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Prince Amedeo Savoia-Aosta: The Warrior Prince of Italy

Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta The Duke of Aosta stood silently in front of the makeshift... 

Enrico Fermi

There are two possible outcomes: If the result confirms the hypothesis, then you’ve... 

Giulio Douhet

“Victory smiles upon those who anticipate the changes in the character of war,... 

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FIAT CR.25 Designed and built by Celestino Rosatelli’s team in 1937, the CR25... 


FIAT CR.32 A biplane with wings of unequal span resulting from development of the... 

FIAT CR.42 Falco

FIAT CR.42 Falco The birth of the last fighter biplane in service in World War 2... 

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Invasion of Yugoslavia

Italian Bersaglieri during the invasion of Yugoslavia. Photo credit: Wiki One of the most successful operations for the Italian military during WWII was its role in the invasion of Yugoslavia in April of 1941. The attack was one half of an ambitious plan by the Axis powers to simultaneously conquer Greece and Yugoslavia and seize control of the western... [Read more of this article]

The Massacre of the Acqui Division

Antonio Gandin Cephalonia, Greece (also known as Kefalonia, Kefallonia, Cefalonia and more) is a picturesque island, located in the Ionian Sea. Cephalonia has an area of 301.54 square miles and has 157.82 miles of coastline. The island is rich in history, scenery and wildlife. It is, simply put, a tourist’s paradise. However, in 1943, Cephalonia... [Read more of this article]

A Capua Sailor: Osvaldo Conti

Osvaldo Conti On the first landing of the staircase entrance of city hall in Capua, lies for many decades now, a majestic marble slab, which faithfully records the events that occurred in World War Two to five of our citizens who were awarded Gold medals for their actions. It is  just and proper to remember that many Capuans were awarded high military... [Read more of this article]

The Fall of British Somaliland

Italian forces invading British Somaliland When on June 1940 Mussolini declared war on Britain and France, another theatre was quickly added to the war between the Allies and Axis powers: Africa.  Although the main interest in Africa and the main battles were focused in the nortl1, on the coast of East Africa, at the other end of Red Sea, just across... [Read more of this article]

The Dismantling of the ltalian East African Empire

Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta ln early December 1940, General Wavell made plans for the removals of the 250,000 strong Italian army commanded by the Duke of Aosta in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Italian Somaliland, it was also occupying British and French Somaliland.  T o implement this, an uprising of Ethiopian patriots would be led by Emperor Haile Selassie... [Read more of this article]

Operazione C.3/Operation Hercules

SIEGE: MALTA 1940-1943 by Ernle Bradford is a wonderful book which describes the whole operation conducted by Italo-German forces in Malta. Malta was an island roughly the size of London, England. Yet this small island was arguably the main reason the Axis lost the Desert War. England was a protectorate of Malta, and with its great Grand Harbour, was... [Read more of this article]

The Incredible Journey of the Caproni CA148 I-ETIO

Caproni CA.148 in Italian East Africa On the eve of the fall of the Italian empire in east Africa a small trimotor Caproni Ca.148 tried the impossible: to reach Italy. But contrary to the most logical assumptions and with a good dose of courage and fortune, the mission was brought to a successful conclusion.  It was an odyssey lasting three months. From... [Read more of this article]

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