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Paul on WJR with Warren Pierce debating Debbie Dingell on health care on the morning of the House vote (March 21, 2010):
Paul on WJR with Frank Beckman discussing Gary Peters' Health Care Forum and his upcoming forum in Farmington Hills (September 02, 2009):
Paul announced exclusively to's Chetly Zarko and's Nick Deleeuw his intent to challenge Gary Peters for US Congress:
Paul on WJR with Frank Beckman on his way to the Lansing Tax Tea Party (April 15, 2009):

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Major General (ret.) Paul E. Vallely Endorses Paul Welday!

The Welday for Congress campaign to Fix Washington is pleased to announce that Major General (ret.) Paul Vallely has endorsed Paul Welday for Congress in Michigan’s Ninth Congressional District.

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A Nation of Law and Legal Immigration

Recently, the issue of illegal immigration has been brought to the forefront with the recent passage of a law in Arizona that allows police officers and border patrol to actually do their jobs and uphold existing federal law.

So where were Gary Peters, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama when the federal government should have been protecting our borders?  Unfortunately, nowhere to be seen.

In truth, the new Arizona Immigration Law does nothing more than require police officers to enforce current and existing federal law.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has taken the initiative to step up to the plate where the federal government has failed – in enforcing immigration law – and place the safety of her state and its citizens as her top priority with the solid support of 70 percent of Arizonans.

Illegal immigration, simply put, affects all Americans.  Illegal immigrants bypass our laws and the proper entry process that others have waited years to go through.  These illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans, and billions of dollars are spent each year by the federal government to provide services to this group, including health care, food assistance and housing.

Ours is a nation of laws.  And our country is a land of immigrants.  Without either, we would simply not have a just, prosperous nation to call home.  But those seeking to enter our country must do so legally and within the existing framework, just as many of our ancestors did years ago.

It’s not just crossing the border that’s illegal.  It’s living and working here illegally, too.  And that’s why I simply cannot and will not support amnesty for current illegal immigrants.  Doing so would simply unleash a wave of illegal immigrants seeking to enter the United States before such a law took effect, or worse yet, set a precedent for a new wave of illegal immigrants to enter the country before the next “round” of amnesty is granted.

The time has come for comprehensive immigration reform that addresses many of the deficiencies in our current system.   But first we must secure our borders.

We must remove the incentives to come here illegally.  We must end the practice of birthright citizenship.  I do not believe that what we see today is anything close to what the Framers had in mind when they wrote Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

We must ensure that employers comply with the law by insisting on the utilization of the E-Verify system to confirm the citizenship of prospective employees.  Stopping the economic incentive to violate our laws will go far to stop this problem.

And once and for all, English must be the official language of the United States.

We must get serious about illegal immigration in this country.  I am a strong believer in legal immigration and believe we must do more to improve the way we allow legal immigrants to enter our country.  But I also know that there are those who prop up the status quo because it’s “good for business” or because “they will do jobs Americans won’t do.”
The truth is illegal immigration is wrong both economically and morally. We simply must stop it.  I reject the notion of amnesty.  There is no path to citizenship when you illegally climbed the fence to get here while others stood in line as they were supposed to do.

Let me repeat:  I support legal immigration.  However, I will bring the political will necessary to make sure that the system is fair and provides reasonable opportunity for those who seek to enter our country legally.

Justice for Americans first is the only way that we will preserve our democratic foundation as both a nation of laws and a land of immigrants. This is the premise upon which this great nation was built and so it must be once again.

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