Sale of 64 Negroes Nov. 10, 1838

Jesse Batey
Nov. 10 1839 [sic]

Know all men by these presents, that I Thomas F. Mulledy of Georgetown, District of Columbia, have bargained and sold, and by these presents do bargain and sell and deliver unto Jesse Batey, of the Parish of Terre-bonne, State of Louisiana, sixty four negroes, to wit: - Nace Butler 50 years of age, Biby 45 & her infant, Caroline 16, Basil 14, Martha Anne 12, Anne 10, Gabe 9, Biby 8, Henry 7, Tom 5, Mary 3, John Lewis 18 months, Gustin 9, Lonny, Phil Merrick 55, Nelly 53, Lewis 12, Nilly Barney 55, Kitty Walton 53, Eliza Butler 19, & her infant, Mary Ellen 17, Bennet 45, Clare 42, James 21, Christina 18, Ellen or Eleanor 15, Alexius 13, Lucy Anne 11, Dina 8, Peg 6, Gerard 24, Rose Anne 24, Bill Hill 29, Peter 51, Betsy Hill 55, Len. Queen 50, Anny 51, Charles 1, Nance 8, Eliza 10, Mary Anne Digges 18, Sam Harris 25, Betsy 25, Sam (her son) 1, Ellen 4, Martha 2, Ned Harris 5, Patrick Hawkins 35, Letty 30, Martha (her infant) 1, Cornelius 13, Frances 12, Susan 10, Gabriel 8, Peter 5, Jackson 3, Elizabeth 1, Bernard Butler 35, Augustine West 35, Adel 9, George Harris 65, Kitty 53, Sarah 10, and Oswald 5. - And I do warrant the said negroes to be slaves for life, and the right & title thereof, I do guaranty unto him the said Jesse Batey, his heirs and assigns for ever, free from the claim or claims of all persons whomsoever. -

This sale is made for & in consideration of the sum of twenty seven thousand & fifty seven dollars, for which sum the said Jesse Batey has given his five promissory notes, to wit. - Each note for the sum of nine thousand dollars payable at Georgetown College, District of Columbia and with six per cent interest from the date thereof till paid, the interest to be paid annually in the month of March, at the said College, and dated on the 10th of November one thousand eight hundred & thirty eight in favor of Henry Johnson & indorsed by him, payable as follows: - one in all the month of March one thousand eight hundred & forty five & thus indorsed, "I do hereby bind myself as security for the payment of the within note. H. M. Thibodaux."- One in all the month of March one thousand eight hundred & forty six, indorsed by Miles Taylor, in like manner, as security; one in all the month of March one thousand eight hundred & forty seven, indorsed by Henry C. Thibodaux, in like manner, as security; one in all the month of March one thousand eight hundred & forty eight, indorsed by L. Barras, in like manner, as security; and the other in the month of March one thousand eight hundred & forty nine, indorsed by Lemuel Tanner, in like manner, as security.- But it is well understood, that a credit of three thousand five hundred & Eighty eight dollars and sixty cents, is indorsed upon each of the said notes, leaving a balance thereon of five thousand four hundred & Eleven dollars and forty cents to be applied to the payment of the said slaves. - Now therefore to secure the payment of the said notes, I, Henry Johnson, of the Parish of St. James, State of Louisiana, do by virtue of a power of attorney, executed for that purpose by the said Jesse Batey on the twenty eighth day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight before Lenfroy Barras, Judge of the Parish of Terre bonne, a copy of which is hereto annexed, mortgage & hypothecate the said sixty four slaves herein before named, together with their natural increase; and I do, also, by virtue of the said power of attorney, mortgage & hypothecate unto the said Thomas F. Mulledy, for the purpose of securing more effectually the payment of the said notes, a certain tract or parcel of lands, situate and fronting on each side of the Bayou Maringoin, in the Parish of Iberville State of Louisiana, containing thirteen hundred and ninety superficial acres, more or less, adjoining the lands of Henry Johnson above. - And it is further agreed & understood that this act is to be carried into effect according to the Laws of the State of Louisiana.

In testimony whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto subscribed their names, at the City of Washington, this tenth day of November one thousand eight hundred & thirty eight in presence of William McSherry & George Fenwick subscribing witnesses.

It is understood that the corrections made in the 16th line of the first page by inserting the words "fifty seven" and in the 28th line the words "eighty eight", and in the 29th line of same page by inserting the words "Eleven" & forty", were made before the signing of these presents. -

Wm. McSherry
Thomas F. Mulledy
George Fenwick
H. Johnson, agent for Jesse Batey

State of Louisiana

I John Dutton parish judge in and for the parish of Iberville do hereby certify that the foregoing instrument of motive (?) and mortgage was on the fourth day of June in the year eighteen hundred and thirty nine recorded and inscribed in my office in record book designated T No 24 twenty four.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & public seal this
eighth day of June A. D. 1839

John Dutton


The foregoing is a true copy of the original act, which I promise to cause to be recorded in the office of the Judge of the Parish of Iberville, State of Louisiana, and to be returned to T. F. Mulledy.

H. Johnson