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Father's Day Ecards

Doozy Cards offers Father's Day cards that are fun to send and receive.  Make Dad laugh, and let him know how much he means to you, to your family. Fathers Day ecards are especially handy when you live far away from him and need to reach out and let him feel your heart. This Fathers Day, send ecards with style, send Dad a Doozy!

Happy Father's Day! Father's Day is a day to say thanks and to celebrate Dads all over the world! On Father's Day we not only should send Father's Day ecards to our own dads, but ecards to all men who are or have been fathers or father figures. So don't forget to send Father's Day ecards to Stepfathers, Uncles, Father-In-Laws, Grandfathers, and other male role models who've helped you be who you are.

Did you know that Father's Day occurs on different days in different countries? For example, it appears from January 6 (Serbia) through December 6 (Thailand) and December 26 (Bulgaria). The holiday was invented by Sonora Smart Dodd in Spokane, Washington in 1909 while Ms. Dodd sat listneing to a Mother's Day sermon. She wished to honor her own father who had raised her alone after her mother had died. but it took until 1972 for the holiday to be an officially recognized US holiday.

There is a clay tablet from around 2,000 BC upon which a son named Elmesu wishes his father good health and a long life. Today this is considered the very first Fathers Day card.

There is an odd tradition of sorts besides sending Fathers Day e-cards; the Ugly Tie while we can't send a tie via ecard, we CAN point you to some hilarious ugly ties. Or you could dispense with the tie and get Dad a comfortable t-shirt!

However, wherever and whenever you celebrate Fathers Day, don't just send any Father's Day ecards, this year send Dad a Doozy!