Glenn Kimball_ Dr. Who?

     Glenn Kimball  seems to be continuously getting his foot caught in his own labyrinth as it's not to hard even for a simple guy to see Glenn in his act playing the charlatan Christian Evangelist or masquerading as an archaeological explorer making ludicrous and less than honorable claims 

The Glen Kimball Gang...rides again  

    'The Glenn Kimball Gang' is comprised with his colorful co-horts, Wayne May who puts out the spurious publication 'Ancient American 'and other fictitious historical accounts along  who is co-edited by his sidekick Neo- Nazi Frank Collin (Joseph), and their favorite 'Weasel' the so called FOX  Television" Producer" Ralph  J. Wolack  Can always be counted on to get caught red handed  like Brer Fox and Brer Bear with their hands in the chicken coop. 

    Their claims from personal experience of my self and many others who are out here in the field doing legitimate research work and it can be historically accounted that their accountings , which continuously become their personal journeys;  most always  it would seem have everything to do with everyone else's discoveries, everyone else's research and due diligence. 

     They are also shadow riders and feign relationships with scholars and researchers, when quite the opposite is often the true case.  Should any of what I say be refuted by members of the Glenn Kimball Gang, then let there be an open invitation put forth, for them to meet with me and others who have been victimized by these scallywags in a legitimate major public forum.  Shall we say on the Coast to Coast AM show and we can let George Noory mediate... After all we have nothing to hide...and it is from us that their evidence originates.

      The following report was sent to us here at Stargate Central from a concerned colleague. This report is from someone actually qualified to speak and make comments ,who appeared with Glenn at a recent event in Laughlin, Nevada 

       We find  here in this 'real life' accounting that Dick Joltes who is one of the genuine souls of this world, found that his meeting with Kimball and observing is antics and wild unfounded claims and statements spurred a curious desire to investigate matters deeper.  Here is what he found out.


  This unedited public report was first published and released on the world wide web for all eyes to see.  What you see here is exactly as it was presented and has not been edited. therefore it now in the category of public domain.

A New Twist (1/2003)  by Dick Joltes

      Recently a number of readers have requested information about a man named "Glenn Kimball" and his association with Burrows Cave. As this fellow's name had never before been seen in the context of this saga it seemed prudent to perform some additional research, which is still underway. However, the story so far is as follows:

     "Glenn" Kimball's real name is Eldon W. Kimball; he may be a Mormon and he operates a Web site where he sells books, or at least photocopied works, relating to religious topics such as the "secret teachings of Jesus" and other apocryphal subjects. Since at least mid 2001 he has been posting messages on his discussion board regarding the "excavation" of a cave near the rumoured location of Burrows Cave; he claims to be in the process of performing site studies in preparation for the recovery of golden coffins, inscriptions relating to the Bible, and so forth.

     Kimball claims to have conducted GPR (Ground Penetrating RADAR) and other technical studies of the area in question. Some of the charts and other data from these studies were posted on  Art Bell's Web site since Kimball has been a frequent guest on Bell's show. However, as another researcher points out on his site, none of the charts show any sort of legend or distance scale, so we're presented with ambiguous data that could have been obtained anywhere.

    Without the chart certification data and scale indicators we have no idea what the images show, where they were taken, or even if they were obtained by a competent operator. See an off-sitearticle for more information, as well as allegations (as yet uncorroborated) that the GPR and other sensing equipment was tampered with in order to cause it to produce spurious results.

     At first it seemed Kimball represented a completely new, independent player who was trying to capitalize on the notoriety of the cave, possibly in order to promote his Christian-text sales efforts. However, recent postings on Kimball's e-mail list have revealed that the old triumvirate of Wayne May (publisher of The Ancient American magazine), Frank Collin, and Russell Burrows are involved in Kimball's efforts. This is extremely interesting, given the latter's statement that "In January, 1998, I was informed by the person now in charge of the property that my responsibility to what has become known as Burrows Cave had ended" (Burrows, 1998). If this is true, how has he suddenly become involved in this saga yet again?

