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The 50 Hottest Women of the UK


June 13th, 2010 by William

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With the World Cup in full force we figured what better time to take a look at the 50 hottest women of the football mad United Kingdom. England might be the only country in the UK to have qualified for the World Cup, but there are plenty of lovely ladies from the UK that qualify for our list. Enjoy, and let us know who you think we snubbed or should have included in the comments!

50. Naomi Campbell

Born in Streatham, London, Supermodel Naomi Campbell was just a young girl window shopping when she was discovered and quickly rose to international fame. While her face has been associated with Paris, London and of course Vogue, she always seems to be known for controversy. In 200, Campbell sparked a heated debate regarding race in the modeling industry. Naomi told Glamour magazine that the “American President is black but” but that she was still the “exception” within the industry.

49. Parminder Nagra

You may recognize her from her contribution to Soccer with her role in Bend it like Beckham, but Parminder Nagra also spent several years on the NBC hit drama, ER. Born in Leicester to working class Indian-immigrant parents, Parminder excelled in school but skipped the traditional route to University and opting instead to peruse her acting career.

48. Little Boots

Born in Blackpool, Lancashire, Little Boots AKA Victoria Hesketh, used her amazing voice and her social networking skills to launch herself into a star. While studying at University, she joined a band as the lead singer of Dead Disco. After some moderate success, she left the band and began to pursue her solo career. In the fall of 200, Little Boots, performed a 5-city sold old tour of her debut solo album, Illuminations. She is rumored to be touring the US again beginning in the Summer of 2010, supporting her 2nd album, Hands.

47. Duffy

Born in Nefyn, Wales, Duffy landed onto the US music scene and took home her first Grammy Award for Best Album, in 2009. Duffy became the first Welsh-born singer to land a #1 on the UK charts with Mercy and peaked at #4 in the US. In addition to her own original music, Duffy also impressed Sir Paul McCartney with her cover of ‘Live and Let Die’ earning high praise from Paul.

46. Saffron Burrows

Born a London Socialite, Saffron Burrows has spent her life fighting for Socialist rights. At the young age of 11, she joined a National Civil Rights Movement and has continually expressed her desire for equal rights for individuals with disabilities. When she was just 14, she was discovered by a modeling agent who signed her to a deal immediately. Her modeling career, while modest, allowed other opportunities for her in the industry and she has starred in several US based network television series. You may recognize Saffron from ‘Boston Legal.’

45. Hayley Atwell

Born in London, Hayley is one of the few women on our list with Dual, UK and US citizenship. Born in London, her father is of Native-American decent. Hayley got her big break in the 2007 Woody Allen film, Cassandra’s Dream. Hayley will no doubt soon be a household name, as she will star as Peggy Carter in the 2011 release of Captain America: The First Avenger.

44. Alice Eve

Born to actor parents, Alice Eve has been acting since the moment she was born. Splitting time in the UK as well as Los Angeles, Alice studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse as well as Oxford. Alice made her US film debut in the 2010 comedy, She’s Out of My League and also had a role in Sex and the City 2.

43. Sonya Walger

You will of course recognize this Hampstead native from her work on the ABC drama, Lost. Sonya Walger, who portrayed Penny Widmore for 5 seasons then moved onto play Dr. Olivia Benford in the ABC Sci-Fi Drama, FlashForward has been finding her way into American households for years now. Hopefully she can find another drama to jump onto, FlashForward was canceled in May.

42. Carey Mulligan

At the age of 18 this Westminster daughter, was cast in the role of Kitty Bennett in the film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. Mulligan was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her 2009 performance in ‘An Education’. You can also see Carey in a supporting role in the upcoming Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Carey has stayed busy as she is involved in 5 film projects that are slated in Pre-Production.

41. Nicola Benedetti

Somewhat of a musical prodigy, Nicola Benedetti, began playing the violin at the tender age of 4. By the age of 10 she began to study at the Yehudi Menuhin School in Surrey, England. She has performed with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the Scottish Opera and the London Symphony Orchestra.

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4 Responses to “The 50 Hottest Women of the UK”

  1. On June 14th 2010, reznorfan15 wrote:

    i sorry, but that picture of #48 “Little Boots” is not correct. that is a pic of the lovely Alison Goldfrapp. Jesus, do you people just google the images and post whatever the first search result is? professional.

  2. On June 14th 2010, Hank wrote:

    you have a photo of Alison Goldfrapp for no. 48 when it’s labeled Little Boots.

    And you have ads popping up all over the place. This site sucks.

  3. On June 14th 2010, Terry wrote:

    The first pic of Little Boots is ALLISON GOLDFRAPP.


  4. On June 15th 2010, Tickle This wrote:

    Why is there a picture of alison goldfrapp where number 48 (Little Boots) is?

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