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The Bauhaus School was Germany's most important and most avant-garde art and design school. In existence from 1919, many of its teachers found a new home in the USA when the Nazis forced the school to close in 1933. 

Radically breaking with the past, the Bauhaus Masters and their students ushered in our modern times. The familiar Bauhaus font seen on the right is only one of the many enduring contributions the Bauhaus has made to our lives. 

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Added a link to the Marcel Breuer page pointing to The Archives of American Art's holdings of Breuer's private papers. Their web site hosts a selection of said papers and an interview in MP3 format.



Let me start out by saying that this is not the Web site of a design school! These pages are created by a Bauhaus enthusiast for others interested in this modernist school that played an instrumental role early in the 20th century in shaping today's modern tastes and art education. 

Even by today's standard many Bauhaus designs are considered avant-garde. This is especially true for Bauhaus furniture and articles of daily living. My intent is to offer you an especially rich context for exploring the Bauhaus' comprehensive  influence on various spheres of life. To that end you will find links here to images, biographies, essays, videos, books, posters and - a furniture store!

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