     Kimball himself is an interesting character. He uses the honorific "Dr." but does not specify in what field it was awarded. He also claims to have "taught at Southern Illinois University" in the 1976-78 timeframe. The personnel department at this institution was unable to find any record of Kimball's status as a faculty member; instead, he was listed as a graduate teaching assistant in the Communications department during the timeframe mentioned above. They were also unable to find any record of his having received a PhD or any other advanced degree.

     Similarly, Kimball recently claimed he was in discussion with The Discovery Channel regarding "his" new TV series; in one message he claimed "we have met with [the channel] on Monday and shown them the pilot of my new series. It was so well received that they told us point blank they are sending us a package contract for our consideration" (Kimball, msg. of 25 Oct., 2001). When contacted about this, an individual working on the concept for the series in question replied:

"All I can say is that Glenn Kimball is exaggerating. We are developing a concept with a producer...[who] the same guy who put us in touch with Glenn to begin with and he put Glenn in the demo reel as the host. Glenn is not going to be the host. He may come in as an expert here and there, but he is not the host...I think we mentioned the show to Discovery (and only in passing) but at this point they have not expressed any level of interest." [identity withheld by request]

Another researcher who is familiar with Kimball's career commented on a portion of his resume':

"I can give you a concrete example of how Kimball inflates his (self-) importance:

3- Glenn was the keynote address speaker at the UFO convention in 1999 in Nevada

In reality, I was the keynote speaker at that conference (UFO Congress). Because I teach that Christ is an ancient mythical motif found in many pre-Christian cultures, Laurence Gardner, who was set to speak after me (I had replaced Sitchin, who couldn't make it), objected to my presence, and I was asked not to show up. I stepped down, and Gardner decided not to show anyway. I was replaced by Jordan Maxwell, who likewise teaches Christian mythology, and Gardner was replaced by Kimball, who likewise spreads pablum. He was very much a last-minute replacement, and followed Maxwell, who would then technically be considered the keynote speaker." (Acharya S., msg of 17 Aug, 2001).

     The same person noted that many of Kimball's "hidden Christian documents" are known apocrypha -- texts of highly questionable authority and authenticity -- that are not accepted by the mainstream Church. Kimball often claims to have "found" these himself, when in reality most have been known, and known to be forgeries, for centuries.

     If the rest of Kimball's credentials and alleged accomplishments are similarly exaggerated, it bodes ill for the future of his escapades with the Cave. That he may be a Mormon is even more revealing, since the LDS church have long tried to manufacture evidence to support the authenticity of their claims regarding pre-Columbian American and "the lost tribes of Israel."

    The roles of Burrows, Collin, and May in these recent developments are still under investigation, but some of the connections may become obvious since May is a Mormon.

     One last item of interest: as of January 2002 the Illinois State Museum had no record of any registered archaeological digs in the area of Richland County mentioned on Brian "Harry" Hubbard's site. The researcher who checked on the status of known sites in this area even commented "boy, it's awful flat in that vicinity, and hardly the place I'd expect to find any caves. I'm not aware of any limestone formations around there" (Klobuchar, 2002). Is the reported location incorrect? Is this yet another hoax? Conclusions

The major problem with Burrows Cave is that the more one examines the story, the more hoax-like and fabricated it begins to sound. At first glance it sounds plausible--a hiker falls into a cave and finds a trove of potentially-important artifacts. Then we find that the artifacts appear Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, Scandinavian, Roman, Vedic (from India/Pakistan), Hebrew, and so forth.


     The situation begins to sound suspicious since it's highly unlikely that all these cultures would've been interacting with the same native American tribes, much less at the same time, without leaving records of their own to tell the tale.

