The Bailey Brothers
with Tom on the right and Nevin on the left are two of America's most trusted aquarium experts with a combined 80+ years of fish and aquarium experience. On this page they use all that experience to help you choose the best equipment for your aquarium.
On this page you can click on links to buy the Bailey Brothers' favorite aquarium equipment and supplies, including an aquarium, a matching aquarium stand, a Bio-Wheel filter, aquarium caves, siphon, magnetic scrubber, and many more aquarium items. All of these items are highly recommended to make aquariums easier and more fun.
More Favorites Coming Soon
Aquarium Nets, Special Aquarium Light Fixtures and Bulbs, R/O Water Filters, Decorations, and more.
You may have noticed that several of these items are very inexpensive and widely available. You may also notice that many of the most expensive kinds of aquarium equipment are missing from this list.
We recommend the biggest acrylic aquarium you can afford or several aquariums, which will make your aquarium hobby even more enjoyable. Next we recommend a professionally built aquarium stand that fits your aquarium.
We strongly recommend a filter with a BIO-Wheel Filter for almost all aquariums, because Bio-Wheel filters are very effective and very inexpensive to buy and to run.
We highly recommend adding DrTim's Waste-Away to your aquarium water each week, and we recommend having some Denitrifying Lava Rock in each of your aquariums. It is very convenient to use Aquarium Water Test Strips to test your aquarium water regularly.
We also like equipment, like the Python, the Magnetic Scrubber, a Bottle Brush, and a Utility Bucket that make cleaning and changing water much easier, so all of us will do it more often!
More Help and Advice
Click here to go to a page in Pet Fish Talk's web site, where you can send an email with your questions about starting a saltwater aquarium.
How to Start Your New Aquarium ...
is the topic of discussion during a one-hour long Special Pet Fish Talk Show, that's filled with tips and important details about how to properly start a new aquarium.
Click here now to go to the Listening Guide for this Special Show.
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5 highly recommended products for aquariums with tropical fish.
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