"Can a man serve God faithfully & possess slaves?"

We suggest that you begin your exploration of the Jesuit Plantation Project with the writings of Joseph Mobberly, a Jesuit Brother who spent time on many of the Jesuit owned plantations in the Chesapeake area.

Additionally, we have archive material about the Jesuit plantations related to:

Finally, we have created an index structure for those users who are familiar with the JPP's resources, and/or those who wish to do further research:

The Jesuit Plantation Project involves the conversion of the Maryland Province Archive to an electronic format. The archive contains over 200 years of personal, legal, and financial documents produced by the six Jesuit-owned plantations in Maryland. As an electronic archive project, the Jesuit Plantation Project is fully integrated with the American Studies Core Curriculum at Georgetown University. The students and faculty work collaboratively on the ongoing development of this site.

Author, title, Date, Maryland Province of Jesuits Papers, Georgtown University Special Collections.