Lead411 launches "Hottest Seattle Companies" awards

LOS ANGELES, Calif., - June 8, 2010 - In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in Seattle, Lead411 is proud to announce the release of its "Hottest Seattle Companies" awards.

Each day, the Lead411 research team scours through 600+ press releases and business articles including venture capital fundings, company launches, new office openings, customer press releases, etc. This information has given insight to which are the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Their "Hottest Companies" awards have been created to recognize these fast growing companies in different geographic regions. This particular list originally started with over 700 companies and it has been narrowed down to the top 55.

"We have been tracking fast companies for our customers for the past 10 years," said Tom Blue, CEO of Lead411, "and we felt it was important to recognize these growing brands publicly."

How the Winners were Chosen
First, all companies must by in either the Software, Wireless, Internet, or Media industry, be a privately held organization, and be within the Seattle area. From there, each company must meet one or more of the following requirements;

  • ** 100% increase in revenues over the past 3 years; OR
  • ** Over $4M in funding in the past 2 years; OR
  • ** 2X traffic gains to their website in the past 12 months AND over 1M unique visitors a month.

Nominations/Applications If you would like to be listed in the 2011 Seattle awards, our 2010 National Hot 500, or any future awards please apply here.

About Lead411
Lead411 provides information, news, and research about U.S. companies and their executives. Founded in 2001, its goal has been to focus on quality corporate data that is valid and useful rather than producing as many company records as possible. In addition, Lead411 tracks company news in order to alert its customers about venture financing, new hires, hiring plans, etc. Customers include Gartner, Administaff and ADP.

Adaptive TCR
Adaptive TCR Corporation's platform technology breaks open the field of genomics immunology. T-cell receptor profiling using Adaptive’s proprietary technology and software allows scientists to study the adaptive immune system to an unprecedented depth via high-throughput T-Cell Receptor (TCR) sequencing. Adaptive provides T-cell receptor profiling as a service to the research community. Adaptive TCR received $4.55M in venture financing in March of 2010.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Adapx (pronounced Adapts) is transforming the way users interact with technology by innovating human-centered technology that improves the mobility, simplicity, accuracy, speed, reliability and intelligibility of information capture and communication. Adapx raised $9M in April of 2009.

AdReady is an advertising technology company focused on making online display advertising accessible and effective for advertisers of all sizes. Through AdReady's data-rich library of proven creative, real-time ad customization tools, and intuitive web-based interface, marketers are learning that AdReady makes it easy to build and run effective online display ad campaigns in minutes. AdReady landed $5.3M in venture funding in May of 2010.

AdXpose Analytics help advertisers and platforms verify and optimize billions of campaign data points captured in real time. Agencies representing the major holding companies, multiple Demand Side Platforms, and more than 20% of the comScore Ad Focus Top 40 Properties, currently use AdXpose technology. AdXpose received $10M in venture financing in June of 2008 from Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

Apptio is the leading provider of SaaS-based Technology Business Management (TBM) solutions for managing the business of IT. Apptio enables IT leaders to manage the cost, quality and value of IT services, and its solutions play a critical role in helping companies understand and drive chargeback, virtualization, cloud and other key technology initiatives. Apptio raised $14M in August of 2009.

Atigeo is a compassionate technology company dedicated to empowering the consumer through the enterprise with xPatterns™, a platform that facilitates the intelligent discovery of knowledge from large, disparate sources of unstructured data. Atigeo raised $5.4M in February of this year.

Avvo, Inc
Avvo is an Internet company dedicated to helping consumers better navigate the highly confusing legal industry. Founded in early 2006, Avvo is privately-held, with funding from private investors Benchmark Capital, Ignition Partners and DAG Ventures. Avvo landed $10M in venture funding in March of 2010.

