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Daily Occasions

Don't wait for a Birthday or Holiday to show your friends, family and loved ones that you care - you can send them a greeting card any day of the week for any occasion. See our selections below. Don't just send any greeting cards, send a Doozy!

Get Well Click Here for more Get Well...

Get Well

Talking Flower Sunny Day

Talking Get Well Beagle Puppy

Doozy Birds Sing ecard

Have a nice day Click Here for more Have a nice day...

The Happy Frog Song E-card

Mission Impossible BBQ

Gnome Have a Nice Day

Gassy Princess Ecard

Thank You Click Here for more Thank You...

Caribbean Hippos in Paradise Thank You Ecard

Gecko Thank You - Funny

Doo Wop Thank You e card

Piglets Thank You Song ecard

Friends Click Here for more Friends...

Doo Wop Friendship Ecard

Hen House Friendship E-card

Talking Hollywood Bear e-card

Latasha Friendship Ecard

Thinking of You Click Here for more Thinking of You...

Talking Flower Sunny Day

Latasha Friendship Ecard

Raj Cares

Hen House Friendship E-card

Congratulations Click Here for more Congratulations...

Lizard Congratulations

Congratulations from Your Biggest Fan e-card

Gecko Congratulations E-card

Talking Hollywood Bear e-card

Political ecards Click Here for more Political ecards...

Talking Obama

Obama Earth Day

Obama Whitehouse Birthday eCard

Obama Happy Weekend

Classic Fart Joke Cards Click Here for more Classic Fart Joke Cards...

Gassy Princess Ecard

Weekend Fart ecard

Farting Flowers

Farting Geisha Spring Ecard

Hugs & Kisses Click Here for more Hugs & Kisses...

Penguin Hugs and Kisses

Cowboy Hugs and Kisses E-card

Talking Golden Retriever Hugs & Kisses

Bear Hug ecard

Apology Click Here for more Apology...

Pee Happens

Latasha Apology ecard

Talking Terrier

Heartfelt Apology e card

Encouragement Click Here for more Encouragement...

Latasha Friendship Ecard

Life's Little Challenges E-card

Latasha Life Ain't Easy ecard

Send A Cyber Blessing

Sympathy Click Here for more Sympathy...

Sending you Love

Sorry for your Loss ecard

Catapult Blessings e-card

Talking Golden Retriever Hugs & Kisses

eCard Games Click Here for more eCard Games...

Economy Bailout Game

Webster Thanksgiving

Chicken Invaders Game e-card

Celebrity Pie Toss e-card

Retirement Click Here for more Retirement...

Gecko Retirement e card

Rat Race Retirement

Talking Bear

Talking Smiley

Weekdays Click Here for more Weekdays...

Coffee Jazz Song Ecard

Gecko Monday e-card

Raj's Happy Monday e-card

Latasha Monday ecard

Between Us Women e-Cards Click Here for more Between Us Women e-Cards...

Latasha Friendship Ecard


Talking Flower

Latasha Life Ain't Easy ecard

Inspiration Click Here for more Inspiration...

Eastern Garden Daily Blessing ecard

You Are A Star!

Talking Terrier at Waterfall

Talking Flower

Party Invitations Click Here for more Party Invitations...


James Green Halloween Party

Halloween Party Invitation

Gecko Halloween Party Invite

Bon Voyage Click Here for more Bon Voyage...

Talking Travel Terrier ecard

Bon Voyage e-card

Talking Bear

Talking pug in Paris

Miss You Click Here for more Miss You...

We Miss You/Let's Stay In Touch ecard

Office Gal Needs You ecard

We Will Talk ecard

Talking Golden Retriever Hugs & Kisses

Office Humor Click Here for more Office Humor...

Economy Bailout Game

Alfred Hopscotch Gas Prices ecard

Raj's Work Advice

Gecko Get Back to Work Ecard

Quickie cards Click Here for more Quickie cards...

Let's Go 4 A Ride

Dog birthday from us ecard

Frog and Cake Happy Bday e card

Lizard Congratulations 1

Whether you want to wish a friend a nice day or make someone crack up laughing, Doozy's daily e cards will be much appreciated. We make daily e cards for every occasion. Have a Nice Day ecards, Office Humor ecards and Thinking of You ecards are perfect for a daily greeting card. Try Latasha; she is a very popular daily ecard. We specialize in funny e-cards but also make heartfelt personal greeting cards for people in your life who just need to know you are thinking about them.