Mystic Mail

An Internet café at Pennsic War? You bet!

It may seem an intrusion to some, but the reality of modern life is such that many people couldn't attend Pennsic if there weren't some way for them to be "on call" for their modern-world jobs. Mystic Mail provides an on-site, high-speed Internet access point for Pennsic attendees, with computers available for simple web surfing as well as bare Ethernet connections for those who need to use their own laptops.

Mystic Mail tries to be as unobtrusive as possible in providing this modren-world service at Pennsic. Their site is a fully-enclosed tent that looks like a medieval cottage from the outside, and their sign portrays their wares as a Gypsy fortune teller. gratefully acknowledges Mystic Mail for making it possible for us to do news updates directly from Pennsic War each year. They are nice folks, and have been very kind to us.