Big Fish Games, Inc
Big Fish Games is the global leader and innovator in the casual games industry, producing and delivering the world's best games and game experiences. With a family of game products and services designed to amuse and delight every casual gamer, Big Fish Games is is renowned for releasing A New Game Every Day! The company received a whopping $83M in financing in late 2008.

BlueKai Inc
By aggregating valuable shopping and research behaviors across the Internet, BlueKai is building the world’s largest database of intentions.The BlueKai Data Exchange enables partners to buy and own data to boost ad targeting across any media. Publishers can also participate as data sellers to increase revenue in a privacy friendly way. Unlike ad networks, BlueKai does not sell ads or impressions. Our goal is to create a more effective online marketing approach that is driven by intent data and advocacy for consumer participation.The company collected $21M in funds in February of 2010.

BuddyTV's goal is to bring entertainment and content closer to fans. They do this by providing original articles, news, spoilers, and interviews on an extremely broad range of television content. We also provide a forum where fans from all over the world can come and gossip, chat, and connect with other fans about their favorite TV shows. The company's traffic has doubled in the past year and received $6M from Madrona Venture Group in 2008.

Cequint, Inc., is a privately held company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2004, Cequint develops software applications for mobile telecommunications devices. The company develops applications that enhance the mobile experience and drive carrier revenues. Cequint received $7.1M in venture financing in July of 2008.

Cozi Group, Inc.
Cozi is a free online organizer that helps families manage crazy schedules, track shopping lists and to do lists, organize household chores, stay in communication and share memories—all in one place. People have accused us of being fanatically family focused, and you know what? They're right. From our very beginning in 2005, we've been all about families. Cozi got a hold of $5M in venture money in February of 2010.

Daptiv, Inc
Founded in 1997, Daptiv is the on-demand leader in collaborative business software that enables companies of all sizes to transform their mid-office business operations. Based in Seattle, Washington, Daptiv has already transformed the mid-office of companies such as Amgen, Assurant, BASF, BP, Chase Paymentech, FiServ, Harvard University, Honeywell, La Poste and Virgin Blue. Daptiv landed $6M in venture funding in August of 2008.

Datacastle Corporation
Datacastle Corporation has a singular mission - to help organizations simply and cost effectively protect data against loss and laptop theft. We set out in 2005 to address the data protection challenges that expose organizations of all sizes to preventable data security risks, gaps in compliance and the erosion of brand value. Datacastle received $3M in venture financing in November of 2009.

DataSphere Technologies Inc
DataSphere Technologies, Inc. (www.DataSphere.com) is the leading Web technology and hyperlocal ad sales company focused on generating online profits for media companies. DataSphere offers a range of turnkey solutions to rapidly improve website monetization and visitor experience with minimal investment of time and money. DataSphere raised $10.8M earlier this year.

DepotPoint was founded with the view that the current solutions which track, manage, and record property information lack much of the sophistication long deployed and proven in the greater technology marketplace. DepotPoint's applications bring together decades of industry knowledge and expertise with cutting edge data and information technologies. The end result is a set of solutions and services that are unique in the marketplace. DepotPoint got a hold of $7M in venture money in July of 2008.

DocuSign is the world's most trusted on-demand electronic signature service. A second-generation solution, DocuSign is faster, easier to use, and more easily integrated into corporate applications and workflow processes than any other product on the market. DocuSign’s advanced on-demand signature solution ensures a legally-binding, non-repudiable signing process regardless of industry, application, workflow process or transaction volume. The company collected $10M in funds in November of 2009.

Doyenz is the first to deliver Automated Virtual IT Out-of-the-box, a ground-breaking end-to-end virtual appliance lifecycle management solution, for the SMB market. Automated Virtual IT empowers VARs and IT consultants to deliver high quality and cost efficient IT services so that their profits rise while their customers pay less for better service. Doyenz received $5M in venture financing in June of 2009.

Edifecs (www.edifecs.com) is the first and only comprehensive, proven provider of community enablement solutions for integrating and managing trading partner communities. The company has recently doubled its revenues to be over $15M.

