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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 leaks out

And suggests that SP1 release date is on course

April 7th | Tell us what you think [ 7 comments ]


Windows 7 - a major success


The first service pack for Microsoft's Windows 7 has leaked, with the first major update for the popular operating system still looking likely to arrive in the coming months.

According to Neowin, a build from March 27 has been spotted on the internet, although major updates like USB 3.0 and enhanced Bluetooth support have not been confirmed.

Build 6.1.7601.16537.amd64fre.win7.100327-0053 is reportedly quick to install, which underlines the fact that major service packs are something that Microsoft is keen to get away from.

Microsoft previously told TechRadar that there are very few issues to address with Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

Windows Update

With the Windows Update system, many of the minor changes are rolled out to customers in regular update cycles – meaning that the likes of the now legendary updates for Windows XP, which effectively changed the entire OS, are meant to be a thing of the past.

But Service Packs – still useful to computer manufacturers and businesses and still wanted by wary consumers – are still around, and SP1 is on course for beta release in June and full release in September.

Windows 7 has been a phenomenal success for Microsoft, staving off suggestions that the Windows brand has lost its appeal in an increasingly online world.

The operating system has been both critically and popularly acclaimed and has already breezed past 10 per cent share in the computer market.

Via NeoWin

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April 7th

7. I hate Explorer's Media View, where it can go through every view depending what time of file it has.

I hated it in Vista and hate it just as much in Windows 7. I wish it was like the old Explorer, where you can set it to one View and it will REMEMBER IT! I also find there is too much on the left side now. I'll never use HomeGroup for example and wish I could hide it.

I hate the Media View so much I now use the third part xplorer2, which is also much better.

@ luds: Oh boy they really did listen to feedback. So many of Vista's annoyances are fixed in Windows 7.

To go back to XP just because you dislike two Vista/Windows 7 changes is nuts. XP is a decade old and will go completely out of support in July (meaning only security fixes will be issued for it).

As others have said, things like Aero Snap replace memorising windows. Besides XP didn't always remember them anyway.

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April 7th

6. @luds

a lot of those things you have said are for a very good reason. With Win7, they have introduced new features (such as snap) which are designed to save you time and mean you don't have to manually resize windows at all, it just does it. If you embrace this thinking and move over to the new way of working, you will find that you don't lose any productivity.

and moving to mac? yeh, cos thats the way to improve productivity. take people off of windows and move them to something they have no idea about, and that will cost your company a small fortune to implement over the relatively small amount of time taken to slightly relearn how to use some of the features.

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April 7th

5. @adamh128 Make sure you have the checkbox ticked for "connect even if SSID is not broadcasting" or you won't get anything. If you've done this then I'm confused as others have managed it.

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April 7th

4. @adamh128

I have connected to my wifi which is in stealth mode with no problems at all.

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April 7th

3. Errr, had zero problems connecting to a hidden SSID network last week.

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April 7th

2. One thing I am really shocked is still not working in Windows 7 - it cannot connecct to a wireless network that does not broadcast an SSID.

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