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Talking Valentine e cards

Looking for unique talking ecards for Valentine’s Day? Animated Ecards and Valentine’s day ecards from Doozy are artistic and fun! Surprise your loved one with a Valentine's Day Ecard from our selection of Valentines ecards and make the holiday unforgettable. Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day” like creative Doozy animated Ecards.

Doozy talking Valentines Day e cards are a unique way to say "I love you". Rather than send a flat card in which your recipient will read those immortal words, why not say "I love you" with a card that can literally SAY, "I love you"! Just type in what you want the character to speak, and he, she  or it will speak your message when your recipient opens and plays their e card. It's almost like being there... if you were a cute puppy, or a kitty, or President Obama, or a dolphin. Be sure you sample both of the vocal selections on your talking e card; each card comes with a choice of two voices. In some cases they are one male and one female. In other cases they are one American voice and one British voice. Try each and pick for yourself.