ExtraHop Networks Inc
Here at ExtraHop, we have a group of crazy-smart individuals working hard to make network and application management innovative and cool again. ExtraHop received $5.1M in venture financing in April of 2009.

FinSphere's Mobile Identity Protection™ is designed to reduce fraud losses for banks and card issuers and protect consumers from identity theft. It works with existing fraud solutions and delivers dramatic results. Finsphere got a hold of $9M in venture money in July of 2009.

Gist is an online service that helps you build stronger relationships. By connecting your inbox to the web, you get business-critical information about key people and companies. Gist received $6.75M in mid 2009 from Foundry Group and Vulcan Capital.

Ground Truth
Ground Truth™ provides precise measures of Mobile Internet usage. As the only mobile measurement company to use True View™, a patent-pending, census-based methodology to provide actual usage data aggregated from millions of subscribers, Ground Truth allows mobile operators, publishers and marketers to better understand and optimize their businesses, and sets the standard for Mobile Internet measurement. Ground Truth received $7M in venture financing in April of 2010.

iLike, inc
iLike is a social music discovery service and the dominant music application on the Facebook, Google, Orkut, hi5 and Bebo platforms. With more than 60 million registered users, iLike helps people share music recommendations, playlists, and personalized concert alerts. iLike raised $13.5M in August of 2009.

Intelius Inc
A pioneer in the world of information commerce, Intelius is a technological powerhouse whose services range from basic people search to comprehensive background checks for consumers and FCRA compliant employment background screens. The company has nearly tripled its revenues in the past 3 years and now has over $100M in yearly revenues.

Jobster, Inc
Jobster powers relationship-based job networks for hiring organizations. Built with direct input from more than a dozen Fortune 1000 partners, the Jobster service helps companies tap into their employees' extended networks of friends and colleagues so they can connect with great people faster, easier, and at a lower cost than ever before. Jobster aims to reinvent online recruiting one hire at a time by helping companies better promote their job openings to people who can help them find great people. The company collected $7M in funds in April of 2008.

Kashless Inc
Kashless, Inc. is a software developer creating solutions to enable reuse, recycling and local marketplaces. Kashless received $5M from RRE Ventures in October of 2008.

Likewise Software
Likewise Software is an open source company that provides audit and authentication solutions designed to improve security, reduce operational costs and help demonstrate regulatory compliance in mixed network environments. Likewise software received $10M in venture financing in May of 2009.

LiveMocha Inc
LiveMocha is an exciting Web 2.0 startup founded by a group of experienced and successful entrepreneurs based in the Seattle area. We started LiveMocha to ride one of the greatest macro economic trends of our time - globalization. LiveMocha got a hold of $8M in venture money in December of 2009.

Local Marketers Inc
Local Marketers provides full-service online advertising for local businesses, primarily through the use of online search advertising.We are unique in that our clients only pay for actual consumer contacts that our advertising delivers to them. We guarantee that our advertising will drive leads...in fact, if we don't drive leads you don't pay. Local Marketers got a hold of $4.1M in venture money in August of 2008.

Lucid Commerce is an industry-leading provider of on-demand business intelligence, offering direct marketers centralized data consolidation, organization, and analysis for pennies on the dollar. Lucid has grown at an average of 65% year over year by providing timely and accurate business information that can be easily understood and accessed — so direct marketers can make investment decisions with confidence. Lucid Commerce received $1.9M in venture financing in September of 2009.

Mixpo provides dynamic video advertising solutions for media companies, agencies and advertisers based in Seattle. Combining the power of TV with the interactivity of the internet, Mixpo delivers a comprehensive display advertising solution. Mixpo got a hold of $4M in venture money in February of 2009.

Napera Networks
Napera Networks is delivering a new breed of active network management services, powered from the cloud. Napera Insight, the company’s flagship offering, is an online service that delivers enterprise-class performance and security management to small- and medium enterprises (SMEs). Napera landed $6M from OVP Venture Partners in November of 2008.