    The situation is further complicated by the appearance of Frank Collin/Frank Joseph, a former neo-Nazi and convicted felon who's restyled himself in a new and more respectable mold. But loud alarms begin going off once murky relationships involving certain diffusionists, Mormons, and fundamentalists begin to emerge. Here we are presented with groups who desperately want to believe in extensive contact between native American tribes and various Old World cultures, for a variety of reasons, and who reject interpretations that fail to support this theory.

      Worse still, these same groups label mainstream science as the "defenders of orthodoxy" who are attempting to "suppress" their new discoveries. These are the rantings of the pseudo-scientist who believes in his own genius and that everyone else is simply misguided or wrong. One is reminded of UFOlogists who treat government denials as "proof of the conspiracy," or hawkers of perpetual-motion devices who claim their revolutionary breakthroughs are being ignored or "suppressed" by jealous scientists.

     Burrows Cave may be a legitimate find or it may be an elaborate hoax; given the available data the latter conclusion seems far more likely. If it is the former, then it behooves its supporters to bring it more fully to the attention of mainstream archaeologists using the same channels and publications that are used for scholarly purposes; write and publish solidly researched articles, allow a legitimate archaeological survey of the site, and let the evidence stand on its own. If it is indeed a hoax, then the reason the location of the cave (if one even exists) is being kept secret becomes obvious--a close examination would reveal the lie.

     Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Until Burrows supporters allow proper studies to be done by competent and unbiased researchers, and until they are willing to accept legitimate criticism from scholars who find their evidence sketchy at best, their claims will remain relegated to the "junk science" file.

    Likewise, scientists and historians who have dismissed the site as a hoax would do well to publish at least one detailed refutation discussing all the available physical evidence to support their own viewpoint. A blithe dismissal of the site without publishing a readable, accessible refutation only provides additional fuel to support the views of those who accuse mainstream science of excessive orthodoxy and an inability to accommodate new ideas.


     But the burden of proof is firmly upon the supporters of the cave's authenticity since their extraordinary claim has, to this date, produced only sketchy evidence and a great deal of suspiciously evasive maneuvering. To echo the words of several academics, it is time for Burrows to put up or shut up.

Dick Joltes


Mr. Burrows himself commented this to report as Follows:


Sunday, January 19, 2003 3:42 PM
Subject: Re: The Saga of Glen Kimball


Robert or Dick,  Whichever receives this.

You are right on the money as far as Glenn Kimball is concerned. In other words; HE IS A GREAT RESEARCHER BECAUSE HE SAYS HE IS. He cannot produce a single piece of paper, which validates his claims. He has never been to my site and he was banished from the site where May is working. And, yet he claims to be deeply involved. He is not nor is he ever welcome at that site or my site. He was warned about the Native American site as was Wayne May

How can anyone really expect me to be open and honest about Burrows Cave when I have people like Kimball, Fassett,and May  and a host of others waiting for me to make a mistake. They want to do nothing more than to get into the cave and loot it.

Grab a hand full, get rich and to hell with the rest is their M.O.

Russell Burrows


And as well  From Harry Hubbard

On behalf of Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf, Dannion Brinkley and Alexander Helios, Inc., we congratulate Mr. Joltes on this fine bit of research designed to disseminate the truth concerning this self-proclaimed scholar who has become the spokesperson for the Ancient American Magazine published by Wayne May (Colfax, WI).  Eldon (a.k.a. Glenn) Kimball has needlessly slandered, attacked and scholastically accosted Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf, his colleagues and his work, as well as the staff of Alexander Helios, Inc. repeatedly over recent years.  We are submitting this document as evidence of Kimball's childish and bombastic antics.

This article in its entirety, along with many other articles, can be reviewed on Mr. Joltes'   personal webpage @

In the name of 'Fairness' and all sides being heard equally' and for the sake of  Journalistic Ethics You can read more about the legacy of Glenn Kimball  at the following site Glenn Kimball Exposed again  

Then there is the little matter of Frank Collins AKA Frank Joseph