NewPath Networks LLC
NewPath Networks is a wireless infrastructure company that designs, develops and operates fiber-fed wireless carrier networks to improve signal strength and network capacity. NewPath increases existing carrier footprints by adding network coverage in hard-to-reach areas to increase quality for the wireless customers. NewPath's network is run over existing infrastructure, such as telephone poles and street lights, to expand carrier networks with solutions that are aesthetically acceptable to local communities and municipalities. The company collected $10M in funds in August of 2009.

PayScale, Inc.
PayScale is a market leader in online compensation information, providing access to accurate compensation data for both employees and employers. With the ability to uniquely match attributes never before available, PayScale allows users to obtain an unparalleled level of compensation information providing an immediate and precise snapshot of the job market. The Company provides real-time job profile and wage information for employees and businesses across the globe. The company collected $12.5M in funds in February of 2009.

Pelago, Inc
Pelago was founded to revolutionize the way people experience the physical world. Whrrl 3, the company’s flagship product, endeavors to end Social Rut, an affliction impacting millions that keeps people from experiencing adventure in their daily lives. Pelago received $15M in a B round of financing in May of 2008.

Pharmacy OneSource
Pharmacy OneSource provides pharmacy professionals an exclusive website within which they access up-to-date pertinent information and essential resources. Our mission is to help pharmacy professionals provide excellent patient care and to provide tools and assistance in career growth and development. The company has tripled its revenues in the past three years.

Photobucket provides a simple, fast, and reliable service that enables efficient sharing and publishing of visual digital content online. Images and videos can be directly linked from Photobucket to any site, including popular sites like MySpace, eBay, LiveJournal, Xanga, Friendster, and Neopets. The company raised an additional $10M in May of 2008.

PopCap Games
Here at PopCap our goal is to create fun games that literally everyone can enjoy. Our games are easy to learn, tough to master…and utterly addictive! Best of all, they’re FREE! You can play our web games right in your browser. Or download the free Deluxe games in just a few minutes, to enjoy anytime, anywhere – without being connected to the Internet.PopCap received $22M in venture financing in October of 2009.

Redfin is a Seattle-based company that makes it easy for people to find, price and buy a home. The company has been the first to offer a site that combines aerial photography, property listings, and data about prior home sales. Our customer is the home-buying consumer, not the real estate agent. Our mission is to make the home-buying process more open and informed, less costly, and more fun. Redfin received $10M in venture financing in November of 2009.

Skytap is the leading provider of cloud-based virtual labs that deliver 100% self-service provisioning of complex IT environments without any architectural changes. Cloud computing is poised to become the defining technology of the 21st century and Skytap's goal is to make serving up virtual machines over the internet as ubiquitous as delivering html to a browser. The company collected $7M in funds in March of 2009.

Spring Wireless
Spring Wireless delivers end-to-end mobility solutions designed to enable business and organizations to increase productivity, optimize real-time processes and operations, and maximize their business success. Founded in 2001, Spring Wireless is the global leader in platform technology for enterprise mobility software and the fastest growing company in the market. Spring Wireless got a hold of $12M in venture money in May of 2010.

SynapticMash Inc
SynapticMash works with school districts to empower educators with real-time data integrated into its state-of-the-art end-to-end educational management system, called LearningQube. In addition to addressing the day-to-day business needs of a school, the LearningQube also informs educators about their students' achievement status. The company received $5M in July of 2008.

Tableau Software
Tableau Software began as an extensive R&D; project inside Stanford University’s prestigious Department of Computer Science. Sponsored by the U.S. Departments of Defense and Energy, a team of Stanford Ph.D. researchers solved one of the most difficult problems in computer science: enabling people to see and understand the information in databases. IN addition to the $10M they picked up from New Enterprise Associates in 2008, they are now have over $15M in yearly revenues.

Founded in June 2007, TeachStreet is dedicated to helping students find great local teachers, and empowering teachers with robust online tools to manage their teaching business. The free site provides the information that students need to make a good decision about their learning experiences, including student reviews and teacher recommendations, pricing information, location, teacher background and training, and more. TeachStreet is headquartered in Seattle, WA and backed by Madrona Venture Group. TeachStreet picked up $1.2M in new money in May of 2008.

UIEvolution is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Square Enix U.S.A., Inc. an industry leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software that includes the world’s most popular franchises, FINAL FANTASY® and Dragon Quest. The acquisition combines Square Enix’s industry leading interactive media offerings with UIEvolution’s proven proprietary software technology. The company collected $5M in funds in September of 2008.

VANTOS is singularly and passionately focused on being the global leader in the Enterprise Investigation Management market. From minor office misconduct to international financial crimes, companies can spend millions of dollars conducting workplace investigations. Employees misuse expense accounts for personal use. Managers divulge proprietary, confidential information. Accounting fudges end-of-the-quarter numbers. Executives create offshore shell companies to transfer debt off the books. VANTOS landed $10.69M in venture funding in May of 2008.

Verdiem Corporation
Verdiem is the leading developer of power management software for PC networks. Verdiem’s Surveyor Network Energy Manager provides measurable energy and cost savings, simplified and automated management of PC power options, and painless implementation that comes with minimal maintenance and a rapid payback. The company's revenues have increased by over 5X in the past 3 years and earlier this year they received almost $5M from Kleiner Perkins and Catamount Ventures.

Visible Technologies
Visible Technologies provides its customers with high-value strategic solutions supported by proprietary world-class technology and measurable brand analytics. Whether it's building or managing reputations across popular search engines, or helping companies track and participate in influential consumer created content channels, we empower brands to do more online to build their businesses and bottom lines. The company received over $22M in financing already this year and has over $8M in yearly revenues.

Wetpaint.com Inc
Wetpaint powers websites that tap the power of collaborative thinking. The heart of the Wetpaint advantage is its ability to allow anyone — especially those without technical skill — to create and contribute to websites written for and by those who share a passion or interest. To do this, Wetpaint combines the best aspects of wikis, blogs, forums and social networks so anyone can click and type on the web. Wetpaint received $25M in venture financing in May of 2008.

Widevine Technologies
Widevine provides digital media solutions for the delivery of digital entertainment to any device. Hundreds of cable, satellite and telecommunication companies, Internet content providers and consumer electronic device manufacturers use Widevine’s multiplatform DRM and video optimization solutions for securing high quality video and audio. The company collected $7.25M in funds in November of 2009.

Winshuttle Inc
Winshuttle provides easy-to-use and innovative software tools for companies around the world who have adopted enterprise-wide software products from SAP. We serve a worldwide-base of non-technical users of SAP. In the past 3 years, the company has grown its revenues by 8 times.

Xeround Inc
Xeround, Inc. is a software company delivering a live, scalable Intelligent Data Grid™ that can unify existing database and enable the rapid launch of new services. With more than three years of research and development, Xeround is providing the industry's first distributed data grid complete with true data virtualization capabilities, effectively eliminating the dependencies between data and applications. Xeround is based in Bellevue, Wash., with research and development in Israel.Xeround got a hold of $16M in venture money in July of 2008.

Z2Live's multiplayer platform offers mobile game developers a highly reliable multiplayer platform for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad without the expense of maintaining dedicated servers. The company also offers a full set of community services to implement multiplayer and social experiences for a wide variety of games. Z2Live raised $4M in 2 rounds in the past 2 years from Madrona Venture Group.

Zulily is changing the children’s retail market with invitation-only access to the most unique and sought-after children’s boutique brands at discounts of up to 70 percent off retail. Zulily landed $4.6M in venture funding in December of 2009 led by Maveron.